Making Foam Masks for Kid’s Crafts : Decorating a Butterfly Mask

Now we want to decorate our butterfly mask
and you’ll use, you want to use a nice strong tacky glue. Feathers are terrific for decorating
these masks and if you just sort of lay your things down first before to get an idea of
how you want to decorate your mask and then adhere it after. So, I’m going to put some
glue here, a good amount of glue, you want to use plenty of glue and give it plenty of
time to dry. We’ll put our feathers here on the ends. You don’t want to put feathers anywhere
where its going to interfere with the eyes. Now these precut fun foam stickers are great.
They’re easy to decorate with and I’m just going to apply that right there, sort of over
the ends of the feathers. Just remove the sticky backing and press that down firmly.
And we’ll put those over there and then we’ll add some sequins and really sparkle up this
beautiful butterfly. Now its nice to do sort of eyebrow shape, something over the eyes
like this. And you can just take sequins and make a line of sequins along the glue. Here’s
our hand held butterfly mask. I’ve used a pipe cleaner twisted around the handle to
dress that up a little and make it soft. And I’ve used an assortment of beads, sequins,
feathers and precut foam fun shapes to decorate our mask. And here is our butterfly mask with
an elastic in the back for wearing and this one is also decorated with sequins and glitter
and feathers.

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