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  • hallo,
    your videos are really helpful. it's so easy to follow you!

    i have a problem with a project i am doing that is very similar to this one. i start with the cast on. i read that i need to do a multiple of 4+2. i really don't know where the +2 come in. every time i try i end up not matching the ribs. (first row knitting… second row purling) i really don't know where i go wrong? do you maby have an idea what i am missing?

  • @mgcassy Sorry – I'm confused by your question. You say that you're working in ribbing, but then you say "first row knitting, second row purling" – which is not ribbing. If you are working in the round in 2×2 rib, you would want to cast on a multiple of 4 for it to match up, but it sounds like the designer of this pattern wants you to do something different. You might need to contact the designer to get a clear answer, since I'm not familiar with the pattern.

  • Hi, In your design it works as multiple of 15 but then doing a 2×2 ribbing it isnt possible if I'm going for 75 stitches. Do I do a lower even number and add on stitches after the ribbing? And will it be noticeable if I do this? Thank you:)

  • @lilazntown Are you working from the written pattern? These videos are made to accompany the pattern, which gives details on the cast-on numbers, etc. I can't give you a link here, but there is a link to purchase and instantly download the pattern in the video description, just below the video.

  • @chdrane95 Sorry, I don't know what you mean. It may sound like I said "wisbenny" somewhere in the video, but I never intentionally said that.

  • @hoobiedoobie01 My videos are all free and available to everyone – there is nothing to purchase in order to watch the videos. If you want to follow along with the pattern I'm using (which includes cast-on numbers), that can be purchased and instantly downloaded by following the link in the video description.

  • Sorry I meant that I purchased the pattern! I got this one, the one for the fingerless gloves and the ear flap hat!! That is where the problem comes in, I can follow you knitting videos very well but understanding the pattern is a different matter! That is where the cast on number of stitches comes in. Thank you. BTW, there where questions about you saying "wisbenny", what you said was "wizz bang."

  • @hoobiedoobie01 If you need help with specific parts of the pattern, can you please email me at my email address? YouTube wont let me put it here in the comments, but you can find it on my website (verypink).

  • Wow I just love your videos…You make it seem like I can actually do this. Thank you and your have a very pleasant voice to listen to. I am heading over now to download and buy your pattern thank you so much

  • I'm making this pattern! First hat, first fair isle. What the heck. Lets do all our firsts in one pattern! Very easy and quick to work up! Thank you for your great and very helpful videos!

  • Your tension might be looser on the ribbing. You might try going down a needle size or two, just for the ribbing part. That should tighten things up, giving more stretch to the ribbing.

  • This will be my first one…but if you go a little slouly will be nice for my eyes..
    Thanks so much.

  • Marie – these videos are meant to accompany a written pattern. All of the details for knitting this (including cast-on numbers in the different sizes) are in the pattern. To purchase and instantly download your copy of the pattern, just click the link to my website in the video description field, just below the video.

  • I just got your pattern and made my first adult hat. How would you recommend going about changing the CO amount for a child? I know it is in multiples of six but what would be good for an in between baby/adult My daughter loves the one I made for myself and now wants one with red snowflakes 🙂 Size would be for 20" head

  • would it be possible to knit like a skull? i have a goth friend who wants a pair of fingerless gloves, ive mastered the gloves, but i need to put a skull on it like this, is that possible? please email me at [email protected]

  • Just passed by, and thought there was something very familiar with the knitting pattern on your hats. After watching the video I heared you said it was a norwegian snow star. Sure is. 🙂 Nice work with the knitting.

    We use the word "lue" or "huve" for these kind of knitted hats in our language. "Lue" is the most common and used name.  The word "hat" we only use for those with a wide brim around, such as cowboy hats or bowler hats.

    Keep up the good work!
    Best wishes,

  • Do you have to use a particular type of yarn for fair isle knitting? Or can I use any type of yarn?

  • If i want this in adult size for example do I measure the head and increase my stitches and continue similarly according to knits and sizes

  • Stacy,The gauge, is it in knit or stockinet stitch? On the adult hat, I found the number of stitches in pattern to be really large, and now I am going back to do a gauge (should have done it from the beginning, I know). Thanks

  • Just letting you know that I have found some scrubby yarn at Joann fabrics it cost about 6 bucks and on line at herrschners it was about 4 bucks…yours truly Virginia

  • How do you knit the pattern into a fair isle thumb? I always mess it
    up, and when it calls for 2 color increases, I don't understand how to
    do that in a thumb. Have you got a video on thumbs with patterns
    knitted into them??


  • hi Staci I'm looking for the Bror hat tutorials as I'm trying to knit Portuguese style love got the pattern already please can you help.
    many thanks

  • You are an outstanding teacher. Because of your tutorials I have been able to easily take my knitting to an intermediate-advanced level (something I didn't think I could have done).
    Thank you!!

  • hi there,
    how can we wash and wet block items that are more than 1 color? im knitting a little swatch to see if the colors run, hopefully not. but if they do, what can we do?

  • I'm knitting a hat using a fair isle pattern that uses 2 colors on 1 round and on the 2nd round only uses the main color… Should I float the CC all the way around the 2nd round of just MC sts or should I carry the CC up to round 3 where it is used again? & I've never actually carried a color up the work I wasn't sure if that was something that is done in fair isle knitting… please help!!

  • Hello from New Zealand could you please tell me needle conversion U.K.Is it 4.5.Thank you.Kindest regards Ann Craig.. From the video you seem to be an excellent teacher,I have not knitted in the round before or with double pointed needles,

  • I’m having trouble with fair Isle. My main colour tension is fine but as soon as I start with the other colour my stitches are really loose but only the stitches with the other colour my main colour stitches are fine. If I try to tighten the stitches it gets too tight. I’ve started over so many times I’m ready to give up. I’m knitting on double pointed needles in the round. I wanted to make fair Isle boot cuffs.

  • It was a pleasure to knit.I wonder if you have a pattern for fingerless gloves using the snowflake motif or any suggestions. Thank you. You have me hooked to your projects, In two weeks I have completed this and the trafalgar hat!! Thank you.

  • I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful tutorial. I have been wanting to do Fair Isle and had been scared and I bought your pattern and I made my first fair isle project (your hat) and I almost cried. so I just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful video

    I was considering buying a fair isle pattern, but I wanted it different colors… I was told I HAD to use those colors, and that I HAD to use the exact yarn it called for….

    I understand different yarns may hand or react a little different, but going by weight, and making sure I match gauge can't I swap colors and yarns and just follow the pattern?!?

    It was a pretty easy one, and would be my first time doing colorwork like that.

  • I really hate that you knit so fast. The point of this video is to show us, but damn how am I supposed to see if you go so fast??

  • Hi! I love your knitting videos so much! I recently knit a hat using fair isle technique. For one row it has me switch to contrast b for the whole row. I found upon finishing that the rows don't look like they meet evenly in the "middle", they look like the first and last stitch of that round are almost stacked (like it started on one row, finished on the other. Ideas to help this look more seamless?

  • Wanted to make my friend a new winter hat, she has cancer going through chemo but I can't find how many I cast on for an adult. Pleas give me that.

  • In one of ur part 2 or 3 videos of this hat are u showing us how many stitches to decrease for the adult and baby hat? Reason I am asking is because I bought the pattern and it doesn't give directions on how to decrease the baby hat and adult hat?

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