Is it safe to clean out a litterbox while pregnant?

(serious music) – About best self cleaning litter
box during pregnancy, the best approach is do not,
but sometimes in a situation a pregnant woman find themselves
that they need to do it. So that is okay as long
as they wear gloves, and they make sure they’re
using gloves doing it, and complete hand washing
after, and the most important thing is that if they are
to do it, or they have a litter box at home, to do it daily. Because the main thing
about the litter box is the Toxoplasmosis that is present in cat secretions, and this could be like really,really very significant for a pregnancy in terms of danger to developing baby. Have look on this great article about best wet kitten food.

Now, those Toxoplasmosis
eggs don’t become infective til 48 hours after secretion,
so if they are cleaning the litter box, if they
have to clean a litter box, they should do it daily, so
this way the Toxoplasmosis eggs are being cleaned out and
thrown before they have the 48 hours to become infected.

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