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  • Wow. I love your tutorial. I've seen so many, but have never followed any as closely as I'm following yours. Ok, so I left the ribbing out on the cuff and I know I'll probably regret it later, but it's my first and I don't mind. Thank you for making this video. I so look forward to your other tutorials.

  • If you use 2 needles you'll have a big ugly seam down the entire length. And with dpn's you're just working with 2 at a time. I don't know why people think it's complicated.

  • I have to ask…why does tension change when working with DPN's? I tried it, got an extremely tight gage and have not picked them up again.

  • Any time you change things up, even if it's just changing from wood to metal needles, your tension can change. If you're knitting tightly on DPNs, it's going to take practice and conscious effort to loosen up. I have a video called "Knitting Help – Help for Tight Knitters" that might offer some advice to you. You can search for it on my channel page. (Sorry, YouTube won't let me give you a link here in the comments.)

  • I've tried numerous times on youTube to get your tutorial to run and it just constantly freezes up. I haven't had trouble with others. Is there anything I should do to get to view this? I am DESPERATELY trying to learn how to do this! Thank you!!

  • I'm afraid that has to do with the speed of your internet connection, not with the video. But there is a way to avoid the freezing-up. Just pause the video and allow it to load for a minute or so. Then, when you hit "play" again, it should play without interruption. Good luck!

  • Thank you! I'm visiting my parents and trying to view it on their connection… So that is probably it! Thanks so much for your speedy reply!! Xxoo

  • Most people who knit left handed knit from right-to-left (like right-handed people), but just hold the yarn in their left hand instead of their right. I'm assuming what your'e doing is knitting from left-to-right, which is sometimes called "mirror knitting". I know a some mirror knitters who are able to benefit from my videos, but you have to switch everything around in your head. It is unlikely that I will make mirror knitting videos, but other YouTubers out there do. Good luck!

  • staci what's the colour called of that pink yarn you are using? is that cascade 220? that's the pink that my friend has been looking for!

  • I just love your video and pattern that I purchased and have now made my very first pair of socks!! Thank you!
    My question is, can this same pattern be used for a man's sock?

  • Good job on the socks! This pattern isn't sized for a man's foot…but now that you've learned the techniques used in sock knitting, you can move on to other patterns that are sized for men. There are a ton of sock patterns for you to browse on Ravelry. Good luck!

  • Hi I started knitting a little over a year ago and can do knit and purl however I am dyspraxic do you think I would be able to manage it as I would really live to knit up some socks.

    Ps I know it's hard to judge based in so little information I just wondered if you had encountered dyspraxic knitters before.

  • Before I go purchase your pattern I have one very important question…I have fat feet…does your sock pattern stretch to fit fat feet or would I have to make adjustments?

  • This pattern is officially written for an average-width woman's foot. Unofficially, it is very stretchy, and I've seen it fit some pretty wide feet. If you're worried about it fitting, you can always go up a needle size for a slightly bigger sock. Hope that helps!

  • I do have three videos on using circular needles for socks – I have Learn to Knit Magic Loop Socks, Learn to Knit Toe-Up Magic Loop Socks, and 2 Socks at a time on 2 Circulars. You can find these tutorials by searching my channel page. Hope that helps!

  • It would be great if you show more patterns, expecially for children over four years… I love the way you teach…

  • Thank you! I try to keep costs as low as I can on my pattern/tutorials. I think a lot of people enjoy how they can go back and watch a video over and over again until they get it. Thank you for the note!

  • I have something like 50+ patterns out there, but you're right – not much for kids (older than babies). I appreciate the suggestion!

  • I know, I´ve donlowded some of them, but I love to knit with you and as a beginner is a great comfort to be "sure" that everything is going to get right. Besides I learn better by watching and sometimes is too difficult to me to go "alone" with a written pattern only… I just love to knit with you, your videos are so relaxing to me. It´s like a terapy to me as long as I´ve started knitting when my baby was stillborn due an umbilical accident…That helps me a lot with the pain in my heart…

  • … Some way I feel not so alone… Baby knits are adorable, but a bit too painful for me now… and I would like to knit colorful pullovers for my older children…
    Thanks a lot for your videos… I´m sure you´ll have great ideas for older children and I´m just eager to learn and knit with you… I know it sounds a bit crazy… sorry…

  • Thank you very much for teaching to knit the sock. Madam I am finding the sock tight on the cuff .Should I cast on some more stitches for the cuff = knit 2,purl2 ? I am finding it little difficult while wearing it.Suggest some solution please.Thanks once again for the simple but very useful instructions

  • Savita – my guess is that you're gauge is a bit tight. If you are working from the pattern that goes along with these videos, I don't suggest you cast-on more stitches – that would change the entire rest of the pattern. I recommend you use a bigger needle size for a looser sock. Good luck!

  • Sorry – I don't see an option for sending you a private message from your channel. Sorry again – I'm only setup to accept payments via PayPal. You can pay with PayPal without setting up an account with a credit/debit card. Hope that helps!

  • Awesome video! You are the BEST tutorial maker that I have ever discovered, and believe me, I have found a LOT! 😀

  • Is this sock pattern (this one with the video) available to buy on amazon? Tusm for making these videos.

