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Iíve had a lot of requests to demonstrate
this stitch, itís called the Brioche stitch. Itís more of a combination of stitches. And it creates this fabric that looks a little
bit like 1 by 1 rib, but itís really smushy and it makes for a really warm scarf. Itís double-sided, meaning that there is
no wrong side to it, which is great for a scarf. And it, it stays really flat and straight,
it doesnít curl up in any way. I really like this stitch. I think itís a really easy way to decide
on a pattern for a scarf, if youíre knitting a scarf for someone. Itís neither masculine nor feminine, it can
be for a kidís scarf or anything else. But the combination of stitches can be kind
of confusing. Letís take a look. Here is a one-color brioche stitch. You can see, it is very squishy. Using air
as an insulator in a scarf like this does make it especially warm. And itís the same on both sides. Very cool. So I already have a lot going here. Iíll
have the instructions available on my website for you with the rows to complete this, the
two rows to be able to complete this. But letís ñ let me show you how it goes. Iím going to start by slipping one knit wise. Meaning Iím not working it. Iím sliding
it from the left needle to the right, like this. Then Iím going to knit these two stitches
together. Youíll see that one of them is a normal stitch, the other one is really a
yarn over. Itís just a loop across the needle like that. Iím going to knit those together, then Iím
going to yarn forward, slip the next stitch, as if to purl, without knitting it, and then
knit two together. Let me show you again. Thatís the repeat. Yarn forward, slip one, knit two together. Yarn forward, slip one, knit two together. And then Iím just going to knit the last
one. And this will all be available, written out
for you to download. The next row ñ that row was just the first
row ñ the next row is really the same thing. The only difference is that it starts out
a little differently. Iím going to slip the first stitch as if
to knit. And then, the last row we started with knit
two together. But this row Iím going to start with yarn forward, slip one, then I knit two
together. So this kind of knitting, I would say, is
enough to keep you on your toes, but not so complicated that you canít watch a movie
while youíre doing it. You know what I mean? Okay. Also this is a great stitch if you have a
pretty yarn that you want to use, and you want something simple thatís going to show
off the pretty yarn, this is a nice stitch for that. Now the next thing is the two color brioche
stitch. And this, um, this hasnít been blocked either.
This is a little bit more in need of some blocking here. So it looks like this on one side, and itís
the opposite on the other side. And I decided to use this variegated yarn,
if I finish this whole scarf, this purple color is going to change to all the other
colors, I think that will look pretty cool. But this, the two color brioche stitch actually
involves some purling, and itís a four row repeat. There is a lot more going on with
this. Also, youíll see here, you see this white
cord. Itís probably hard to see on the camera. This white cord I have running through the
work ñ thatís a lifeline. Iíll give you a link to the lifeline here. If you mess up in the two color brioche stitch
it is really hard to tink back through, and itís really hard to rip your needle out and
put the needle back in correctly. So if you run a lifeline through your work,
you have a place that you can rip back to and easily pick the stitches up again. Okay, so for the two color brioche stitch,
Iím going to do row 1 that involves the main color here. Iím going to slip this purlwise, and then
Iím going to slip the next stitch as well. Thatís just my selvedge edge stitch. Iím going to slip the next stitch, and my
yarnís in front, because Iím on the wrong side of the work. Iím going to pull my yarn
back and forward again, and purl two together. Slip the next one, pull my yarn back and forward
again and purl two together. Whoops, need to slip one here. Back and forward
again, purl two together. Slip one, back and forward, purl two together. So you
see how that goes, itís very much like the
other one, but weíre using purl stitches. So every row you change from your main color
to your contrasting color. My main color is the one that I used to cast
on with, so this is my main color, the green. So Iím going to work across this way, that
means Iíll have both the purple and the green on this side when I turn the work to work
this row. You always start with the contrasting color
when both of the ends are coming from one side. Start with the contrasting, work across, donít
turn the work. Work the main color across, and then when
you turn the work, itís the same thing again. Start with the contrasting color, work across,
and then do the main color, work across, without turning the work. Itís always as if the main color is catching
up with the contrasting color. So you can remember how to work that. And donít forget lifelines, like I said. So the brioche ñ the two color brioche stitch
is a four row repeat, like I said. Two of the rows involve purling, and then
the other two rows are just like the one color brioche stitch that we worked. Like I said this pattern is available on my
website for free, so you can have it written out in front of you, so you can work it. Good luck. [music]

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  • question… after u yarn forward then slip 1, are you keeping the yarn in front when you knit the 1 or 2 together? or is the yarn going back after the slip 1? to me looks like the yarn in staying forward…. ty 🙂

  • I demonstrate this in the video – after you yarn-forward, the yarn does go back to work the next stitch, but not between the needles. Instead, the yarn is "flopped" over the right needle. Hope that helps!

