Hey Youtube family. It’s ya girl Lia
back again with another video. And today’s videos as you can see from the title is
another crochet hair review video and today’s crochet hair is the Afri Naptural and I’m gonna call it mane concept because that’s way easier to pronounce. I
think they’re the same company Beach curl hair in the 18 inches style and the
color T1B/27. And this is kind of what the pack looks like. If you’re not
familiar with my channel welcome we want you here subscribe make sure you’re part
of the family. But if you’re also not familiar with my videos this is how they
work. I come on here with my first day thoughts of a crochet hair. Showing you
how it looks the first day in, Showing you what I think of it overnight how it
held up and all that. Then I come on here with my one week thoughts of the hair.
Showing you how it looked in that one week whether I think it went south
already in a week. How my maintenance was within that week of the hair. And then I
come on here with my final thoughts of the hair. Letting you see how long I was
able to wear the hair. What my full thoughts of it are. Whether I think it’s
Beach friendly activewear friendly all that kind of stuff. So it’s kind of like
I’m vlogging my experience with some hairs but I know you guys want to know
how hairs work. Some people come on here with their first day thoughts of
the hair and they love it. But they don’t really show you how it’s maintained over
and how its looked over several weeks and that’s what my videos are about. So if you want to see my full thoughts on this Beach curl hair just keep watching. So now
for my first day thoughts on this hair. Now really it’s my second day thoughts
of this hair I installed this hair two days ago which was Black Friday and now
today is Sunday and I’m coming on here filming. If you follow me on any social
media outlet you know I was out of town for my grandparents anniversary their
50th year. And while we were there at the beach
my mother did in my hair for my birthday I guess. I hope that wasn’t my birthday
present maybe it was. If so still thank you mother for
installing my hair for me. This is what it all looks like two days and in. Now if you guys saw my October Favorites video you guys know I mentioned this hair.
Michelle a Yotuber on here is the one who influenced me to get this hair. Sometimes
when I see a beautiful hair on YouTube Instagram and all that it influences me
to make decisions too and I always want to shout out my inspirations or my hair-spiration. So that inspired me to get this hair. So as soon as she uploaded her
video I went online and ordered three different types of Mane Concept Hairs. I ordered the beach curl, the water wave, and the sassy girl hair because I was I
was such in a Mane Concept mood. She influenced me to get several different
hairs. Now if you follow me on snapchat and everything you guys saw my mini rant
about how the hair never shipped. Never got a shipping confirmation. Never got
anything from this company and I was kind of sad because it was company I
never used before.And the companies that I regularly use like Sam’s Beauty
and all that didn’t have this hair. So I stepped out on a limb they didn’t have
that. I went to three different beauty supply stores they didn’t have it .So I
ordered online at this company I’d never ordered hair from before and I
didn’t get to hair. Never got a shipping confirmation never got all that. So I
reached out the Mane Concept and they were so amazing to send me seven packs
of this hair. I explained to them what happened I even sent me a screenshot of
the fact that I actually really tried to get this hair in my collection and I
couldn’t. So down below I’ll leave companies that I have actually ordered
from if I can find them that I believe will be good vendors for you to purchase
this hair if you’re interested in this hair. And this hair is $5.99 a pack. Like
I said I had them send me seven packs of this hair I watched Michelle’s video she
actually used nine packs of the hair but I was like maybe I can get away. My head
is like a peanut sized head so maybe I can get away with seven packs. I only
ended up using five packs a hair. My mom installed it then she got up and left
and she had only installed four packs of hair. My hair felt very flat.So myself I
got my crochet needle and I started installing a whole other pack of hair.So I used five packs of hair total and this is how it looks exactly exactly after install. Haven’t done any cutting to this hair whatsoever. So if you’re trying to figure
out what 18 inches looks like uncut of course I am gonna cut this hair I cannot
have this unevenness. But to show you guys how it looks this is what 18 inches looks like on me. The only thing I did do is I did spray my roots. Now she
didn’t leave out a considerable amount of my front hair so I had a lot of black
showing that I needed to kind of blend in with this hair. So I use my handy
dandy hair color spray that you guys have seen me use before in my presto
curl video to kind of blend my black hair with this T1B/27 color because this
although it’s T1B I don’t see a lot of elements of 1B in this hair if you guys
are seeing what I’m seeing right now. It doesn’t have a black root. Some hairs
that are T1B/27 so I have this Sensationel Jamaican Bounce hair and
that is a T1B/27. If you guys can notice that hair starts out black and then it
goes into that 27 color. This hair does not start out black it starts off as
