Inktober version crochet : Jour 2 – Mindless

Hello, it’s San! Today, day 2 of Inktober crochet version. You can click on the top right i if you wanna have more info about this challenge that I am doing. That being said, day 2… today’s theme is MINDLESS. If you don’t know what it means, it means Foolish, Stupid, or Thoughtless. So without thinking. That’s what I’m going to focus on. For me, mindless crochet means that we don’t have to think while we crochet. I already have an idea! Hopefully it will go better than yesterday! Let’s see! [music] Tadam! Here is the result! It was really fast to make. I used a very big hook. A 9 or a 10 milimeters. And almost a whole skein of Country Loom by Loops and Threads! It’s a super bulky weight. So it’s a beanie, as you could probably guess. All made in half double crochet in the back loop only, so it’s a big rectangle, and here’s the result. Super soft, super easy to make. So is it MINDLESS? I think it is! My challenge today is [cheering] a SUCCESS! I’ll share the little pattern with you, link in the comments. You’ll see how easy it is. I’m quite happy with the result! That being said, I’ll see you tomorrow for day 3 of Inktober. Bye!

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