Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge Silver Front Bumper Applique (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

Hi, I’m Dave from, and
this is my review and install video for the Rugged Ridge Bumper Applique for 2007 and
up JK Wranglers. And I give it a one out of three wrenches
on the install meter because it’s fairly simple to pop on and you’re gonna be able to do that
in less than an hour. Now, this applique is gonna be perfect for
those of you who would like to tweak the look of the front of your JK, fairly simply without
adding an aftermarket bumper. As you know that could start to add up in
cost, and this is gonna be a simple and easy way to make your Jeep a little more dressed
up and give it that nice Sahara look that a lot of people enjoy as well. This applique is made with impact resistant
polymer and it’s going to fit beautifully over your factory bumper. If you wanna pop it on and give yourself that
great Sahara look, it couldn’t be any easier. It has the fog light holes already cut out
for you, as well as where you’re gonna put the eight included screws. The holes have already been pre-drilled on
the applique, so it’ll fit right on your factory bumper and you’ll be set ready to go. As I mentioned earlier, this applique, I give
it a one out of three wrenches on our install meter because it’s fairly easy to pop them
with just some regular hand tools. You’re going to fit the applique over the
bumper, you can choose to use the double-sided tape for extra security, and then take the
eight included screws to put it on to the OE front bumper and you’re all set. So, again, that’s why I give it a one out
of three wrenches on the install meter, and it should take you less than an hour with
simple hand tools. As far as the price goes, I know that for
some of you, picking up a piece of plastic to change the look a little bit for your Wrangler
may seem a little on the upper end of the scale when it comes to price. But, if you take a moment to compare that
to picking up another aftermarket front bumper, or even if you went and took a look at the
applique of the original manufacturers for Jeep and their replacement applique for the
front bumper, I think that you’ll start to see the value on this. So, if you’re looking to upgrade or change
the look slightly of your JK, this applique is gonna be a very easy way to do it and somewhat
affordable when you think about comparing it to picking up an aftermarket bumper to
put on the front of your Jeep. That is my review and install video of the
Rugged Ridge Silver Applique for 2007 and up JKs, and you can check it out right here

5 thoughts on “Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge Silver Front Bumper Applique (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

  • Thanks for the vid. I just bought a used 2008 Sahara JK and I need to replace the front bumper cover due to dents on both ends. It appeared that the silver center piece that you show needs to come off first and it is held on with 8 torx screws. You have confirmed to me my suspicions and my hat's off to you. Again, thanks for the vid.

  • Good video. Were the holes on the bumper cover already pre-drilled or did you have to drill them? My bumper cover for the 2017 doesn't have pre-drilled holes.

  • So……………. Why not a glue on rubber overlay for minor bumps and color issues on the Wrangler bumper. Seriously, it could stick on over a minor bumper boo-boo.
    Think of a black pad that sticks on both left and right sides of the bumper tip.

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