Joint venture with Ivory and Phytocann: drying and trimming of Dinamed Kush

I am here with one of my best friends Quentin who’s been following us since the beginning of the adventures two years ago and He will explain you where we are. Hello guys. So now we are in one of our drying rooms It’s kept with the atmosphere controller and behind me you can watch the beautiful Dinamed Kush from Dinafem Seeds The plants will be staying here for 10 to 14 days until they are Perfectly dried for the hand trimming. See you later In our company We trim everything by hand, which allows a full control of every single buds and lower Leafs on the final product

3 thoughts on “Joint venture with Ivory and Phytocann: drying and trimming of Dinamed Kush

  • Awesome update. I just popped 5 Remo Chemo can't wait to see how they turn out. keep up the great work. Love weed Grow weed Smoke weed. 😊

  • I would love to buy several seeds from Dinafem, especially the CBD autoflowers and indica strains for medical purposes. Unfortunately its illegal in germany. My government wants me to take chemical pills that have horrific side effects and does not help me. It is so sad to know there is something that really can improve your life for the better, but at the same time you cannot help yourself.

    By the way i love your homepage, your blog, the pictures, descriptions and everything else. It really comes across very professional. If i buy someday several seeds i will buy them most of them from Dinafem and tell my relatives/friends, too. I compared most seed banks and you come across as the most Professional and Trustworthy. I wish you the best for the future of your company !

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