Loom Knitting Cast Off

Casting off is a lot more simpler. And it’s actually pretty easily, once you get the hang of it. And what I recommend is you get a crochet needle. You can still use your hook, but a crochet needle works a lot better. What we need to do is, where we finished off, will be facing down. So what we’re gonna do is we’re just going to pick up that one. Okay, and then what I would recommend is now, get your crochet tool, and just stick it into the, the same loop. Using your fingers now grab the other one. Okay, and now we’re gonna take the first one that we grabbed, and just using your crochet needle pull back through. Now rotate your needle. So now it’s facing the next hook. Just, do you see how that the string is kind of like the zigzagging back and forth? That’s exactly how we have to dismantle this thing. So grabbing the next one, which will be the one, a diagonal. Put it onto the hook, and use your hands grabbing the one, and pulling it through. Now rotating your needle again, to the next hook, or next peg, sorry. Putting onto the hook, and then pulling it through. And now grabbing, going back into the other direction, putting it on, pulling the one that’s already on there through. Now kind of looks like a mess that’s going in behind, but that’s because my material is not long enough. It’s not, like that one in the background. So pick it up, put it on, grab on the one that’s existing, pull through. And just keep working our way down the, apparatus doing the same configuration. Through. You can see I’m picking up speed, and that’s just because I’m use to the angle now, and the concept is literally, coming together. Now, I notice that the shrinkage rate on this thing ah, it doesn’t come out the entire width. It does shrink, maybe about ah, about an inch on both sides of the loom. You could, try to use the regular tool that this comes with, but I don’t recommend it. The chances of dropping a stitch, is really high, as well as trying to recover from a drop stitch, can be quite difficult. Just from what I’ve seen. Oops, there’s a great example there.So picking up. This is just really cheap, oops I dropped one. Oh ho ho geez. And I drop the green. And we are getting close to the end. And like most yarn hook, or crafts. We do not tie at the end. We just weave back, the material, through what we already have. I’m just gonna turn my camera. (Mkey crocheting) (ding ding ding) My email scared me. (hmm) Because I’m tense, into this project. [okay], and so we’re coming to the okay, we’ve got one more to go, so [on] our very last one that we have We’re going to just do is pick it up and put it through So you’ll end up with a loop right at the [very] end And you want to pull it out as much as you can so what we need to do is looking back over here Where we started? We need to cut the string to the maximum amount of the project going across and when we come back So we just got to lay that material out and we’re going to cut it to about five inches extra and Coming back to [the] start of this We’re going to use that crochet hook again. Just sticking it in and we have to weave this material through So what I do just like I weave it normally is that I stick my needle in grab my two strings pull it through Towards you then I throw it back over the top moving down the crochet project sometimes I only grab one, but I just go back in and grab the second one and Throw it over the top moving down So this looks like it’s part of the edge, so it’s working Well, so what I recommend is you don’t cut these strings Until you really have to like right at the very end so that you don’t cut it too short nothing is worse than cutting something too short and realizing that you’ve there’s no recovery I Find the loom knitting there. Is it’s a very unforgiving if you make a an error in judgment Unlike crochet you can just pull it apart and redo quote because this is working on those pegs. You can’t really do that So we’re just continuing to work down our project Okay, so we’re at the very end. So just stick your needle back through that loop grab your material and pull through that hole okay now and now [you’ll] want [to] pull it tight, so [now] what we have is Now you want to weed this back in going back in the direction You just came from and again ladies and gentlemen if this material [was] a lot bigger the way that It’s flexing at the end there would not be so dramatic Okay, so then again throwing it back over the top Moving your Needle down the material And grabbing it and just go back. Maybe four or five inches And then what you just need to do is then trim these edges So you didn’t really actually have to finish with the knot you can depending on your application And then [input] one clip that again Stretch your back out, so there’s your casting off method just like so

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