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hey guys it’s Denise from Loomahat.com how about we make a garter stitch scarf I do recommend that you watch the
video completely before you start the project we’re going to use two strands
of yarn as one and secure those two strands to your anchor peg by just
creating a simple knot now wrap 20 pegs you’re knitting flat so when you reach
that 20th peg you’re going to turn knit off and now we’re going to do the U-wrap version of the knit stitch for 20 pegs and this means that you’re going to
half wrap the peg and knit off you just finished your cast on to start
Row one you need to turn so you’re going to do a figure 8 to put you in the right
direction now wrap all your pegs and this is how you start the e-wrap version
of the knit stitch and then once all of them are wrapped you’re going to knit
off so you’re just bringing the bottom loop over the top and I didn’t mean to
say all your pegs just the 20 that you’re knitting that is row 1 and now
you’re going to remove that working yarn from your anchor peg you can free it
because it doesn’t need to be secure anymore and return to that very last peg
because now we’re going to work on Row 2 and you’re going to skip that first peg
right there and go on to the second one and we’re
doing the purl stitch and for the purl stitch you put your yarn under the loop
and pick it up to create a new loop take the old loop off put the new one on pull
that’s a purl stitch that’s your last purl the thing now
I’m going to take that last knit and I’m going to use it to turn so again I’m
going to do that figure eight which puts me in the right direction and then start
my rol one again because I’m repeating rows one and two until I get a total of
three hundred and forty six rows so y’all got a way to go when I’m doing a
flat project which means you know it’s not in the round I don’t like to start
or end with a purl stitch it just gives me a nicer edge but you guys are free to
do whatever you want it your scarf so you could start or end with a purl
oh no I think I hear some fairies (fairy talk….) alright ignore them and just keep knitting
(fairy talk….) (fairy talk….) make sure that your last row is a knit no matter how many rows you
decide to do we’re going to finish with a modified basic bind off so we wrap peg
two knit off take the loop off peg to move it to peg one tighten your yarn
knit off and take your loop from peg one over to peg two that’s the basic to modify
it you’re going to wrap peg one and peg two knit off on peg two and peg one and take the
loop off peg two put it on one tighten your yarn knit off and move that
loop from peg one to peg two and now we’re going to back to the basic bind off
you wrap two you knit off you take the loop off that peg move it over to peg
one knit off and take your loop from peg one over to peg two and we do that
again you wrap peg two knit off take it to one
tighten it off move loop from peg one to peg two and you’re going to continue
except here and here so you’re modifying in the middle and right here at the end
by wrapping both pegs one and two knit off and take the peg I’m sorry the loop
from two over to one tighten and knit off and then move that loop over the peg two
and now we’re going to do a basic so the last peg you’re going to wrap it off and
move it over to one and knit off and now you only have one left and so you’re
basically done you just got to get your scissors and cut off that working yarn
and then take your hook and pull that yarn so
your edge looks good and the other side I you don’t have to tighten but I did
tighten the cast on and there is a video for that just go to the website Loomahat.com/loose-loops and you’ll get a video on how to tighten
those that cast on and then all you have to do is weave in your ends and your
scarf is finished you won’t need to block the scarf and you won’t have to
worry about it curling and another nice thing about this particular stitch is
that if you look you’ll see that the stitch is the same on both sides which
makes it a great stitch for a scarf so I hope you guys like this video if you did
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100 thoughts on “LOOM KNIT Scarf on Round Loom for Beginners – NO CURLING – Easy Garter Stitch | Captioned | Loomahat

  • This has been such a helpful tutorial! I have a question tho, can I change the yarn color mid knitting process without messing up the pattern? If I can, how do I make the switch? (I make a small knot or just keep kniting both yarns together to make the transition?). I'm trying to make a two colored scarf but since I'm new to this I'd appreciate the help. Thank you so much in advance!

  • I'm attempting this and my scarf is much longer on one side than the other and I'm extremely frustrated. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.

