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  • Thank you very much! I used this tutorial for several hats, thanks a lot. I have a question. Now is the first time I make it for a three year old kid, not a baby or adult. Could you please tell me what length it should be (or how many rows) ? The brim part and the rest? Thanks so much

  • as a 70 year old with a lot of free time, and trembling hands, I might just be able to do this.Thanks for the class on video!!!

  • We have been blessed with a straightforward, detailed, and greatly instructional video. You deserve more subs. Thank you.

  • I used super bulky yarn for this hat. When I was all done and pulled the yard to cinch the top. When all cinched up I'm left with a quarter size hole. Is there a way to cover or fix the hole without putting a Pom Pom on it?

  • Thank you Ms. Denise! I just bought a loom for myself and for my grandaughter and we're learning together! Your teaching method is excellent and oh so helpful!

  • I am a true beginner and found this video very very well done. Easy to understand and follow. Thanks so much for such a great learning tool. I am anxious to make my hat now!

  • I have a 36 peg loom but my hat doesn't look anything like yours. It
    is sloppy and loose.
    Would you please tell me the diameter of your loom in the video?
    thank you, Anne

  • Really nice tutorial but I keep having the same issue. Every time I make a hat one row is always loose no matter how much I tighten it. When you go to stretch the hat to put it on, it looks wider than all the other rows, like another braid could fit in between but is missing or something. It’s really hard to explain

  • Either my pegs aren't long enough or I'm lost. I understood the method until immediately after 12:41 where you went from one complete row to about 9 without showing how you take off one row or how they layer like that.

  • Thanks for the easy to follow video I have several looms that were donated to me but was afraid to tackle them thanks again didn't you have one for a scarf

  • wonderful instructions. You teach the way I teach people for our hat group. We loom knit hats for pre-school-5th children in our county every year. WONDERFUL project. Thanks for the great instruction.

  • Thank you SO much for this wonderful video. My kids and I finished a hat on our first day!

    Can anyone help us troubleshoot? This is our first loom experience. On hat #2, someone dropped a stitch. I searched how to remedy it, and climbed the bottom loop up the "ladder rungs" with a crochet hook, however, about 4 rows back from where we are now, the stitch was added back in.

    I don't think I can add a pic, so basically, we have 8 rows done. The last 4 rows are fine and complete, but somewhere along rows 1-3 a stitch was dropped. I've worked that stitch back up, but have no idea how/if I can connect that loop back into the complete rows (4-8). Any advice?! Thank you in advance!

  • Thanks Denise for a great beginner tutorial. I haven't been loom knitting for quite awhile. I started crocheting because of my wrist having problems loom knitting. But I'm trying looming again and let's see how I do. Thanks again Denise for a great beginner tutorial. Like I said before way back when I was looming…….you're the best !!!

  • I know this video is an older one, but I'm a beginner and was looking for an easy to understand loom knitting 101 class, if you will. I have watched a few others before I found your channel. I do have to say that you, by far, explain the process so much better than the other videos. They seem to rush through and you can't keep up and have to keep pausing. That causes mistakes, at least for me. So, I'm a new sub and I love all the links you provided to further help us beginners to master the craft. Thank you so much!! ❤️🌼🌺💛🌷💜

  • I see patterns that list 3 sizes using the same loom…ie baby hats…..how can one loom size make 3 different hat sizes?

  • Wow! Denise your video took away any doubt that I can loom knit! Your instructions are beautifully detailed and so easy to see exactly what you are doing. Thanks so much for getting me started! I want to see your other videos once I have finished a hat for my sweetie.

  • Wow, what a great teacher you are. I am brand spanking new and actually I am ready to purchase a round loom right now but I wanted to familiarize myself with hat making and chose your video and I am so glad I did. You are explicit with directions, your diction is perfect where timing pace is ideal. Some people speak so fast that I spend more time “rewinding” or they are so slow that I can go shopping and they are on the same step when I return ;). So count me as a new subscriber……..{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}

  • I bought my knitting loom at a thrift store for $0.75. After using it for a wreath frame for fresh greenery for the holidays, I sat down to watch your tutorial. Like everyone else has said, you are a very good teacher. I finished my hat within 24 hours on the weekend and I have begun another one and am closing in on being 2/3s done. These are the nicest hats I have had on my head. I made my brim extra wide to keep my ears warm. Thanks for this wonderful video.

  • I need some advice. From first beginning stitch to last stitch…I have a big gap down the rows. I untied the beginning loop off peg after a few rows done…but I have that gap still. What to do to avoid this?

