Knit the Easiest Seed Stitch Pattern

The easiest SEED STITCH KNITTING PATTERN. Hello I’m Kristen and welcome back to my channel STUDIO KNIT today I am going to show you the easiest way to knit up the classic seed stitch
knitting pattern one of the most common frustrations I hear from beginning
knitters is that their seed stitch somehow turns in to the one by one rib
stitch which is also another great knit stitch pattern but not if you want the
results of the seed stitch so today I am going to show you one simple trick to
easily knit the seed stitch every time we’re using a 1 row repeat it’s easy
level perfect for everybody who’s completed my absolute beginner knitting
series because we are simply using knits and purls and you can see that this is
a reversible pattern because the front the right side of our work looks
identical on the back the wrong side of our work so this would be great for
things like scarves or blankets and if you like this pattern and what I do on
my channel please like it up subscribe it really helps me out for the written
pattern you can head on over to my website I have a link in the description
below the pattern is written out there for you totally for free I’ve also
included a knitting chart so if you’d like to start learning how to read
charts then these simple patterns are a great way to start doing that this
pattern is also included in my knit stitch pattern book available for
purchase over on Etsy it’s a downloadable PDF that you can print out
you also can have it saved on any mobile device or desktop as well for our
materials we are going to be using giving needles and yarn and then you
want to have scissors and a little tapestry needle on hand you can have any
size yarn or knitting needles you’d like for the knit stitch patterns and I will
link to what I’m using in the description below so let’s and knit it
up we begin with our beloved Slipknot and here is the secret to the perfect
seeds stitch rather than casting on an even number of stitches we are casting
on an odd number of stitches so here I have 5 stitches that’s an odd number any
odd number of stitches that you’d like is going to help you easily make this
one row repeat of the seed stitch I think it’s helpful to compare the actual
knitted piece with our chart and you’ll see how the seed stitch is designed so
that we have these alternating little seeds these little bumps from our purl
stitch alternating every single row the pattern is k1 p1 in between those
asterisks that means that we’re repeating it so here is our knit 1
that’s 1 knit stitch bringing our yarn to the front to do that purl stitch
that’s purl 1 p1 right there and we are repeating k1 p1 because in between those
asterisks it’s telling us to repeat so we have a knit 1 and a purl one and you
look at very familiar with this as you do your seed stitch and you continue
this pattern all the way down the row so now we’re nearing the end of our row and
we’re continuing with k1 knitting 1 and we’re bringing our yarn to the front to
do that purl 1 and we are finishing up the row after the asterisks after that
repeat of k1 p1 we have one last little stitch and we are just knitting one
right there that last little stitch is a knit stitch and here is
the beginning of our pattern already it is starting to shape up now this is a
one row repeat so that means we do the exact same thing on every single row so
row two on the wrong side it takes all of the guesswork out of it we are
knitting one and purling one on this side as well so you just insert your
needle with your yarn in the back to do that one knit stitch bringing it to the
front then purling it of course we are repeating this pattern all the way down
the row K 1 and then P 1 and then once you’re at the very end of the row you
have that one last little knit stitch to complete and this is your one row repeat
you don’t have to think every single row you’re knitting it the same so that you
can knit your seed stitch pattern with confidence every single time I hope you
are inspired to give this a very easy seed stitch pattern a try and I will see
you here next time BYE!

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