How to Knit a Waffle Neck Warmer Scarf! Hi guys I’m Kristen with the return of Stranger Things, I was inspired to create
this neck warmer scarf it is the perfect knitting project to keep you cozy while
you Netflix and Knit this is an easy level project so it’s perfect for all of
you who have completed my absolute beginner knitting series. I have the link
in the description below to my free pattern it’s both on my actual website
as well as a printable pdf when you join my mailing list I also have a new knit
stitch pattern book available on Etsy you also might want to pin this free
waffle neck warmer scarf to your knitting Pinterest board For our materials I am using worsted weighted yarn number 4 and my knitting needles
are size 7 US I have scissors a tapestry needle and then the buttons are optional so first casting on we create our beloved Slip Knot and the number of
stitches we cast on depends on how wide you would like your scarf this example
is the wider version at 8 inches where I’m casting on 35 stitches if you’d like
it more narrow then you can just cast on 26 so let’s knit it up this is just a
quick little overview to share the pattern with you
you start with two knit rows very simple for your edge and then you go straight
into the waffle stitch pattern it is just a repeat of four different rows and
you’ll see every single stitch is either a knit or a purl so if you know how to
knit and purl then this project is perfect for you now buttons are optional
you can always attach your short little neck warmer with brooches but if you’d
like to attempt buttonholes I have a great new tutorial and I’ll have that
linked in the description below I added my buttonholes
on the all knit row and then of course you just attach your buttons to the
other side of your scarf and slip them through and they look really cute so
just keep knitting your scarf until it’s the length you desire I have a sort of a
longer length here at 38 inches and to finish it off you do two more knit rows
that will give you that nice waffle edge and then we just bind off finishing up our scarf we will cut our
yarn and thread that yarn tail through that last little loop and weave in our
ends and you are done I hope you’re inspired to knit up this perfect neck
warmer scarf it’s sure to keep Eleven nice and toasty warm while she is
trapped in the upside-down world of Stranger Things. Thanks for watching guys. Bye!


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