still being that 27 color and it’s the same color all throughout. So that’s
just a good example of how some brands no matter the brand has different
meanings for what they mean when they say T1B/27. Sometimes you really don’t
get a great good grasp of it online. Online they’ll show you a little box up
a color but won’t tell you okay does it have black roots or does it have
black roots. I want to know does it have black roots. I knew before I installed it
that this hair wasn’t gonna have black roots. All I’ve done in that first day in
terms of maintenance with this hair or the first two days in terms of
maintenance with this hair is I put mousse and water in it after she
installed it. I was at the beach and I had brought my mousse with me but I needed
something a little bit more to stiffen the hair up a little bit. This hair was
extremely soft as soon as I put it in. If you guys know I’m not a huge fan of my
crochet hairs being extremely soft with my human hairs. My human hairs better be super soft. Crochet hairs I like I’m gonna be a little bit stiffer
just because stiffer hairs on me tend to not frizz as fast. That’s just kind of my
preference in terms of my hair. So the hair was very soft and I was like uh oh. So
I ran my mousse through it. You guys know I love my lotta body mousse. I also put a little bit of water in it. So I watered it and I
smoothed it and now this is kind of how it looks and it definitely feels a lot a
lot more so the consistency I like in my hairs after i mousse it and all that I
put my hair up into my lovely bonnet I always have a bonnet on I do not sleep
365 you won’t catch me without a bonnet on this is my bonnet it’s very dingy
it’s very dirty because I says the bonnet I use anytime I use spray paint
so I have a lot of darkness on this if you guys can believe this is kind of how
this bonnet started out so yes definitely a dirty bonnet but of course
I use this bonnet at all the time I love this bonnet so much and it contains all
my hair so I just put all my hair at the top of my head like a pineapple
pineapple in my head and then I go to sleep that way and that’s what I’ve been
doing the last two days I definitely will let you guys know in subsequent
updates if that’s the best route for this hair and if I think that I needed
to update my maintenance routine I’ll definitely let you guys know but
first-day thoughts I do really love this hair I’m so excited that I got to choose
this hair as my birthday hair love the color of it I think it’s such an au neke
look and I hope that I enjoyed this hair i’ve fingers-crossed I’ll enjoy this
here but let’s just roll right into my first weekend thoughts of this here so
see – so now for my one week thoughts on this main concept beach curl hair now
this is what the hair looks like if you can see I’m still wearing my Mickey
apparel because I am still in my Disney mood if you don’t know for the last week
for my birthday I went to Walt Disney World because why not be in the happiest
place on earth on your birthday why not why would I not so I’ll leave up above
the vlog video that I’ve logged on my trip in the video I share my experiences
at Universal and Disney World but I also share my experiences with this hair
because it’s not a Leela long video if I don’t mention anything about the hair I
know you guys we’re gonna have questions so I definitely address some of the
questions and show you how the hair maneuvers throughout my trip in that
vlog video but I’ll definitely talk about it right now because this is my
one week thoughts on the hair now in this last week if you saw a vlog in
Florida for the last week the weather was amazing I had 80 degree weather
single day end of November 80 degree weather amazed
and then I come back to North Carolina 260 degrees and it’s like whoa but
Florida is known for rain I only got rain on one day on my actual birthday it
rained a little bit but it didn’t dampen the hair at all now if you guys sell on
Wednesday I went to Universal and we rode a water ride three times and my
hair was soaked it was drenched it had been through it all and my friends hair
was soaked entrance – if you saw in that video she has any fruit tress bohemian
bright hair and my best friend Sasha oh I love her so dearly we went back to the
room and she was a little good crochet here wherein she washed her hair as soon
as we got back to the room and you think Lilith on the girl who has the crochet
hair Channel everything focused on crochet here tries to give you good
practices with crochet here wash her hair soon as she got back to the room oh
no no no it’s Lila mom when I had him hey yo so Lila wanna sleep while my
friend was doing the good thing and washing her hair like she should have so
this is one of the time tour I think do as I say not what I do
wash your hair soon as you get back to the room on any vacation anything any
time you’re near water whether it be chlorine Beach infested freshwater any
kind of water and you need to get whatever was in that water out of your
head the time to do it is bright afterwards not two days later like I did
I washed my hair when I got back to Charlotte and that was last night
and so that was two days in and my hair suffered the consequences so Wednesday
we did all the water adventures and fun times and then Thursday I woke up and my
hair was so freakin itchy I’m a scalp is so itchy I was like couldn’t even take
it how it was and I didn’t get rid of that itch and so Friday so the thing you
