Lil Princess Ornament DIY Video Tutorial

Stack wooden discs. Two in each pile. Cut 6 inch piece of ribbon. Brush glue onto disc. Press bottom of ribbon onto glue. Put other discs on top of the glue and ribbon. Paint top disc white Paint sides too. Let dry. Paint backside with white paint. Let dry. Hot glue the princess crown on top of disc. Caution glue is hot! From ribbon cut off the words – “It’s A Girl” Put small drop of hot glue in middle of disc and put the words on top of that. Put small drop of hot glue near bottom of disc and put the heart on that and press. Cut enough of the frilly ribbon to go around the disc. Hot glue the ribbon on to the side going all the way around it. Brush on gloss luster on front going around the crown, the words, and the heart. Sprinkle diamond dust over the gloss luster. Let dry. Put a paper underneath the ornament so you can capture any diamond dust that doesn’t stick to the ornament. Touch up any missed spots. Brush fabric glue onto middle of ribbon on side. Sprinkle diamond dust over that. Hot glue string of pearls onto side over the diamond dust. Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this video! Please click “Like and Subscribe”

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