Knitting Help – Slip Knot

Slip Knot The first thing we’ll start with is the slip
knot. It’s the way that I like to start casting-on
even though there are different ways of doing it. So, you take your yarn, this is the way to
break it down into several steps for you. Make a loop on the table in front of you like
this. Then take your dominant hand pincher fingers,
and without pinching anything, come up from under the loop like this. Now you see there are two strands, running
up into the loop, of course. Grab the one that’s going under the other
one, like this. Pull that through, and you can separate the
two strands to tighten it up. Put a needle in there, and separate it some
more. And that’s the slip knot, and the beginning
of the long-tail cast-on.

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