need to be most focused on is your real natural hair and I am so bad on this
channel badly I live on 20:18 live alone will definitely be so much better about
taking care of my natural hair up under my hair but I brought no haircare
products with me on my trip you guys want to know what hair cut products ever
about my edge controls but I didn’t bring no conditioners I didn’t bring
some whoo so if you’re going on vacation no matter if you think you’re gonna be
near water whether you’re you you don’t even have expectations to hit water
you’re going on a mountain vacation or something you don’t even expect you
bring your bring your products please do I didn’t
expect to get drenched I brought a swimsuit just in case we went to the
pool or anything like that but I was like I’ll put my hair up I won’t be one
of those we love our dive in the poor situation
oh no no no here got wet and so definitely definitely say vacation beach
where approve this hair is definitely definitely gets my seal of approval do
you see how hey well let me get up in the camera this hair is still holding up
after being drenched in water give it my step over whoo but definitely bring your
products with you and definitely wash it here as soon as possible that’s what I
say in on my video make sure you’re detangling your hair throughout do not
wait days although my hair still looks good even though I waited a couple days
don’t don’t do it just don’t now even though this hair I’d
say it’s very low maintenance low maintenance I want to stress in a lot of
my videos I say here is high maintenance I say here is the low maintenance a lot
of times this hair is low maintenance but when I say low maintenance when I go
to sleep do I just pineapple it and throw a scarf on absolutely but before I
do that I detangle my hair you tackling is so important detangle every other day
if you the tangle as often as you want the hair to last if you want don’t want
the hair to last that long these hang once a week but if you want
the hair to look good and last detangle every day if you can
it doesn’t matter what you’re doing if you’re sitting down watching your shows
watching your scandals how to get away with murders whatever you love to watch
sit down detangle the hair you tangled the hair
tangled the hair as you’re just sitting there doing nothing I like you to tangle
with mousse a lot of people like to detangle with leave-in conditioner some
people like to detangle with spray bottles of water this hair works well
and reacts well to water so that’s something that you need to do but just
make sure that you are detangling whatever you can detangle that is what
helps a hair last as long so yes those are my one week thoughts I hope I
covered everything if I didn’t I’d let me cover in my final thoughts of this
year no but let’s head on into my final week thoughts on this hair stay tuned so
now for my final final thoughts on this hair now I’m smelling from ear to ear
because of course it’s been an enjoyable experience but let me not give away too
much now as you saw from the little insert this is a week for fear if you’ve
been following my channel and you watched my very most recent video my
wash day routine video I’m filming that video I’ll leave that
video up above you guys are probably like it’s counterintuitive to wash your
hair on the same day you’re gonna take it out gonna take it out tomorrow
actually but it’s because you guys have been
wanting and wanting and wanting to see a wash day routine video for you guys and
I’ve just read like five comments in a row on my channel about when are you
gonna when are you gonna feel that and I was like I’m doing them a disservice so
let me go ahead and film this video while I still kind of have a spiraling
curl in right now I think my next three hairs are not gonna be in the same
format that I love so much you guys know I love a spiral curl freeters the girl
will curl free chest press toe curl a straight bohemian curl free chest Beach
curl I can list them all but they all have been in this more spirally kind of
predicament and I’m trying to as we go into the rest of 2018 step away from
this and bring you guys more diversity in my channel so I wanted to watch a
hair like this to kind of give you an a vision of how you would do a wash day on
a spiral a curl of course the routine for a more looser wave ocean wave hair
would be a little bit different and when I try one of those here I’ll definitely
do a wash day routine on that kind of video so let me focus more so back on
this hair what have I loved about this hair
everything of course I just said I did a wash day routine with this hair so is it
water friendly absolutely I was still able to maintain it on the road the
maintenance was so simple when you’re traveling and you have here you don’t
want to high maintenance here so it’s very motivating it’s something you can
travel with something you can go places with and it still hold up very well like
I said I just washed this hair and these are how the curls are looking frizz is
not it’s one of the lowest fred’s hairs that i’ve had and you guys know i’m very
much so cautious a frizz and lighter color hair so I’m always like lighter
color hair chauffeur is a lot more do you saw my free choice ringlets one girl
here I was very much so like that was the first time I experienced seeing the
frizz like that but like with my free trial curl here the frizz hasn’t even
been like like I said I’m up in camera right now and if you guys can see right
