Luxury Yarn from Clinton Hill Cashmere – Tea with Shira #54

I believe what my father told me when I
was younger you know, when you find something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. You will work this is true but you’ll love what you’re
doing Hi everyone! I’m very excited because I
have cashmere here, but I also have Becky here. I have Becky Kevlson of Clinton
Hill. There’s a lot of cashmere here It’s really soft you have always been
knitting! I was in my parents house last week and I found a picture of myself
knitting in 1991, so it’s five years old. It was like really exciting to find your
self knitting at five. Yeah! And she’s carried out her passion because you have created this line of cashmere. Yes! First off, why cashmere? This is a superfine fiber, but it’s something special that you can treat yourself to. And I think that’s important to knitters. There’s nothing better than having like a really fine piece of like cashmere, it’s like, when I as touching this I was like: I was like “I can’t remember the last time I touched cashmere” you know knitters and crochets are such givers. I think that cashmere kind of
takes it back and says like to take some time for you. Absolutely. The cashmere is from one of the best mills so it’s pre-wash, which means it’s super soft feels so good while you’re knitting it that you kind of are even gifting yourself in the knitting process.
– I love that! I love that, first off, that you are a boss lady. – I love hearing that it makes you feel good.
– No but, I think that’s important takes a lot of guts to be an entrepreneur. Amen, because I think it’s so true and I feel so grateful every day that this has become a reality. So someone goes to what are they gonna find? So there’s two options: You can buy yarn just yours for any kind of project that you’re thinking of making; or you’re going to get a kit and in the kit you’re going to get the pattern complimentary and the amount of yarn that you need. And then
also we’re in 11 plus knitting stores around the country. Ah, I was going to ask if you were in any knit shops. That’s very exciting!
-Yes! Patterns are also free with the purchase at all the yarn stores so anything you get online you’ll get in
the store. Okay, so Becky I love cashmere, but what makes cashmere, cashmere? I don’t know if everybody knows but cashmere comes from a goat. And it’s the underbelly of a goat.
The underbelly is typically a softer fur.
-Yes! So soft. Tell us, how does
one properly care for cashmere? So the best thing to do with cashmere is keep them protected in a closet. For washing, actually like wash in the washing machine.
– I feel like millions of people just gasped. So but, I want to say
that with with like a lot of asterisks like this needs to be by itself, in a
laundry bag, cold water lay flat to dry, like there’s a lot that goes into it. Don’t ever hang any hand knits wet. Unless you really really want them to stretch to forever.
– Forever! you could definitely dryclean these
again I would make sure that you’re using a dry cleaner that knows cashmere
knows hand knits I typically steam all of these and it
lets it bloom which will make it even more soft than a nerdiest and this is an
blooming means that it’s like super soft like this yeah and it kind of like um
some flux into into this stitch and what is this piece this is just like
something that I would wear yeah so this is called the urban wrap it’s kind of
like my dream wrap stockinette stitch with a with a red border I mean it’s so
simple the yarn and the feeling is what makes it so special because it’s all
blocked by ball so you don’t have to think like how many inches do I need to
go near the ball it’s good work in the mix I did that’s a good knit shopping
and then this have right here this is called the Uncle John’s beanie why Uncle
John Uncle John’s band is a saw a Grateful Dead song
Wow okay and all right cool um my dad is a big Grateful Dead fan and we were
thinking and I was like let’s use a PlayOn beanie and so we’re like Uncle
John’s beanies like John’s fan you should find it even if you’re not
never change we buy it just buy it embedded that’s what I’m into thanks so
much for joining us guys and now tell us where can we find Clinton Hill you can
find us on instagram at Clinton Hill cashmere and online at Clinton home
cashmere comm that is so wonderful remember to give this video a big thumbs
up and remember to subscribe and now we like to ask questions I would love to
know if you’ve ever knit with cashmere before how do you knit with cashmere so
leave your comments below and we hope to see you again soon bye guys I absolutely
okay this is usually my Gigot try on hats I been told I have a hat you have a
total happiness and you’ve really good hat hair good hat hair goes

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