  • Can't wait to try this, Denise! Thank you so much for your clear instructions. Hoping this prevents the "curl" I've been getting!

  • Denise, I finished my first scarf with this pattern and it came out perfect! Perfectly straight with no curl! THANK YOU!!

  • Very nice tutorial miss.. Just one question… Do you mean that after Las knit off, you did one knit off again… Then do the bind off? Thank you for your attention and big regards from Indonesia

  • Hi I have a question, I have tried doing this quite a few times in the first row is always a loose stitch , it’s not the end that has the knot, it the end where you start the purl I can’t figure out how it keeps coming loose I don’t know how many times I have done it over just wondering if you might know thank you so much

  • This final edge came out stiff in my scarf. Am i doing something wrong?
    How can i do for making it stretchy like the first rows?
    I was thinking about make 3 new rows and attach them to the end of the scarf…

  • You are truly amazing ! Your work and your way of explaining is tremendously pretty, just like you. Thank you very very much

  • I tried kitting this scarf 10 times and it doesn't work. The stitches come undone. I have watched your video 10 times. What am I doing wrong?

  • Thank you for these wonderful videos! They've helped me so much! I have a question about the bind-off. If the pattern is Knit 1, Purl 2, and the final row must be a Knit, how are you on the left side (closest to the working yarn) to begin the bind-off? Thank you!

  • I really like this tutorial. Very helpful. One question tho.. is there a purpose to having two threads, or could I do it with one?

  • Hi Denise I love all your work you really explain things so well. Could I please ask you if you know how to make a cloche hat or a flapper hat I have searched everywhere? Look forward to hearing from you. Regards Robyn

  • I like your video, I definitely wish you had more step-by-step videos. The pattern videos start mid pattern. Can you please make more Pattern beginner step-by-step by step videos. Made my first garter scarf everyone loved it. Was trying the wide cable pattern a video you have. Was unable to do it, please help with step by step video

  • This was very easy and helpful the scarf that I made came out beautiful! my only issues was the end binding I was confused on where I was going to do the modified stitch but besides that it came out wonderful!

  • Another lovely pattern with clear instructions. One thing puzzles me though – why do you use a round loom rather than a straight loom for scarves?

  • Ive been trying to figure out how to weave the extra thread .. thank you . I know wasn't the tutorial but couldn't find how to do it anywhere else

  • First video I’ve watched to learn loom knitting and you did a great job explaining and show how to make a scarf….. I’ll watch some others but definitely a thumbs up……. thanks for taking the time to teach👍🏽

  • Hi Denise…Happy New Year 2019… I have a question on the purl stitch is there a difference if the yarn is on the top and pull thru the bottom loop instead of the yarn bern on the bottom and pull thru the top? Or can anyone answer me this question please. Thank you in advance…

  • Love this pattern! Made one as a gift for Christmas this year! Was wondering if this pattern could work for a cowl or infinity scarf. Should I use the same loom or switch to 41 peg loom? If so, I go around and around, for both looms, yes? Thanks so much for the help!👍😁

  • Can I do a tiny heart stitch with this? I'm trying to find a scarf that i can loom with the tiny heart stitch that won't curl

  • Ty Denise, was going to post a pic here but no where to post it but made a lovely scarf and matching hat and first time its never curled am so chuft. xx

  • Thank you Denise, you are a great instructor. You made looming look real easy. I appreciate your comments providing the little details that are important.

  • I must have done something wrong, the scharf curles up. It looks like a long tube now 🙈 Can somebody help?
    I love the Video btw!

  • Hi Denise and thank you for a fabulous tutorial that will finally let me make a Dr Who scarf for my husband. I took your advice and made some swatches but my modified bind off is coming out SUPER tight!!
    Any advice please??

