Kisah Inspiratif “Karena Tantangan Butuh Jawaban” – Vileo Handicraft

Growing up and living in a big city demands us to work hard. Especially, if you are the sole breadwinner in the family. I would do anything to create something with my own two hands. The burning desire to create something strengthens me when the challenge becomes harder. In the midst of my college and the recovery of my younger sibling, the condition becomes harder when my father falls sick and needs additional care. Giving up? I could choose to give up. But because life is a choice, I choose to keep on fighting. While trying to find the best solution for my family. If we dare to take a step forward, any challenge is not an obstacle. But it becomes the trigger to invent creative ideas. Especially if it is in accordance with our passion. What we do will not feel like a work, but a part of life. “Giving up is not an option, as long as we dare to take a step.”

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