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Hey it’s Denise from and
in this video I want to talk to you about a monthly subscription of yarn. Does that sound awesome to you or is it just me? So earlier this month a representative
of KnitCrate contacted me about doing a review about their yarn subscription. And,
to be honest with you guys, like my first immediate thought was, okay I don’t want
to do a review. Only because, I don’t know reviews, are not really my thing. I need
to get over that, but it is. I just, I’m not crazy about reviews. But for many
years, I’ve been doing beauty boxes. Every month they come to my house. They come in
these pretty bags and I open them and it’s like, yay it’s Christmas, it’s my birthday,
every month. It’s just so much fun. And, I’ve been introduced to so many products
that I would not have used, to so many colors I would never have considered and
so many styles outside of my own, that I thought to myself, like makeup is not
even my thing, you know, it’s not one of those, oh my gosh.
I so loved makeup. And, I’ve had so much fun every month getting my beauty box
that I thought I love yarn, way more than I’ve ever liked makeup, why would I not
consider a monthly subscription for yarn, right? Because, hello it’s yarn. So yeah, so
once I thought about that, once you know, everything fell into place, because I’m a
little, alright. Once I figured out that, hey
somebody was offering me yarn, to take a look at and decide whether I wanted to
introduce you guys to it or not, that I was like yeah, yeah send me the yarn and
like, can you send it tomorrow because I really want to see it. Quick disclosure, Knitcrate did not pay me to
do this review. They did give me the yarn but they didn’t pay me. So again it’s a
monthly subscription. So you pay a fee and the one I’m going to introduce you
to is Knitcrate’s $24.99 monthly subscription. It is free shipping,
worldwide. So, whether you’re watching me in Canada or Germany or Thailand, hello
it’s $24.99 and free shipping. This is what I got. This beautiful,
beautiful yarn. It’s hard for you to really see what I see. I don’t think that
the video is going to give it justice. But here in my hand is hand dyed, 40 %, merino wool, 30% silk, 30% alpaca, worsted weight, 149 yards of Yum. Yeah,
it feels amazing and for the $24.99 I, you get two of these, this month. This is,
I want to say for the February box. It’s this one. Aside from this, they give you a
knit pattern and a crochet pattern as part of your subscription.
Now I believe these get sent to your membership, so you have to go online to
get them. But nonetheless, they are part of the monthly subscription and on their
own they are a $10 value. So, you got the yarn, you have the two patterns and as
loom knitters , you can convert a knit pattern and it should work out, in most
cases. But either way, $24.99 and free shipping is an
awesome deal, just for the yarn, And, I normally don’t show you guys too much,
too many, too many patterns done with high-end yarn because I get
concerned that maybe it’s not something that’s going to be accessible to you or
that it’s going to be within your price range. And so, I try to to use things I
think you can have yourself. So that, whatever I made, you can make.
And, I find that with the price for the yarn, you can do this. It is doable and oh gosh
how much fun is that? Every month you’re gonna
to your box, your mailbox and you’re gonna get a surprise, I don’t know about
you but that’s so much fun to me. I love that idea.
And, that I’m going to get yarn that I probably would not have thought of
buying. And, it’s going to come to my door, two hand dyed hanks a beautiful yarn for
free shipping. That, I think on its own is crazy. So the understanding is that, the
value that you got you get for the $24.99, at least for this month was worth
$63.00, in retail it’s worth $63.00.
So that is a heck of a deal. Each yarn, on its own is a $24 retail
priced. It’s four ply, by the way, I forgot to tell you guys. And, they give you
coupon codes for the designers, where you can go and check out more of their
patterns at a discounted price. And they have, for you guys watching me, they are
going to give you a 20% discount. So you’re going to use the link that’s
in the description, if you’re on the website it’s somewhere on the post. And a
code and that will give you a 20% discount on your first order. So, that’s a
deal, right? Oh, let me quickly tell you the other ones. This is my favorite of
the membership options, is this one. But in case you have other likes, they do
have an artisan crate for $34.99 which is a, I want to say, a more upscale
version of this one. And they give you really cool goodies, aside from the deal
that is in this package. So you might get, you know, stitch markers or other kinds
of cool gifts with your package. They also have a Sockcrate which is $23.99
and they have a Sockclub which is $19.99. I would suggest, follow the
link that is in my description, go to the website and check out what’s gonna work
best for you. I want to say thanks to Knitcrate for introducing me to this
yarn subscription. It’s not like I don’t, I never knew about yarn subscription,
is that I never thought of it for myself. As knitters, we’re, we love to give, right?
We’re big time on giving. We just forget to give ourselves and so this is a way
for you to give yourself something, every month. Even if you knit, even if you use it to
knit for somebody else, right? But it’s beautiful yarn and you’re
gonna have a good time knitting it. I know you will because I’m going to and great
minds think alike. Alright guys, until next time. Don’t forget the coupon code! you

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