Instructions for Making the Mariella Earring Kit

Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this Megan with and today I’m going to show you how to make these earrings which are from Mariella earring kit and here’s half of what you will receive in your kit this is enough to make one earring so I
already got one made so this is the other half. You’re going to have an eye pin, an earring hook, a piece of filigree, a round bead, a rhinestone, a jump ring and two bead caps and some glue. The first thing we’re gonna do is glue the rhinestone onto the filigree so that can start drying so I’m just working on a scratch piece a paper just easier, you don’t get glue on your work surface and you can toss it when you done. My glue was already open if it’s not you just turn the cap around poke the foil to open it up now I like to make sure I have a clean tip on my glue by wiping the excess off, you just need a little dab and it will tend to come right out go ahead and place the rhinestone into the
center of the filigree, push it down then we’re gonna leave that to set up a little. So the tools you’re gonna need are round nose pliers, chain nose pliers and
flush cutters and we’re going to go ahead take the eye pin and onto the eye pin place one bead cap facing upward and then your round bead and then
another bead cap facing downward so that it’s sandwiches
the bead and now we’re going to make a wrapped
wire loop above that last bead cap and take the chain nose pliers and grasp the head pin just above the bead cap and bend the wire to almost a 90 degree angle grab the nose round nose pliers with the round nose pliers grab the wire
right above the bend and bend it over the top of the pliers and rotate the pliers so that you can continue the bend to a full circle, you want the end of the wire to be sitting perpendicular to the the little piece that you have there right above the bead cap. You’re going to take your chain nose pliers and hold on
to that loop, you’re going to wrap the excess wire from the top to the bottom if it’s hard to hold onto you can use the round nose pliers. Once you
reach the bottom just going to use the flush cutters to trim off the excess wire and then use the chain nose pliers to just to bend the little tail flat so that it doesn’t stick out and straighten up your loop now we want to make sure that the glue is dry enough that this isn’t gonna move around while we work so if it’s still pretty wet go ahead and let it sit and set up before you continue. The next
thing you’re going to do is take the jump ring and pull it open by pulling the sides away from each
other. Now we’re going to place the simple wire loop from the eye pin onto the jump ring on one side and we’re going to place the top hole of the filigree onto the jump ring as well and then you’re gonna close to jump ring back up. You wanna make
sure that you hang the filigree with the rhinestone in
front so that your wrapped wire loop is nice and
tidy on the front and that the tail is tucked on the back, next take your earring hook and open the loop at the bottom or the hook just like you would a jump ring just by
pushing the side pushing one side open then you’re going to take the wrapped wire loop that you just created and slide it onto the earring hook and then close that look back up and again make sure that you hang it so
that at all hangs with the rhinestone to the front and tail the loop to the back that’s how you make the Mariella earrings. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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  • I was just curious if you could make a tutorial of a swarovski crystal angel pendent. I would like to make one for Mother's Day. I know this has nothing to do with the tutorial your showing now but I would really appreciate it if you can make the angel tutorial please.

  • We have a few angel project tutorials on our Free Beading Projects page under "Winter Holiday Projects". They will give you step by step instructions.

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