Lions Den: Knitting the Keyhole in a Scarf

We’ve worked across the row to the place where we want to begin our keyhole, and now we want to begin to bind off
stitches. And to do this, we first work two stitches and then with the left-hand needle, pull the first stitch over the second. And again, work a stitch. Pull the first stitch over the second. And we’re going to do this four times to cast off. Four stitches. There. And now we just want to finish our row. And now we turn our work. And we work back. Here we’re purling. You work back to where we bound off our
stitches on the previous row. Now we’re going to cast these stitches that we bound off back on. And to do this, we want to turn the work around, and then we want to cast on stitches by going into the first stitch on the left hand needle. Pulling through a loop. And then with the left hand needle, slide the stitch on to the left hand needle. Again, pull a stitch through. And slide it on to the left needle. And since we bound off four stitches,
we’re casting on four stitches. We’ve cast on our stitches,
we turn the work back around. And we simply finish the row. And when we turn our work, we can see that we have made a keyhole. And now we can continue to work,
just as we would across the row.

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