Knitting Help – “Garter Tab”, or Lace Shawl Beginning

There are several lace triangle shawls out
there that start with this same technique of casting-on stitches and picking up stitches
around, and they’re scarves that look like this. I’ve worked a few of them myself. This one
– I’ll give you a link to this pattern. And it’s for this little bit of knitting
right here. And when people read the pattern it doesn’t
make any sense [laughs], and so they think they’re not understanding what it is. But it is a weird little bit of knitting,
I want to cover this technique so you can see how it looks kind of blown up with bigger
yarn and you see that it actually does work. You’re not misreading the pattern. Let’s take a look on this lace scarf. You can’t even see it. It is this little bit of knitting right here. That just gets you started with the right
shape for branching out and knitting the rest of the shawl. The whole shawl starts from right here. And this is a finished bit blown up. I’ve only done the first couple of rows. It is this bit right here. I know it probably doesn’t make any sense
but it works out for the rest of the shawl. And this of course is a lot easier to see,
considering that this is the weight of yarn that you’re usually doing it in. I think that adds to the confusion quite a
bit, because it’s just hard to see when you’re using this yarn. Much easier to see when you’re using this
yarn. Okay, let’s cover the technique. The pattern will tell you – and these patterns
all start out the same like this. Um, they’ll tell you to cast-on three stitches. And there is something that I’m going to
show you that I did NOT do in this scarf. There’s actually a bump right here, and
that’s because that is my slip knot. It is neater work to do a cast-on without
a slip knot. And you’ll avoid having that bump. That bump is not distressing me in any way,
but I always try to do the nicest work I can. So I’m going to do a long tail cast-on,
slingshot method. And I’ll give you a link to this cast-on,
if you want a slower breakdown of it. I’m going to cast on three stitches. Okay. And then the pattern tells you to knit six
rows. Oh, one more thing. I advise you to start
on double pointed needles for this bit. You don’t need the double points, but this
part of the scarf is so fiddley, that you’ll do better to not have a bunch of cord flapping
around, getting in your way. This is four. Okay. So you end up with this little tiny bit of
garter stitch knitting. Excuse me just a moment here. Six rows, three ridges. Now the first thing the pattern tells you
after you’ve knit those six rows is to pick up three stitches from the long edge. There’s the short edge, there’s the long
edge. And I find that I can pick them up – the
first one, just after that ridge, kind of half way into that ridge. There’s one. You notice I’m using the same needle for
this. So I’m kind of changing the direction of my knitting, using this same needle. Kind
of stretching this bit of knitting around. And the third one I’m going to pick up right
before the corner. Okay, so now I have six stitches on the needle. The next bit of instruction tells me to pick
up three stitches from the cast-on edge. This is the part that everyone gets confused
about. Because that’s going the wrong direction! We’ve already come from over here, and over
here, and now we’re going to go back this way? I swear, this works. Normally, when you’re picking up stitches
I advise you to pick up both legs of the V. Kind of too much to do for this one, I’m
just going to pick up the front leg, this one here, the front leg of the V of the cast-on
stitch. If I can. Lots of tension on the working yarn to get
that to pull through. I’m having a pretty easy time seeing where
I’m going with this. It’s kind of a different story when you’re
using the lace weight yarn. Okay, now [laughs]. See, I told you it was going to work out! There is the beginning of my lace shawl, and
I have nine stitches on the needle. The next row of your pattern – of course,
all patterns are different – but the next row is usually a wrong side row, and it gets
you started on the increases. So this is a really brilliant way to start
a triangle lace scarf. It’s really smart. But the beginning can be confusing. Hopefully
that cleared it up. [music]

76 thoughts on “Knitting Help – “Garter Tab”, or Lace Shawl Beginning

  • Thank you for the tutorial! And especially for using the bulky yarn I can't imagine demo'ing it on lace weighted yarn.

  • Thank you so much for doing this! Trying to walk someone through this in the shop where I work and then having them go home and get frustrated if they have to rip back and start over is hard. I have been regularly referring people to your videos for a while now, but this is a DEFINITE referral!

  • You're welcome! If your customers come to you with questions and I don't have an answer in video yet, let me know! I'm always looking to fill the gaps with more answers. Thank you for the note!

  • Wish I would have waited a bit before starting my lace shawl. It uses this very method, and I was so confused b/c of the very reason you stated: it was done on itty bitty lace yarn. I had the hardest time trying to make out the individual stitches or estimate the best spot to pick up stitches. Eventually managed it, but I have an unsightly nub/bump from where I didn't go far enough down on the cast-on edge. But now I have this tutorial and will know better next time.

  • You are correct – a shawl that is knit bottom-up won't use this technique. There isn't really a specific technique to demonstrate for a bottom-up shawl, you really just cast-on and each pattern is going to be different from there. But I do have a video that may help you – it's called "Knitting Help – Casting-on Many Stitches". Sorry, YouTube won't let me give you a link here in the comments, but you can search for it on my channel page. Good luck!

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  • I just checked the links – they're all working for me. The fuchsia shawl is called "Ishbel", and the green one is called "Hitchhiker". Hope that helps.

  • THank you soooo much for explaining this! I have a pattern for a beautiful lace shawl but they did nothing to explain how to do this technique and I was getting frustrated. You were nice and patient and it makes sense

  • All of the information to items you see in my videos (like what I'm wearing, what the mannequin is wearing, yarn I'm using, etc) can be found with links in the video description field, just below the video.

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    You are so simple and brilliant in your explanations! I can get everything you say even if I'm a beginner, and Italian! Praise to you for your clarity of contents and pronunciation!!!

  • I sound like a broken record… Thank you Staci!!!! I knew you would be able to show me how to do this! I owe you a debt of gratitude- you make my knitting look good!
    Many many thanks! Ronnie Sue

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  • Such a great tutorial Staci!
    I have one small question. When a pattern that uses garter tab cast on says, "pick up and knit along garter bumps" and "pick up and knit along cast on egde" does that mean I should pick up the stitches then knot before moving on? As in; pick up along garter bump side and knit then pick up along cast on edge and knit? Does that make sense? In your video you picked up only…

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  • Hi, I followed the instructions and the finished product looks like what yours does (like a half-hexagon-ish), but when I turn the work around, there's like a little tab of extra stitches (not live ones) just flapping out like a skin tag. Is that normal? Or should it be flat like the front?

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  • @verypink knits, I'm currently working on the Geology Shawl by: VeryBusyMonkeyDesigns. I'm a very tight knitter. My Garter Tab Cast On is way too tight. I'm hoping it will look better after blocking. Is there anything I can do in the future to keep this from happening again? Should I go up one or two needle sizes for the Cast On? I would be extremely grateful for any advice. I Love your tutorials & podcast! I wouldn't be a knitter if I hadn't discovered your channel. Your teaching has changed my life for the better. Thank you, Staci!

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