  • Awesome and quick Video, Denise. I am looking forward to using this technique, on my next Scarf…since no blocking is needed, to prevent the edge curling…

  • I just recently purchased a set of round looms & was watching many varied tutorials by many different instructors and Hands Down, you were the best instructor. You have a gentle, pleasant voice, you give excellent instruction & explain things in depth. I love the patterns you come up with & I can't wait to try my first project tomorrow. The difficult part is choosing which project to start with. I want to try them all. I am so happy that I found your tutorials. Thanks in advance for all your help.

  • Thank you so much for this very informative video! I want to use a medium gauge (4) yarn. Would that require doubling up with two strands or is that bulky enough to loom with by itself?

  • This technique is awesome, Denise! The Scarf created this way just looks great, with none of the curling, on any of the edges….
    Thanks for figuring this out!

  • I really enjoy your videos! My problem is that No matter how loose I make it it seems that by the third pass it so tight that I can’t even it off. Any tips?

  • Thanks Denise, this a really great video, so easy to follow and now I’m only up to 91 rows So if I want can I do it shorter?

  • Denise… that was simply Excellent! Your expertise and easy steps inspire me… Anyone can loom knit!
    I just purchased my first ever "Boye Round Loom Set" from Walmart yesterday! I can hardly contain my excitement to begin knitting scarfs
    and hats for everyone! Wish me luck!🌞

    Thanks so much for your excellent tutorials!

  • Can anyone help with this question please… at the end of the video, Denise says to end the scarf with a knit and not a pearl. Does this mean that I do something different from the e stitch row before binding off?

  • Denise, if it were not for your videos, I would have given up. I have a brain injury and I have learned so much from the way you teach. Not only that but my daughter, 2 aunts and even my hubby is using your videos. But alas, I'm stuck at the end of this scarf. Please forgive me for bugging you with ANOTHER question but I REALLY don't want to ruin it… how do you end up on the left right b4 your bind off if the last row is a knit row? because from the beginning when you are knitting to the left, it's a purl. Does this mean that technically the last TWO rows are knit rows? TY in advance 💖

  • I just did this scarf. Came out beautifully but it is super duper stiff. I was hoping for a soft flowy scarf. Is it the garter stitch that causes this? I used #6 yarn. I did multiple colors, some were 100% acrylic and some were a wool/acrylic blend. Did everyone's turn out super stiff as well? If so than I know it is the garter stitch and know to do a different stitch instead for my next scarves. Thanks

  • Hey !!! I loved your looming information by the way Where did you get that beautiful Loom Hook? I want it just like yours.

  • After 4 hrs the muscle memory finally kicked in & Im now on my 11 row! Lol thanks for the tutorial, I’ll be back in a month for the 2nd 1/2 of the vid!!!!!

  • Hi thank you so much for this video it definitely helps me so I can make a scarf for myself and my boyfriend for Christmas I'm also gonna make hats to go with it! Thanks again!

  • I’ve been looking for a direct tutorial that is helpful, clear, and to the point. I’m VERY new to knitting, I don’t even know how to pick yarn or what any of the lingo means, but I was able to follow this and make my 13yo a beautiful scarf. Thank you! I can’t wait to check out your other videos.

  • Can someone help me please? I'm new to knitting and I found out her videos is so easy to follow but just one problem, I'm confused about the yarn I have to use. I either can use a normal size yarn but double it or I have to buy a thicker one for loom?

  • Such a nice straightforward instruction. No wasted words! I will follow up to the other instruction she mentioned and will search to see if she shows how to add fringe.

  • Thank you for this video, easy for a new beginner to make a beautiful scarf! Just made one for my grandfather 😊

  • I’m a bit confused about the end, do we keep switching in between modified and the normal bind off or just do it at the beginning and end..?

  • To end the scarf, you say to make sure NOT to end on a purl and to make sure the last row is a knit…
    But when I follow the pattern for the full scarf, in order to be back at the start of my scarf before my cast off (like you) I would have to do 2 rows of knit (no purl on the way back to the start). Is that right? Or is the cast off the last knit row you're talking about?

  • Hi,
    I've recently decided to start selling the hats and Scarves I've been making. I'm trying to figure out how much to charge?

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