  • Thanks for your great video, and excellent teaching skills, Denise! I just finished my second hat, using your technique…

  • all the tutorials I find does not tell me what happens when I run out of room in the pegs for the yarn, so idk how to progress after 4 + rows of yarn sewn in the peg.

  • I need help with the part where u tuck in the yarn on the other pieces to finish it.I cut the yarn to short and I’m not sure what to do

  • How does it go from your beginning 3 rows and telling us to keep knitting rows so the next photo of everything being in the middle of the loom??? the pegs are only so tall…you can only squeeze so many rows on the short pegs before you run out of room…how do you take them off so you have more room on your pegs to keep going….? thats number problem i am having and no one explains it! im so frustrated. its a huge step that every beginner video ive come across just magically forgets to show. ugh! I can't make anymore more cuz there is no more room on the damn pegs so i just did all this for NOTHING.

  • Hello Denise I Love Love all you Tutorials!!❤️❤️❤️They are so easy to follow. This is off the subject of this video. But could you please please do a tutorial on a 10 stitch blanket if possible. I have seen some tutorials but they are cut off short. Or is just me. I just don’t understand the tutorial. All of your tutorials I’ve understood them. Your tutorials are very easy for anyone to understand. I hope 🤞 you will consider doing a tutorial.

  • Love this tutorial. My first time doing anything like this!
    I made two hats 😊 (planning to make many to donate to our cancer center.)
    Thank you for your instruction. You certainly have a gift.

  • Can anyone help me please? I've made 4 hats now with Denise's expert instructions but I don't want to close the top of the hat. How can I do this without the yarn unraveling? Thank you for any assistance!

  • Hello 🙂
    Denise I just want to say that I love your videos I've been looming Knitting for a while and even knowing how to loom Knit I was very surprised that's I learned a lot of things from your videos that I didn't know.
    I was just wondering how may I show you a few things I've loom Knitted if possible?

  • Almost all my hats come a part at the top how do I make sure it doesn’t come undone?

  • I have made about five hats now and the hats I have made my son the have loosen d at the top and consequently came unraveled. I think I did something wrong

  • I would also say that if you're knitting a hat for someone who has a lot of hair, Black ladies like myself who wear our hair natural included, it's best to use the look for the slouchy hat. We need to get out hair in the hat rather than push it all down around our heads.

  • I loved your video, however I have used a 66 peg and when I go to make the brim, my stitches are not the same as yours. My pegs line up with the solid crisscross and not the more open stitch like yours…. therefore there are two loops to choose from instead of one. So I am stuck as to what loop to use for the brim. Sorry if it doesn't make sense what I'm trying to convey but I am now very frustrated in not being able to finalize my project. Other than this, I know if I can get instructions how to do the brim, I am able to follow your wonderful concise instructions to finish this hat. Thank you. BTW, the fact that you give your hats to the needy is quite heartwarming. Kudos!

  • This is an excellent video! Thanks for the clear and detailed instructions! I have not tried one yet, but now I am inspired to get my looks out and actually use them for the first time. You are a great teacher!

  • Denise, thank you for making this video! I crochet a bit but love the look of knit. I had purchased a set of looms a long time ago and never used them. Your instructions made it super easy and I just made a hat style scrubby in no time! The arthritis in my wrists don't allow me to crochet for very long. But I can loom! Thanks again and God bless!

  • Hi I am knitting following your video for the first time but there are big gaps in between my rows,how can I reduce those gaps?m using 3 strands of yarn

  • Excellent, easy, fabulous hat creation! WOW…hats made easy….Thank you Kindly for this instructional video that was concise, succinct, informative and clear. Excellent!

  • Just took my first hat off the loom, and I'm hooked! (Pun intended) Thank you so much for your precise, step by step instructions.

  • in our country couldn't find the looms, but got one done from the help of our carpenter, its fine for shawls,but to do the hats, got the no of pegs, but can you please tell me the width of the inside of the loom, so i can get one done for my daughter,who is blind but do the looming very well.Thank you.

  • I still love this video … I saved it to. Keep going back to it .. This will be my second year making these hats for my sons class mates for christmas presents .. The kindergartners loved them last year

  • Great video. She explains everything very clearly with NO jumping around, which gets me lost half the time! I am new to this so I can't wait to start..

  • I bought what I thought was a complete set of looms at a garage sale. Turns out I need the 2 adult size looms. Where can I get them. Not found on Amazon and Boye does not exist. Please help

  • I never knew loom knitting was so easy. Thanks so much Denise. Your presentation is simple, informative and straight to the project at hand. Thanks so much for sharing!🌞

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