Knit a Hat! DIY Beanie Hat with Pom Pom + DIY Knitting Loom! Easy for Knitting or Crochet Beginners

Today we are making a cute beanie hat, but
before I want to tell you a little story. Once upon a time a young girl lived in a small
town near the woods. It was a Sunday afternoon late in November and she decided to go pick
some pine cones. She wanted to spray them with a gold paint and use them as Christmas
tree decorations. She got her backpack ready and hit the road. She walked this path many
times in the past, but today it all seemed a bit different. Oh look, the first pine cone!
So many beautiful pine cones were leading her of the main path and without realizing
she was walking deeper into the woods. It was getting darker and darker and darker.
She was lost. Hello everybody! Since winter is just around
the corner and I don’t want you to get cold, I decided to film a tutorial on how to make
this cute and warm beanie. Now don’t get scared, I have absolutely no clue about sewing or
knitting. I’m gonna show you how to make this hat from scratch using bobby pins, box of
cookies and some yarn. It’s a really simple and quick DIY and it looks totally adorable,
don’t you think? OK, Let’s not waste any more time and let’s make this before the winter
comes. To make our cute beanie hat we need some yarn,
a rounded box of cookies, hot glue gun, a knitting hook and a needle, a straw which
is optional, a thinner yarn or thread, bobby pins, scissors and a tape which is also optional.
First of all I need to eat up my cookies, these ones are so good! I washed the box and
now I am going to make a loom out of it! You can use any rounded object for that — for
example an old bucket. But make sure that its size is similar to the size of your head
so that the hat will fit you perfectly. Here I am cutting the upper part of my box to get
rid of that double edge so that I can attach the bobby pins after. OK, now I can place
the bobby pins on the edge of the box like this. I like to place two pins together and
then leave a good centimeter or half an inch between each pair of pins. You don’t need
to measure the spaces in between, just make them roughly equal. Once I covered approximately
a quarter of the box, I took a hot glue gun and applied some glue next to and over the
pins on the outer side of the box. This way they won’t move when I continue placing the
rest of the pins around. As you can see I am quite generous with glue here. It is really
important that the loom is well made and firm so that it will last us for many DIYs! Just
continue placing and gluing the pins all the way around the box. Bobby pins will work as
pegs for our knitting loom. Once you’re done you can add some glue over the pins on the
inner side of the box to assure that pins really stay in place. You can also use some
scotch tape here, but I decided not to, since my pins are already very firmly attached.
To finish the loom just glue a final pin to the bottom of the box like this. This is optional
but quite handy as it makes the knitting much easier. Now we need to let the glue dry — wait
for about an hour just to be sure! And then it’s time for the fun part!
Take the end of the yarn and wrap it a few times around the pin at the bottom of the
box. Then start wrapping the yarn around the pins like so. It doesn’t really matter if
you work your way clock wise or counter clock wise around the loom. The important thing
is how you wrap the yarn around each pin. Make sure that you always have the loop on
the outer side, while on the inner side you have this connecting line of yarn. As you
can see I am using quite a thick yarn. With a thick yarn your hat will be very warm and
soft, plus you will need to make fewer rows to finish it. If the yarn you have is very
thin you can knit with two yarns together too and they will work as a single thicker
one. Continue wrapping your yarn all the way around the loom. Then push the yarn down like
this and start making another row of loops above it. Keep the loops loose as this will
make your life easier afterwards when you’ll be pulling the bottom loops over the top ones.
