INKTOBER 2019: Day 15,16,17 legend, wild, ornament

Hi there, it’s Jane and welcome to my
fifth Inktober 2019 video, I have good news, I managed to create 3 drawings
that I’m happy with and I feel fuelled with energy again, but it wasn’t looking
so great on Monday. And so let me go back a little and tell you how my week went. I
actually went on a little strike on Tuesday right after the overground
drawing from my previous video was finished, I felt extremely tired
disconnected from everything and my other work around my watercolor
workshops was starting to pile up. Those things have usually the highest priority,
as that’s where my main income source is and so I decided to dedicate whole
Tuesday to deal with emails and workshop applications. I made a decision around
2:00 p.m. that I will not draw no matter what and I did stick with it.
There was also such a great weather outside on Monday and Tuesday and I
haven’t been going out much lately and health is always a priority, so I took my
family and we went for a long walk in our forest. This helped me recharge. It’s Wednesday 16th of.. 16th of Inktober,
16th of October and I finished my admin work with workshops at 1:00 p.m. it’s
it’s 1 p.m. roughly and I can get to work, and what I
need to do is to draw and paint two Inktobers at once. I only have a rough
idea about what I would like to draw and paint and so that’s that, let’s get
to it. I would like to be finished with these
two Inktober pieces by 6:00 p.m. and sketch tomorrow’s piece as well, because
tomorrow is Thursday and I will be editing my video and it will be all very
hasty again, and I don’t wanna be under so much pressure,
wish me luck and let’s get to sketching. and my Mac is working, yeay! I’m done with sketch number one and this
is for the prompts Legend, I draw a Pegasus tattoo on a girl, I love it and
this is just what I wanted to do and this is gonna be fun.
I’m gonna make this practice as much fun as possible for me. I’m done with Legend and while I was
taking pictures of it and and uploading it online.
it cgot dark outside and I still have to stay and finish the today’s Wild
drawing, so wish me luck, it’s 6.30 pm and I’d like to go home but I can’t. So this is my “Wild” work, I only used my
dip pen and Winsor & Newton Indian ink and brush for this piece. It was so relaxing,
half the time I didn’t even know what I was doing, I was completely relaxed and
just enjoying and improvising I guess.. I’m happy, I’m caught up and I guess I
can go home now 🙂 Hi guys ,it’s day 17 of Inktober and this is how I left things
yesterday evening. I managed to do some washes for this drawing and I didn’t
film the drawing process because it was very dark in the studio and I would like
to place some ornaments over here on this wall and maybe some metallic
watercolors on the circle. I’m going to be using the dip pen with my blue lucky
nib, as I call it now, and and black Indian ink by Winsor & Newton, because I
don’t have any other black Indian ink right now. So, I’m excited to finish this! This is the final drawing for day 17,
“Ornament”, I don’t hate it, I actually like it and it did take me a
lot of time to finish it. I couldn’t resist to put some washes on
her face, because it looked so pale to me and making shadows with cross-hatching
is something that doesn’t come naturally to me, I feel my lines look very
messy and they are not aesthetically as pleasing for me as these washes, but I
still think that the lines that I already put to the face with the wash is
a good combination and this might be something that works
for me personally. And so here are my three Inktober pieces,
15, “Legend”, day 16 “Wild”and day 17, which is today, “Ornament”.
I enjoyed these last two days so much very much and it was just because I
switched to the topic that I like the most and it is designing these girls and
portraits. And that’s what I will probably stick to
by the end of Inktober, because this keeps me motivated, it keeps my learning time
and painting time a lot of fun and that’s very important for me, because
that way I learn much easier and faster. And I want to thank you for staying with
me throughout this challenge and your kind support in the comments. I’ll see
you again on Monday. Until then, bye bye

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