Interlocking Crochet for Beginners – Zig Zag

6 thoughts on “Interlocking Crochet for Beginners – Zig Zag

  • FYI: this is NOT Mosaic Crochet; this is Interlocking Crochet. There IS a difference. They actually look quite similar, but the execution is different. Google "Havana CAL" or "Havana Afghan" (mosaic crochet afghan CAL based on the "Apache Tears" pattern) 👍🏻

  • I always enjoy your videos, so TFS!! I wanted to contribute a tip that I picked up in a Venezuelan video (by Crochet Venezuela, I think); instead of sandwiching 2 completed rows of A and B, only complete an A row, then make your starting chain of B and thread it through the A row. Then you can start your pattern without the ugly, empty starting rows at the bottom of your work.

  • So is this the interlocking stitch or mosaic because under yarnspiration you call it mosaic. If you ask me one tutorial of this is enough.

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