how to knit buttonholes hi guys I’m Kristen and today we are going to create this horizontal slit in our knitting
allowing you to insert buttons into your knitted work however you’d like this is
totally customizable for any size buttons that you have on hand and for
this five step process I have written instructions for you they’re linked down
in the description below on my website so let’s get started step 1 you want to
start on the right side of your work and knit up to the point where you would
like your buttonhole and we are going to determine the number of knit stitches
that you need for your particular button and just place it on your knitted work
and check out the stitches above you you’ll want to have your buttonhole just
slightly smaller than the diameter of your button and for me that’s three
stitches so I’m going to be demonstrating a three stitch buttonhole step two we begin our edge we’re going to bring our yarn to the front and then
we just slip one stitch purlwise so that’s just inserting our right needle
as if to purl and slip that one stitch then just take your yarn and bring it to
the back oh it’s already time for step three okay
step three you’re going to begin by slipping one stitch purlwise and then
passing that slip stitch over for the number of stitches you’re creating for
it your buttonhole for me that’s three so I’ve done it once twice and now a
third time passing that stitch over and then your last stitch once you’re done
right there on your right needle you’re going to just slip it back onto your
left needle now we are going to turn our work so now the wrong
side of our work is facing us we’re taking our yarn it’s in the back and
we’re going to do the cable cast on now if this is new to you I do have a
complete video of the cable cast on method and you are going to repeat this
for the number of knit stitches that you need so again for me I’m doing three
stitches but then it’s plus one so you will repeat the cable cast on for the
number of stitches that you need plus one so for me that is going to be a
total of four times that I will be doing the cable cast on and this step four is
knitting our top edge of our buttonhole step 5
finishing the edge so we turn our work back to the right side and we slip one
stitch off our left needle on to the right needle purlwise and then just pass
that slip stitch over right there that finishes the edge of our button and you
are done your stitches are ready for your buttonhole and on this row you can
just keep on knitting as you would and pattern and if you’re doing more
buttonholes than just repeat this process as you go along and you’ll see
how our button is passing through our buttonhole and a nice snug tight fit I
hope you are inspired to create buttonholes in your creative knitting projects thanks so much for watching guys bye

19 thoughts on “KNIT EASY BUTTONHOLES Knitting Techniques

  • thank you so much for this tutorial! I never really learned to knit buttonholes and I knit a lot of neckties and projects like that but never really thought of buttonholes for some reason.

  • love it how you give instructions on knitting & simple knitting tips thank you now l can use it when l attempt to knit

  • Help me please! Need this pattern so much! I haven't found it anywhere…. What is the name of it? Or could you give a link to the scheme, please.

  • Thanks soo soo much! I’m not new to knitting but for soo long I couldn’t do button holes, instead I always used snap buttons

  • I can't even tell you how much churn (and confusion) I've had searching beginner knitting tutorials.  While every single video I viewed was good and the teachers awesome, I was looking for ONE channel to give me absolutely everything I needed.  I prefer one-stop shopping – well, I found YOU!!!!  I'm so excited to start this new venture and have my one-stop resource!  YOU ROCK!  Thank you so much, Kristen!  Keep up the great work!


  • Thank you so much! I've been trying to get buttonholes down for awhile, with no success. They always look loose and sloppy, no matter what technique I have used. This is amazingly helpful!

  • Works well except when I do cable cast on. The stitches get tighter and tighter so it is very difficult to get that stitch through and up onto needle. Am very happy with result though. Thank you.

  • This couldn’t be easier or nester! Thank you so much. I will finally have nice looking buttonholes!

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