  • I have watched the video several times and I understand the basic concept, but the set up row is eluding me. Any suggestions?

  • Have you visited the link in the video description field (just below the video) to the free download? The setup row is explained clearly in the download. Good luck!

  • Your pattern says you need an odd number of stitches. My sock pattern says I need 48 stitches. Do I have to make it 49 stitches? And this is the right stitch, isn't it? You can also use this in socks? Thank you!

  • You would need to CO 49 stitches to work the pattern as I've written it, but you'll also have to do more modifications because my pattern is knit flat, and I'm guessing you're planning to knit socks in-the-round. You might want to search Ravelry to see if someone else already has a pattern out there for Brioche Stitch socks – that would be easier. 🙂

  • Thank you. I searched ravelry already, but they don't have anything. I will try the pattern from the book again and if that won't work, I will search the internet really well. But thanks a lot!

  • Hi Staci, cracking video. Absolutely fab, as always. I was hoping you might be able to rack your brains and tell me what the green yarn is that you

  • Sorry – I don't know what that green yarn is. It was a gift…I do know that it is 100% wool, but that's all I can tell you. 🙂

  • Finally got it…between the video and the written…if you just stay with it, it all comes together… it, but then I do love a challenge…thanks good job

  • You can bind off brioche stitch by working pretty much a normal row, but add pulling one stitch over the other (like a normal BO). Continue the k2togs as you did, knit the stitches you would normally slip, and bind-off as you work through that row. Hope that helps!

  • I'm new to knitting (my mum taught me when I was only wee), and I was having a bit of trouble following and seeing what you were doing. I think it would really help if you could zoom in a bit and maybe slow down a hair for those first couple of stitches?

    The two colour one did look fantastic and I'd like to try it if I can find a video that's a bit more dummy-proof! 🙂

  • Joan – you can bind-off the brioche stitch (one or two color) by working a regular row of the pattern, and binding-off (passing one stitch over the other) as you work across the row.

  • I have never tested out working decreases with this stitch, so I can't really answer your question. I know there is information out there on decreasing in Brioche if you search for it. Personally, I think this stitch is best used in pieces that don't require decreasing, since the decreases do mess up the flow of the intricate rib.

  • for increases and decreases with single or double colors, check out Nancy Marchant. Also check on Hope this helps.

  • If you click the link just below the video, in the video description field, that will take you to my website, to the correct page. At the top of that page you'll see the link "free Ravelry download". You can click that for your free written instructions.

  • Hello, when working two colours do you purl with both colours and then turn and knit both colour rows, or alternate between knit and purl each row? (so knit the green row, knit the purple row, turn, purl the green row, purl the purple row, turn…)

  • Eliz – the free downloadable pattern + video explain it better than I can here in the comments! Please take a look at the free pattern for row-by-row instructions for two-color Brioche Stitch.

  • Yes – written instructions are available for this stitch. Just follow the link to my website in the video description field, just below the video.

  • Is it maybe possible if you can show us how to start the brioche stitch and how to finish it? And can you go slowly please? because for a beginner like me, it is very confusing because you are fast….I do hope that you'll upload another video for us beginners…. 

  • That was EXCELLENT. I saw this stitch in a hat I want to try and duplicate and thought it looked sort of like 1×1 rib, but not quite. Thanks for making this video.

  • I am strugglin'! I watched the video three or four times (and I will probably continue 'til I get it), but my brain can't wrap around the fact that we're knitting two together and keeping the same amount of stitches on the needles. We use different techniques (though I WISH I could figure yours our–it's so efficient) and I can't figure if you're knitting with the yarn in front or if you're using your usual quick-knitting technique. I gotta figure there's something else going on though. My work keeps shrinking and I feel like a crazy person. Lol. 

  • I am getting confused, I think I am over thinking it!

    Firstly, when I slip, am i always slipping purlwise? (not including whatever selvedge I opt for)..

    Next, how do I tell when looking at the work, what row I am on – for example if its a knit row, then the stitches with the yo over the top of them, those look like knit stitches, and if its a purl row,  they will look like purls.

    If thats correct, then on a knit row, the slipped stitches will look like purls and the opposite on a purl row?

