Making Ceramic Cups & Handles : Ceramic Cup Trimming Tips

After the cup has dried somewhat and reached
the leather-hard condition which is when it’s cold and damp to the touch, and you can bend
it slightly, that’s the correct time for trimming. If you trim too soon and the cup is wet, too
wet, you’ll distort it. If you trim too late, when the cup is bone dry, you’ll be trimming
off dust on the hard surface and it will not trim properly. Turning the cup over, you’re
going to center it in the middle of the bat. One way to do that is just hold your finger
in one spot. If it touches, push it in the opposite direction. Three pieces of moist
clay will secure it to the bat. Two pieces are not enough, and four are too many. With
the trim tool the small trim tool, you’re simply starting in the middle and taking off
a little layer at a time. It’s always best to take off a little at a time, several passes,
as opposed to taking off a lot with one pass. If you have any doubts about far down to go
with the trim tool, you can stop the wheel and press lightly.

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