Lion Brand Yarn Spring Knit Along – Styling

Kristy Glass here. Your fearless leader, no
longer. I cannot believe that the Lion Brand Spring 2015 Knit Along has come to an end!
Let’s just take a (crying) (nose blowing) (record scratch) Now that you have knit your
fabulous Glamour Jacket, it’s time to style that bad boy! And I cannot believe how versatile
this jacket really is! Even knit up in crazy pinks and purples, that jacket does not disappoint.
From way casual to way formal, this jacket is tops! It even pairs well with my zig zag
dress. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It has been my complete pleasure to lead you
on this spring knit along. I have had such a wonderful time knitting this jacket. I hope
that you have had a wonderful time, too. If you check down below, you’ll see all the links
where you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. I’m still going to be here,
even if I’m not right here on the Lion Brand channel. And I hope that if you haven’t even
started your Glamour Jacket yet, you’ll go back and visit all of those posts in the Ravelry
group and these videos so you can just make your own, fabulous Glamour Jacket! Until next
time, I’m Kristy Glass. Never stop knitting! Never stop knitting! But I’m still here. You
can find me down below.

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