  • Hi Ronda – thank you for the note. We're working on getting all of my patterns available in both PDF and eBook versions, but we're not quite there yet. This particular pattern is still only available in PDF (printable) form. You can browse my patterns – many of them are PDFs and eBooks: verypink.com/category/tutorials/

  • Hi Staci, love your videos. Was wondering if you could develop a sock pattern that you knit flat and seam. I've found I really don't enjoy using double pointed needles (after knitting numerous socks, gloves and hats) but do love knitting socks. I've found a pattern online, but am not happy with the heel. Thanks for any help!

  • Thank you, Dianne – I'll keep that in mind. Have you tried using the magic loop method for knitting socks? I have at least a couple of tutorials on that. Lots of people prefer magic loop to double-pointed needles. Otherwise, even though I don't have a tutorial on flat, seamed socks – there are plenty of patterns out there for that. You can find them by searching on Ravelry. Good luck!

  • I have made my very first sock.  I owe it all to you.  It is very difficult for me to learn sometimes and I just kept playing your video over and over and over until it sunk in all the way.  Thank you for taking the time to teach knitting.  I hope to leave my family with many treasures from my needles because of you.

  • Thank you for a wonderful sock tutorial. Even though I am left-handed, I had no trouble following the videos.
    The fee for the pattern is a bargain since we also get your videos!

  • Just wanted to thanmk you. This tutorial was a wonderful guide and I have now completed my very first sock…. Now to go knit it's pair.

  • Dear Staci,

    Thank you so much for making such clear and easy to follow videos! As a man I didn't know where to get knitting info and tips but I stumbled upon your videos and just finished my first "scarf" (I cast on 20 and at one point had 30 stitches!) I'm getting better and my short term goal is to be able to knit socks! This is brilliant because I think this kind of hand made stuff is great for Christmas gifts which is right around the corner! I've recently moved to Germany and due to slight language issues I ended up just saying "ja" to whatever they gave me at the shop, but can one use these same principles despite a different size needles and yarn? I'm still looking for a pattern that isn't terribly difficult and also uses what I've already bought. Any help would be greatly appreciated and again, thanks so much, this channel is wonderful!



  • @Emily Kim – you may want to try to figure out where your stitches got off count, but you should be okay with either increasing or decreasing a stitch to get yourself back to the correct number.  (It is important that your stitch count is correct to be able to accurately follow the pattern.)

  • Well that looks easy,now I guess I'll have to make me some socks,because living here in Massachusetts your feet really get cold.

  • I love that tutorial! Thanks a lot. But I have a question, can I use circular needles instead of double point knitting needles?

  • I needed to cast on 48 for the cuff and got that done ok but i am having a problem when it comes to dividing for the heel and turning the heel. could u please help me with this.

  • Thanks so much for this series of videos. I've never before had the confidence to try double pointed needles but have just succeeded in starting the cuff! Am thrilled! 😄😄

  • Thanks for this tutorial. This is the first time I have knitted socks, though I remember my mother knitting them, and I am now 77 years old. Anyway after one or two relatively minor hitches I have just finished my first pair and they look wonderful!!

  • I love your Channel you make things look so simple.  I always looked at that four needle stuff and got all confused.

    Just wondering can't you just use two needles instead or circular needles?  I'm just a noob but after looking at your needles I don't know what is the purpose of the additional needle.  Don't you just want to make a tube?

    Anyway, still great video, Love it.

  • You seem like a great teacher and I'd love to follow along with your videos, but my problem is I'm looking to use size 6 bulky yarn. I can find no pattern using this size yarn that's for a small adult sock. This is my first time knitting socks. What would you recommend I do? I know I'd have to adjust the gauge because of the thicker yarn, but would adjusting the gauge to my size throw off the whole pattern? I have no idea what to do; it's really frustrating. Thanks in advance!

  • Best teacher I have come across! Thank you for the pattern 🙂 I have a question, for a child's size (Age 8-12) how many should I cast on? Thank you! 🙂

  • After you have cast on and done a few rows, should your work be coming up towards you or down in between the needles away from you?

  • Hi from your newest subscriber, thank you sooooo much for this video it has helped me so much!! I have started my sock from this video and I'll be purchasing the pattern today 🙂

  • I learned to knit by watching your videos. Now I'm addicted! Whenever I run into a problem or some instructions I don't understand I just look at one of your videos and they always help me out. Now I'm trying my hand at knitting socks. Thank you for your great videos. I recommend them to everyone.

  • I find you know something about things in knitting,,, would you beable to knit a doggie sling carrier, I would love to have one and learn how to make one,, I have a small dog and I would love to carry him some times when he gets to tired to walk, let me know plz,, thanks,, love your work

  • Hello,
    I just bought this pattern, but I don't really like anklet socks…
    Could I keep knitting for a few rounds in stockinette stitch after the ribbed cuff to make a longer sock before moving on to dividing for the heel? 🙂
    Thank you 🙂

  • okay…bought the pattern and now watching the first video. Are you able to explain or show a proper video on when casting on to the second needle – when you are casting on the 12 stitches on the second needle ? i can't see a thing on how you do it, its so quick . I have rewatched that section of the video about 50 times and i can not understand what you are doing. there is no close up however its a very important part on know how to cast on to that next needle. You say to make a look but what kind of loop and on what needle ?

  • About to purchase the pattern and materials to make my grandma a pair for Christmas! Quick question though, are there any specific modifications I will need to make since I'm left handed? I know when you say left needle it means right needle for me, but is there anything else I would have to change?

  • Hi there I purchased this pattern a few years ago but I can’t seem to find it in my emails or ravelry. Is there a way I can be resent it? Thanks for your helpful tutorial. Laura

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