Lão Râu | Thót Tim dùng Drone 20 triệu hái Xoài. English subtitle

I got it. I use drone in this video is just for fun it’s not what we often do in life so.. I donot recommend you do the same If you drop your drone, do not come to me ,lol So in controlling drone, you have to pay attension We have to do step by step closer so the propellers can touch the stem of mango because stem of mango is quite soft so all we do is coming closer step by step and the mango will drop Do you see many mangoes on that tree? Too many thinking of my childhood, I used to use my sandals to throw at mango and I lost many sandals One more Still can’t touch it (sad music) After some fails I will take my drone down here to trim mangoes Here is my drone backpages and I will bring it down there This is a DJI Mavic Air drone as you see, Mavic Air is a small drone like my hand it’s small and propellers is small, too and I have to pay attention at those propellers Propellers is not close to the camera so the drone’s camera cannot record the trimming mango scene So I have to film by this camera Take a look around it’s 10h30 in the summer morning so there are nobody in the backyard so it’s safe for sure DJI Mavic Air Flymore combo is around 20 millions Việt Nam đong The propeller is quite strong but will a slight touch the drone will fall so I have to fly carefully come closer to stem of mango The compass of Mavic Air is way too sensitive I have to cali every-time turn it on. it’s force me to calibrate after calibrate successful, it’s ready to fly (take off) The barrier sensor is not allow the drone to go close to the tree I have to turn the sensor off I will use my package to catch a falling mango I did it I will try to trim one more mango Successful with no harm to drone a little tan of mango stem on drone cover because propellers And here is my result, 2 mangoes cut by 20 minilions Viet Nam dong drone I was so nervous when cutting this mango because if the drone went to close, it would fall so I have to come closer very very slow Now I will show you some drone footage around my house After fly through these house over there weak signal appeared and drop I am nervous as hell and after one minutes, it connected again it was still in my eyes sign but if the connection lost, the drone will fly away it might not know the home point, too and fly until battery exhausted. Phew Now I will take my results to eat it may very very sour Do you feel interesting? I repeat that I do this video only for fun and not recommend you do as me Take your own risk. If you like my video, please hit like button, hit subcribe or whatever you need to do and remember to turn on notification so I and you can meet each other in my next video Thank you for support me. Goodbye and have a nice day, bro 😉

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