now frizz isn’t a huge factor and I’ve watched their you would think the hair
would be at its most frizz ease right now but it’s not and that’s amazing
amazing thing now Tango’s also haven’t been a problem at all the stragglers at
the end I cut them as the weeks have gone on but it has not been to the point
where the hair has gotten all the way up to here because of all the cutting the
hair is pretty much at the same kind of limp that it’s been since the beginning
of me trying this hair so gets my simple proof or activewear water we’re low
maintenance all that longevity like I said I’m wearing it for four weeks and
you guys are probably well why are you not wearing it longer it’s such an
amazing here this is Christmas in a couple of days we’re a few days away
from Christmas and I do want a new Christmas hair you know I got to go back
you know when you walk in the chart you want to snow people I could definitely
stop them this here but I want to go into the new year and go into the
Christmas season with a different hair so I’m gonna be trying another hair
hopefully I like that here I really kind of like regretting I’m like 50/50
whether I want to take this hair out because I don’t think I’m gonna enjoy
the next year as much it’s a it’s a beautiful year don’t get me wrong but
this spirally is Lila Vaughn I hope you guys associate leave on with spirally
curls so yes I think I could definitely get three more weeks of we’re men with
this hair like I could probably do seven weeks up to eight weeks of wear with
this hair so very long wearing hair my one con with this hair and it’s not a
major kind of with the hair itself it’s more a con with accessibility of this
hair hearts who find this hair anywhere I went to two stores like I said in my
probably first week thoughts or first day thoughts I went to two stores I live
in Charlotte North Carolina a very metropolitan city and you would think I
went to my beauty supply store which is taesan which I think they’re huge like
they have but I’ll online presence to so they’re a huge beauty supply store here
and they have everything I always say go to Tyson if you’re looking for something
go to Tyson not if they’re looking for main concepts I could not find this hair
not a sassy girl not a water wave anything from main concept there and
then I went to my another reading supply store I think it was called like you
need to point oh also here in Charlotte didn’t have a drop of his hair either
then like last week I went to my local beauty supply store with my mom and I
was looking for main concept again and we live in OH
not ROI is this outskirts of the you know Charlotte metropolitan area I went
with her couldn’t find a main concept anywhere so
I went to three different stores couldn’t find it like I said I was
having a tough time finding it online so that’s what made me reach out to make
concept themselves and say hey I want to try this here just can’t find it or if I
do find it I don’t really trust the online retailer so like I said I’ll
leave retailers that I trust down below so you guys can check out this hair if
you guys want to purchase this hair that will be down there for you but that’s my
one Cod I’d like to promote hairs that are very accessible like I felt really
bad after my bobby thoughts now wave hair that it was discontinued
right after I reviewed that hair so I try don’t want to review here Sara it’s
very easy for you guys to find you guys can’t find it how are you guys gonna
experience the same joins and I’m feeling right now as I’m wearing this
hair so that is my con with this hair but I want to thank main concept for
sending me this hair like I said I never reach out to companies ever to send me
in here but I really wanted to try main concept hair because you guys have been
burning a hole in me to try this hair now if you enjoyed this video make sure
you give it a thumbs up if you want to be part of the league of our family and
you’re not already subscribed to my channel we want to hear make sure you’re
following me on instagram at Leela Vaughn 89 make sure you’re following my
shenanigans or you know boring life whatever you want to call it on snapchat
at miss Talia 89 and I will see you in my next video thank you so much for
watching bye I will give you a lot more godmother
feels awful


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  • This may be a question you have answered before but I'm a new "suby". For the life of me I'm really bad at cornrows however recently I've mastered a flat twist. Have you ever tried to crochet on a flat twist. Or is it far to loose to be successful for a 1 month stretched style? Ive watch your brainless method but I know for a fact I'm too active with my hair for me not to loose a few strands.🤭

  • Just an FYI Tisun Beauty Supply sells Mane Concept Online Now and you can pick it up in store. Game Changer.

  • I just got and installed this hair it feels amazing and I love the color. I hated the fact that is not a true ombre hair. I found the roots being the color they are made it look a bit to fake I had to buy black hair spray to make it look more realistic. Other than that I love the hair

  • Hey crochet queen 🥰 which do you like better the mane concept beach curl or FreeTress?!?! I can’t decide between the two 😔

  • Trying this hair this weekend for my trip to London. My first crochet hair install. Thank you for all your tips!

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