Knitting Help – Blocking Hats

people as me often what is the best way to
block a hat? and i can see why this question comes up. because here you have this thing that is very
shaped, you’ve knit a hat, and you have a flat blocking board, so how
do you make those two work? i know, i’ve heard that sometimes people will
fill a balloon to the size of a head and let it block on there. or turn a bowl upside down and put it on there. i have an easy way that i like to do it, that
ends up looking just fine without going to the store and buying balloons or dirtying
a bowl. because hats are double sided, it gives you
a little more time, it takes more time for a hat to dry and you can use that to your
advantage. what i like to do is to wash the hat, and
if it is a wool hat i’ll wash it in wool soap. and i’ll roll it up in a towel and squeeze
out the excess water, and then it’s ready to set out flat to dry. so i’ll set it out flat to dry, making sure
the cuff looks really nice and everything is smooth, and smoothing out my stitches. and then once the top is, i’d say, half dry,
the top side of the hat is half dry, i pick it up, i put it on my fist. and this is a little baby hat, so, um, there
is really no difference in this hat or a bigger hat. i put it on my hand like this and i reinforce
the roundness of it by doing this. and then i set it back down, and i let it
dry a little bit more. and really, every time i walk past the hat
in the house that day, i pick it up, i twirl it, i set it back down to dry. [laughs] so really, in the course of several hours
of the hat drying, i’ve probably picked it up eight times, twirl it around, set it back
down and let it dry. and i’ll tell you, every time i do this to
a hat, every time it dries this way, when i pick it up, there are no pressed in
seams anywhere from drying flat for too long, the whole hat is evenly dry. and the stitches are smooth and even, the
way you’d expect them to look after blocking. i think that’s it! my little secret for blocking hats. [whooshing sounds] [music]

26 thoughts on “Knitting Help – Blocking Hats

  • Hey Staci, thanks for the video- any tips on blocking a cowl? I'm knitting a fingering weight alpaca lace cowl for my mom, its pretty long its meant to loop a few times, I thought to steam it or wet it and let it hang from my ironing board and give it a rotate every now and then, any tips? Thanks!!

  • Could you please do a series on blocking please? Why/when you should/shouldn't do it, blocking for different pieces, etc? It would be greatly appreciated not just by me!

  • Hahaha…you're so cute.  You're having way too much fun twirling that hat! :))
    Thanks for your excellent, helpful videos.

  • I just finished knitting the downton hat and I really can't figure out how to block it with the giant brim and the top that is, well square. Did you do yours the same way you described here?

  • The yarn I would pick if I had to pick just one it would be angora, it is so soft to work with.  And it is very nice garment when you are finished knitting a sweater. 

  • Hi Staci,
        Could a hat with pompoms be washed, or would it fall apart?  Also, do you have a tutorial on making pompoms and securing them to a hat?  Mine seem to come apart easily, no matter how tight I think I am securing them.  I would be embarrassed if I made something w/ pompoms as a gift and the recipient ended up with a mess on their hands : / 

  • How should I block a hat that has been knit fair isle and not all of the stitches at the beginning of the round are matching up?

  • I am sorry as this is not knitting or crochet topic related but I couldn't help it tell you this. You definitely look like Gillian Anderson. I just love her and you remind me of her and her beauty soooo much. 🙂

  • I do the same all the time with my hats. Everyone thinks that the hat is from the store (I'm sorry for my english, if there's any mistakes. I'm not english nativespeaker)

  • I've never heard of "wool soap". What is it, and where do I find it? I'm making a hat with Caron Cake yarn, which is twenty percent wool

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