Knitting Help – Provisional Cast-On Using a Crochet Hook

In this video, I’m going to show you how to
do a provisional cast-on right onto the knitting needle using a crochet hook. It’s a video
suggestion I’ve had from lots of people. Thank you. Keep those suggestions coming. This video
is sponsored by Knitter’s Pride. I am actually going to use two of their products that I
love from my own collection to demonstrate this video. The first one I’m using are their
Knitter’s Pride Symfonie Dreamz crochet hook. This is my own crochet hook set using their
Symfonie Dreamz birch wood hooks. The Symfonie Dreamz, actually the other product is Symfonie
Dreamz as well. It is a laminated birch wood that has…it’s slick but not as slick as
metal. I find it’s warm to the touch, it’s really easy to work with and I like using
them for DPNs because it does have a little more stick to the needles than metal, depending
on the yarn I’m using. It’s good, so the needles don’t slide out. I also really like their
crochet hook. I like the way the grip is on these, and it has a really nice all-purpose
hook part to it. In this set, it comes with the case. All the
Knitter’s Pride needle sets come with the case. This is eight different hook sizes from
E to L, or 3.5 mm to 8 mm. Then I’m also using their Symfonie Dreamz sock needle set. Just
like the hooks, the needles are all in different colors. I’ll give you a close-up here. The
knitting needles have a nice medium taper, medium tip on them, just sharp enough to be
able to work increases and decreases in your stitches. Anyway, I want to show you the technique.
Let’s go ahead and take a look. Here I have my knitting needle, sock needles set in the
different colors. I think they’re so pretty. I love these needles. Actually I use them
all the time. They have the size printed on the outside of the needle but not on this
size anymore because I wore it clean off. I’m going to use this crochet hook. Okay,
these kind of look the same but I have a crochet hook and a knitting needle here. Instead of
picking up stitches from the spine of a crochet chain. I’m going to work them right onto the
knitting needle. So I’m going to tie a knot in my yarn so I can identify the slip knot
end from the other end. Then I’m just going to chain a few stitches. Okay, just to get
me started. Now for the first one, I’m holding my crochet
hook in my dominant hand, and the yarn in my non-dominant hand. Put the knitting needle
right over that yarn, grab the yarn with the crochet hook and pull it through. Then wind
the yarn behind the knitting needle. Grab the yarn with the crochet hook and pull it
through. That is it. Behind the needle, grab the yarn with the crochet hook and pull it
through. There’s a very important note, when I finish this up, I’ll give you at the end
of the video. Once you get the number you need, you can just chain a few stitches and
break the yarn, and pull that last loop through. Pull that end through the last loop, and there
you go. The very important note that I want to make
is in all of my patterns, I have you picking up stitches from the spine of the crochet
chain. When you sort of cast-on, provisionally cast-on right onto the knitting needle, you
have your provisional cast-on in the waste color yard, and you haven’t actually used
your garment yarn, your sock yarn, whatever it is. So the first thing that you want to
do to catch up with the pattern that has you picking up stitches from a crochet chain is
to knit across. Then you’re caught up with the pattern. This just saves you from having
to pick the stitches up. They’re kind of already on the needle, but knit across, you’ll be
caught up with the pattern that has you picking up the stitches from the spine of the crochet
chain. That was the very important note I didn’t want to forget about. Many thanks to
Knitter’s Pride for letting us use their tools and for sponsoring this video. Good luck.

43 thoughts on “Knitting Help – Provisional Cast-On Using a Crochet Hook

  • I've tried this method before but found at removal time it doesn't unzip easily like it does when I've picked up from a crochet chain. IIRC, I had to snip it out. Did I do something wrong? Should this cast on unzip easily or does it only save time upfront?

  • As a pretty new knitter (about 1 year) I have used the provisional cast on and then I don't have the correct number of live stitches after I remove the chain. I remember adding two extra to solve this problem, then forgot about doing that recently. Do you have any idea what I may be doing wrong? Thanks for your videos as that is what I used to figure out how to do this, even though I am still doing something wrong!

  • totally love this! I've used this method when covering wire clothes hangers and then proceeded to crochet lace. my last covering I crocheted loops so I can add multiple scarves on one hanger without slipping off. Thank you for this method, I'm in love with it

  • I like to use this method as a cast on, but with out the chains first and no extra chains in the end. Kind of like a knitted cast on.

  • Hello, is this the best way to cast on if I were to be knitting a cowl and finishing with kitcher stitch? I have tried using waste yarn and chain cast on and I ended up being a stitch short which resulted in not having even stitches. Help!

  • Stacy would I knit the first row with the working yarn then purl a row then knit the wrap and turn row for a tow up sock pattern.

  • Can you please tell me what you use to protect your fingers from getting a dent in when either knitting with DPN or circulars. Thanks Aileen(New Zealand)

  • Thank you again Staci! You are so amazing! I was so afraid of this technique and now, well, thanks to you, it is simplified.

    Can you tell me if you have done a tutorial for a TAB to start a shawl. I have three recipes for shawls I want to make that say they start with a TAB.. No idea what they are referring to. Again, thank you! Ronnie Sue Gosnell

  • Hi Staci, 
    Do you have a tutorial that shows how to pick up the stitches from the provisional cast on once you are ready to turn your work and continue on the other side?

  • I just love your videos! I have learned so much from you and you break down everything to make things easier to understand. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you for such a clear and easy to follow tutorial!
    I am using this cast on to knit a scarf in the round. Should I join the waste yarn in the round and then add in my working yarn or should I only join once I've added the working yarn?

  • I love your videos I just hate that sometime there too short no all the info we need…
    1) so you pick up stitches staring at the knot end where your slipknot is?
    2) do you pull on the chain at the opposite side of the slipknot? bc I did the and the yarn was so tangle in wasn't pleasant, also I did a 1*1 rib is that why it was hard?
    3) can you ONLY knit the stitches first? I was just nervous to mess up the rib so I was wondering if it only works when you knit the first row
    it would be GREAT if you actually showed the entire provisional cast on process like "unzipping" the chain and picking up those live stitches

  • Q: once you finish casting on the provisional cast on you knit the first row from the waste yarn with the working yarn and then you are ready to begin the pattern?
    The reason I'm asking is because I'm starting a pattern with a provisional cast on using the crochet hook the set up row for the pattern says to Sl1 and knit to the end.

  • Thank you so much for this! Have never done a provisional cast on before and the book I have was frankly no help at all. This was much clearer and easier to follow.

  • Just want to be clear before I start my sweater. After having done this with my waste yarn, are you saying knit one row with my actual yarn before I begin the first row of the pattern?

  • Do you have a video on the provisional cast on using a cable, instead of some scrap yarn? I've seen it on other videos, but their video quality, and their propensity to leave out little bits that might help make it perfect, keeps me from successfully doing it. Just wondering…

  • On one of your videos you showed an little implement that was crochet hook on one end and knitting needle on the other. Where did you get it?

  • Thank you for your lucid, luminous video! I Needed to wrap my head around this technique Today — and your video is the Best!

  • Hi there. Why do all the videos say to use a piece of scrap yarn? I do a Prov. Cast-on using a crochet hook & without the scrap yarn. Do you think that my way is ok?

  • HELP please I have done the cast on with waste yarn now to tur n the ribb ing up and knit the two edges together(Coppy Cat Beanie) and when I try to remove waste yarn it is knotting inh the stitch. What am I doing wrong I am unraveling the last end of the chain Thank you in advance.

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