Here you can also use the straw if you think it will make it easier to wrap the yarn around
the pins. Thread the straw onto the yarn — you need to do this before you start knitting
of course! Then you just hold the straw and go around the pins like me. Many like to use
the straw, but I prefer wrapping the yarn without it. So just chose the option that
works best for you. When you’ve wrapped the yarn around all the pins secure your work
by wrapping the working yarn once or twice around the bottom pin. Now start pulling the
bottom loops over the top ones with the help of a hook. Grab the bottom loop; put it over
the top one and over the pin. If you don’t have a hook you can make one from a wire or
you can work without it. It will be a bit more time consuming but it’s possible, especially
if you make really loose loops. Since our loops are loose, it’s way easier to grab them
and pull them over the pins. Continue to do this for all the pins and then push your first
finished row down to make space for another. Take the working yarn and start wrapping it
around the pins the same way as before. Don’t forget that the loops need to be facing out
of the loom and that the yarn connecting the loops must be toward its center. When you
went around all the pins, it’s time to again pull the bottom yarn over the top and over
the pins. Look how lovely is the knit fabric we’re creating! I want to make a creamy white
hat with deep red stripes so I need to change my yarn now. To do that I am simply cutting
the white working yarn, leaving enough of it so I can make a knot. I am taking the red
yarn and making a simple knot together with the white yarn. Then I just continue knitting
with the red yarn. It’s so simple! You can make your hat of one solid color or you can
even use more than two colors of yarn. Depending on how many rows you make with each color,
more or less colorful your hat is in the end. If you switch the color of the yarn every
two to three rows, you will get many fine stripes. Or you can make the stripes wider
like me. This is the best part when knitting your own hat instead of buying it. You can
choose colors that look nice with your hair, your eyes or you can choose colors that match
your winter jacket, and that’s what I did. You can be your own designer! And it always
feels really nice when you make something useful and unique from scratch! Then just
continue these two steps: wrap the yarn around the pins and pull the bottom loops over the
top ones. Here, I am again switching to the white yarn
and I continue the same process as before. Don’t worry about the knots you get when switching
the color — we will hide them inside the hat so they won’t be visible. It takes about
4 hours to finish this lovely beanie hat but it depends on how long you want your hat to
be. If you want your hat to tightly fit your head then make less rows. If you want it to
be more beanie like then make more rows. This will be just a perfect length for me! When
you turn your hat inside out, you can see how it will look like. Beautiful, right!?
To finish the hat, cut the working yarn leaving about 12 inches and thread it onto the needle.
Again feel free to make a needle from a piece of wire if you don’t own a huge needle like
this one. Now take the needle and go through each loop. This way you make sure that the
hat won’t fall apart when you take it off the loom. As you do that, pull the loops off
the pins. When you thread the needle through all the loops the hat comes off the loom.
Now you end up with this cute knitted tube! Imagine if you use a larger loom, you could
make yourself a warm sleeping bag! Wouldn’t that be cool!? To close the top of your hat,
pull your working yarn and see how the hole closes. Thread the yarn onto the needle again
and make a few stitches to secure it. I went to the inner side of the hat so that the stitches
won’t be visible. If you want to attach a pom pom, leave the yarn sticking out of the
hat like I did here. But first, let’s get rid of these knots from when we switched the
colors. Cut the excess yarn and then just push the knot inside the hat like this. And
there you go — the knot disappears and the hat looks neat and beautiful. For the first
end of the yarn you need to make a few stitches and a knot to secure it. Since our hat will
automatically get this rolled end, you can easily hide the knot inside. And this is how
we’ve hidden all the knots inside. The thing missing to our cute beanie is a
pom pom. Wrap the yarn about 25 times around your hand palm. The more times you wrap around,
the fuller your pom pom will be. Trim the end and pull the yarn off your hand. Thread
a thinner yarn or a piece of thread through the hole and tie it on one side. Turn the
ball of yarn around and tie it on the other side as well. You should end up with kind
of a bow shape. Cut through each of the two holes like this. It’s time to get your pom
pom a nice haircut! Work your way around until it’s nice and rounded. When you’re happy with
how your fluffy pom pom looks like, just sew it on the hat. Make a few stitches with the
yarn we have left on top of the hat to firmly attach it. I am so happy with how mine turned
out! It looks absolutely gorgeous and I know I am going to wear it loads. It kind of has
this old fashioned feel, maybe because of the colors or stripes, but I am totally in
love with it. Finally make one or two knots inside of the hat and we’re done! This sweet
beanie hat could also be a perfect Christmas present or such a cute birthday gift if your
friends have birthdays in these cold months. It works great for girls and boys too, so
maybe you can make one for your boyfriend this winter?
Tell me if this wasn’t the easiest and the most useful DIY ever?! Now that I know you
guys will be warm this winter, we can see each other again in spring… Bye! Just kidding,
see you next week and the week after when I’m going to show you how to make this adorable
scarf. Love ya!

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