  • Do you just start the whole thing with the sequence? Or do you do like a knitting row right after cast on or something? I tried starting it with the slipping thing and I just can't do it 🙁 Please help

  • I love you!
    I would like to gift you some hand made stitch markers.  Please message me a post office box I can ship to.  You can find my stitch markers on FaceBook; search for "Stitch Markers by Self-Spa for Crochet and Knitting"

  • I love this. I was getting tired of just regular stockinette. So thank you. But how do you cast off with this?

  • Can you do a video on the really cool cable designs people have started doing in the two tone brioche?  I would love to know how it is done!

  • i'm sorry but i want to know how did you start it ? i mean the piece that you've showed at beginning of the video how did you knit it ? i need to know please

  • I love it I'm so thankful that we have somethings like this in our lives it's a wonderful full thing thank u to all knitters out there that putt you tube knitting videos on the web I would of never Benefited from learning how to Lear to do lace with out it thank u guys

  • Super helpful video tutorial covering 1-color, 2-color and life lines all in about 6 mins! My kind of tutorial. Thank you

  • Love this stitch. Looking for the written instructions you refer to in the video. Looked on your site. Can you tell me how to search?

  • Thank you. I found it in the video more info drop down arrow. Thank you for your reply. I already printed it and ready to start!

  • I've experimented a bit with 2 color brioche and find that making a 'normal' scarf this way is really hard for me because of the odd 4 row repeat. Knitting a round/tube scarf with two colors is a lot easier, excpecially if you can do both colors at once.
    I think the end result is cooler than a normal brioche scarf too, bc it's round and reversable.

  • Are there written instructions or a pattern for the Brioche Stitch anywhere? I went to the 2 links you have posted above and all I discovered there was information on 'flicking' which I have no interest in and Portuguese knitting styles. I found nothing whatsoever to do with this video.

  • I'm not looking for ANOTHER VIDEO TUTORIAL where the camera angle is
    kind of far away and I can't see what you're doing. I'd like a written

  • 1st attempt on your brioche (1 color) pattern. What are the instructions to bind off??? does it depend on the row? im a begginer i can read patterns well and my tension is even. but im not advanced enough to figure out how to bind off unless its specifically stated.
    Thank you so much!!!! tryin to get my hygee (sp?) on lol.

  • I have a question on the Two Color, Row 1 Brioche. For the life of me, I can't get down to the "last 2 stitches" on Row 1 – I have 3 sts each and every time. I CO 21, do the set up row just fine (finish with a K2), and start Row 1. However, after my final "p2tog" in the repeat sequence on Row 1, I have 3 sts. Unfortunately, your video doesn't show you finishing the entire row so I can't compare what I'm doing wrong. Thank you – LOVE your videos

  • thank you for making this video, it's really informative, I already have the pdf printed out but I was having a bit of trouble visualizing the yf.

  • I'm a little confused. I see you yarn forward, slip one as if to purl, but when you go to knit the next 2 together, you don't put the yarn to the back first…? correct?

  • Great teaching videos! I want to do this stitch on a hat I'm making in the round. Are there special instructions for doing it in the round?

  • I'm so glad you did a video and written pattern on the Brioche Stitch. I've been trying to learn it using other videos, but haven't had any luck. I can usually follow along with your tutorials. I'll let you know how I do.

  • another brilliant video. i am practicing on a pot-holder, then on to a free Ravelry pattern for a hat. fingers crossed! if people would watch the videos, read the written instructions, then refer back to the videos as/if needed, they wouldn't have so many repetitive questions. i know i could not be as far along with my knitting skills, as i am, without your tutelage. thank you so much, Staci. : )

  • I have found your instructions, for two colour brioche stitch, to be the most clear that I have seen so far. Just the simpe step of not turning for the foundation row was enough to not get into a mess. I am successful at last. Many thanks.

  • Any way you could elaborate on the brioche stitch? Like how to do it in the round? And how to go from brioche knitting back to regular knitting?

  • I have a problem reading my two colour brioche – never know whether to do a purl row or knit row if i put it down. Help would be appreciated

  • What’s the difference between fisherman’s rib and brioche? Is the end result the same or is one better than the other?


  • I just want to say, you are just awesome. I had some issues with figuring out 2 color brioche, because somewhere I got lost remembering which row I was on. You completely answered that question with "always start with your contrasting color, if both are on the same side, and then catch up with your main color". Thank you a thousand times! Little intimidated with that yarn over with the purl side, worried it winds up being a double yarn over, does it?

  • 1) can you use any old cast on for this?
    2) how do you do decreases and increases with this? I'd like to try making a toque in brioche stitch….

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