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Hey Loom knitters it’s Denise from Loomahat.com . This time we’re making a rib stitch flowers. Big hugs to Carol and Shanti for
covering the cost of closed captioning. Okay let’s begin. We’re going to secure
the yarn to the anchor peg with a simple knot. Then we’re going to zig- zag
through every other peg in order to do a drawstring cast on. Just for
information this is a 5-inch 24 peg small loom When you get back to the front go behind that
first peg and then you’re basically gonna take your working yarn and lay it
right on top of your pegs. You’re gonna knit off every peg with two loops.
So, it’s basically every other peg. Just do a few of them at a time. Don’t
try to do them you know place your yarn over all of them because you’re gonna
find that it gets kind of tight when you do that. In fact at this point it’s a
good idea to leave your yarn your working yarn a bit loose. Make sure that
you knit off all of the pegs that have the two loops like in this one that you
knit off. Then when you get back to that first peg you’re gonna find that it
only has one and so your yarn is just laying there. Go on and skip it you’re
gonna go to that second loop and knit off. Continue knitting this row and keep
in mind that we’re using the U-wrap version of the knit stitch. All that
means is that you have wrap your peg as such and knit off. You just keep
going like I said all the way to that first peg on your loom which in my case
it’s the one with the little charm that tells me that that’s the first peg.
When we get here we’re going to start the pattern which is going to be a purl
one which is to scoop the yarn from the bottom to create a new loop, take the old
loop off, put the new loop on and pull. Then we’re going to do three knits.
So one purl and three knits and here are my three knits, one, two and three. My
phone always rings when I’m doing a video. I tell you I’m really not that
popular, it just seems to happen as soon as I’m doing a video. Like an
announcement goes out or something. I don’t know what can I say. Just
keep knitting one purl, three knit. Again, I’m using the U-wrap version of
the knit stitch, because if you know me, you know that it’s my favorite version
of the knit stitch. Oh my, it’s the fairies and they’re loose again. Just ignore them
and keep knitting your purl one, knit three to the end of the row. Very important don’t forget to remove
the knot from the anchor peg after a few rows. Repeat the pattern for 13 more rows.
We’re gonna end with one row of the knit stitch. So in my case, I have 24 pegs.
I’m going to knit my 24 pegs. Now this gives me a total of 15 rows not counting
the cast on. When you’re finished with your row you’re gonna wrap your working
yarn around the loom one time, cut it and then we’re gonna start with this
drawstring a cast off. Bring the yarn under the loop and feed it through. You’re going to do this for every peg until you’re back to the first peg on your
loom. Once you’ve made sure that you fed the working yarn through every one of
your loops, you’re back to the front. With your hook you’re just gonna remove the
loops off of the pegs. When you remove the fabric from the loom it is gonna look a
little funky. You know that’s just the nature of the stitch. You have to stretch
them and so you’re grabbing the top and the bottom and stretching them and then
find either one of the drawstrings and just pull it. You want to pull it to
close it and you want to make sure that all of your loops have been pulled. So it
might be necessary to go back a little bit. Find some of those that didn’t pull
right and pull them and then just close up your little circle and that will be
one end. You don’t have to make a knot right now, just pull it nice and tight as
close as it will get. We’re gonna fill it with whatever you like to use
for like your stuff animals or pillows or whatever. In my case I use some real
cheap poly-fil and it works good. Now just make sure that you close both sides. You don’t have to stuff it don’t make it you know like really,really
tough. It just needs enough to look puffy.
Then make sure that you’ve tightened and closed those two sides. You don’t need to
make a knot, just make sure that they’re closed. Then
find a nice blunt needle. In my case, I’ve really grown to like the little metal
needles. This one is from Lion Brand. You can use the one that comes with your
looms. I don’t recommend it. You really are going to need a needle with some
strength because you’re going to go through that poly-fil all the way to the
other end. Then you want to pull on it because that’s what’s going to give
the flower that puffy look. Now find one of the sections where you did the purl
stitching. Right here you can tell because it’s more open and the other one.
You’re going to take your needle and you’re going to bring it in and out.
You’re gonna like weave it into that section so in and out, in and out, through
the stitches and pull because we want to push those inward and almost like away
from the knitted section. So once you’ve got all the way back, pull on your yarn
on your working yarn and then you’re finding the next row where you did purl
stitches. Do the same thing you’re weaving in and out of the stitches on
that section of the fabric. Pull on it again, bring it back to the middle and
pull some more. As you can see it’s changing the flower. Put it back in
through the middle. You’re always feeding through the middle and pulling on the
yarn to tighten the working yarn. Puff the flower. We want to go
through every one of the purl sections of the flower. In my case I think there
was six. If have you have a higher peg count then you might have more rows of purls. It really depends on the number of pegs . Like I said I believe in my case there
are six rows. So I did mark my my loom but regardless you can tell the
purl stitching from the knit stitches if you’re looking. They are just, you
know wider and you can clearly see which rows aren’t the purl. When you’re done it
looks like this. You’ll have your two parts of your working yarn. You’re gonna
pull them and tighten and make a knot. This is where you’re making a knot and
just gonna finish closing up the flower. Here is where I put a button. That’s
my button. For that you are going to need a needle that is appropriate to
your button. When you’re done you basically just take that excess working
yarn and you cut. Tada, your little flower is done ! And, stay tuned for the next video where
I’ll show you how to do the little leaf that’s attached to the flower.

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