Interlocking Crochet™ – #2 Mesh Foundation

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  • Thank you. I'm so glad YouTube has made it possible for me to demonstrate the technique, since just looking at pictures and reading words can be difficult for some to understand. This way, I'm able to give everyone a private class.

  • Is there an order to watch your videos to learn this. Just found this and I'm excited to learn. Just a little confused still lol

  • There are 4 steps. Step one is the Introduction, Step 2 Mesh Foundation,
    Step 3 dcib or back stitch and Step 4 dcif or Front stitch. There is a
    close-up of Step 3 also for those who were having trouble seeing the back
    stitch. All the designs work off these stitches.

  • Thanks for writing. I'll be adding more as the months go on. I hope to eventually have all the basic techniques in crocheting in video format so anyone can learn.

  • would you say the sample you are doing is the same size of a basic motif or is it smaller or larger then one? if not will you be able to give me the pattern for one that is the same size to a basic motif please and thank you

  • The size can be adjusted by the thickness of the yarn, the hook size used and how many boxes are made. If you know what measurement you need, make your foundation mesh that size and then work with a pattern which will fit into that size. The Zigzag stitch is a good one to use. If you need more info, please ask.

  • You definitely could use it for a washcloth. If you want something stronger, I would think using one of the single designs such as Rows would work well for a house cleaning or dishwashing cloth.

  • I'm afraid it can become addicting. I just worked solely with Interlocking Crochet for about 20 years – and I crochet almost everyday!

  • I purchased your book, but can't seem to get the counting down correctly to make the designs work out for me. Thank you for also having videos, this helps, a lot.Kathy

  • I'm just a knitter exploring the world of crochet. Every time I explore I am absolutely amazed at the very depth of creativity with some and a needle or a hook. ☺🌷✌

  • I recently discovered this technique and your patterns. I am in love! I do wonder though why you make a mesh with both colors to begin as opposed to making a mesh with color A and then laying color B chain behind/in front and doing a beginning row of dcif or dcib. Does it have simething to do with double vs single designs?

  • Thank you 💗 would you suggest using 4ply yarn for baby blanket? I'm worried it'll not drape well with DK or worsted.

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