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Welcome to “everyone can crochet”
have you already finished the # wrap-around clothia? then we go to an edge today
but first I want you thank you very much for watching
everyone can crochet, because yes … there are also ordered many patterns, all of the
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I always like that! yes I tell a lot now, but we’re going nice
and we are going to start on one edge of the
julia shawl, I have already started fasting and a fan ..
and I’m going to make flosses now By the way, do you still see me, hahaha!
I love that cloth so … yes it is really … look! my wires are still hanging, because I am still going continue with with the shawl, he you wear the
Julia is available in many colors to order
I will put the link below, where you can order the wool, at the
sailor and then we start like this see you soon! so we are going to the edge today
make julia shawl and you see me already started here fasting a row and then I have fans
made and then I go make flosses …. so yes we will
Start by telling what you need have
and then you can also have a nice border around you julia shawl, or #wrapclothjulia
making flosses or without flosses, me at least have it
so far now off … but I’m just going nice with you
start with the beginning and I’ll just tell you what you need
and I just got stuck with crochet hook no. 12, stopper needle, a pair of scissors and I will use a toilet roll for immediately wrap the wool around you so that you are there
bottles of can crochet or make .. buttons and an inch and then we start, see you soon! you also need the Julia van de Zeeman, but if you have one
want a different edge on a different wrap That is also possible, there is 100 on the Julia
grams and 170 meters and it is 80% acrylic and 20% wool and I take my crochet hook
keep hooking with number 12 I just grab an example of what I am
have already made it once to explain and I see that I am the last one here
tour with the fixed and loose and the first four (sticks) fans have done so there we will the end up with a wrap, if you agree
if your shawl ends, you also have one straight edge so I’ll make it myself
finish this, and then we go to the edge to start
look do you see that this is the last tour is, see you soon! you start making
their design loop you insert your crochet hook and I start
the tip of my shawl, just because of me find that easy and then you stab
just in a stitch or in an opening where you can easily put in you pick up the thread, you cut it flip through 2, so this is your first
fixed you see? then you already have your thread attached and at the point you see that here
fans are running … and so here you have … made loose or a baton
I’m actually trying with a fast in every opening, so you plug in, you get
thread up, turn over by one and then I say yes … one
get started stick, or a loose one but I’m going to anyway
that next opening and then I will go again make it solid and this is now becoming too tight
that you say no … this is going to pull what you do is play, you grab
thread again and you put two fasts in one opening and that is very personal at
an edge it is just how fixed or how loose
that you crochet and then we go into the put a fixed one again in the next opening and then you go between the stitches so much
try to set a permanent one you see? then you already get that whole one here
beautiful stitches, where you will immediately find the can set up fans, so it’s very personal, you do
one or two fast in an opening here So I have one, but I will add another one because your edge may of course not go
and this means that edge Fixed that you will have another one immediately
can make a fan you just look for the openings here
an opening you say is beautiful finished and then I’ll see you at the corner, see you again
back until so! then you have now arrived at the corner I see here is a permanent one
deployed and a permanent one here and of course you have to go to the corner there
around, so here we go three fixed bets one two Three
look then you have the corner, you get beautiful … yes … then he won’t pull, if you get there
but two in does that is too little and then you have arrived here with that
fixed and that tour with the 4 sticks the top of your shawl
and there you grab a stick in every stitch or a fixed sorry … we are still with the
tour busy with fixed, so you learn every stick a fixed and then you have here
done loose and then we fast two put one two on that fixed one
fixed and in between … yes, here I find that me
need only one but maybe do you need two you see? then you get that top edge too
all beautiful again fixed, so at the corners you put three in it
the sticks above a fixed one and in between a fixed one
so you make the whole wrap, you make with fixed
round to the end and I’ll see you back again, see you soon! and then we have arrived at the end, so I secure two more in one two and I close the tour with fixed …
let’s see where i started in this one stitch in the first stitch, I close the row there, you stab and you strike
and you run through the loop again, you see? than if you have closed the tour, then we will go because I already have it here as an example make 5 fans,
and you skip 2 stitches and 5 again fans
skip two stitches and 5 fans like that you get that nice one
edge so the second row for the edge is we
start with 3 unloading one two three, this counts as a baton
so I now put 4 sticks in it first stitch, 1 2 3 4 then it looks like this, these wires that
attach with your stopper soon tie it off then we skip two stitches, 1 – 2 and then we go into the 3rd stitch 5 chopsticks therefore make a two skip
in the 3rd stitch, that’s where we stick and then we make five sticks, 1 2 3 4 5 do you see? and then we hit 2 stitches again
over a two and then we go into the 3rd, so, 1- 2 in the 3rd
we are going to crochet 5 sticks again, 1 2 3 four five You see that when you bought it involved
you can buy it through the throne send messenger it is the fastest
then I send a slap from the bank and then I send a PDF of
the # wrap-clothsjulia and I pass immediately too
the pattern, that you add the edge so the edge is fixed and one
fan and here flosses are coming but I will go in another video
explain in the following video so me would say subscribe and keep watching
I am going to finish this border with the fans
and then I see you on the corner, then I see you back again, see you soon! we arrived with the fans
the corner you turn your work again and then on the corner
take a look there you have those 3 fasting and in the middle, so
you now only skip one stitch, in the in the middle you have a range of
five sticks in the middle stitch 1 2 3 4 well … 5 so in the middle fixed did you do 1 fan again and you go now
continue with your pattern, you now hit 1 2 stitches over, look I’ve got a piece here
skipped, because that’s how I ended it is just how you end up
and then you put in that middle fixed put your five sticks and now you go normal again
further, follow your pattern, you look are here at the top,
now you skip 2 again and you put five again
sticks in a stitch you see? that you then also have the corner
finished I go on until the end and then see
I’ll see you again at the end and of course you do the other corner
same as this angle, then I’ll see you soon back again so! we arrived at the end of the shawl we skipped 2 stitches each time and 5 sticks and so here we are on it
unload at those 3 and those 4 sticks and I am happy with
two stitches if you are not happy with that
this wool does not really matter much because nobody actually sees that
and now we will close the tour at the top here this stitch I pick up on 123 is also possible
in this I pack in that stab, there I pack the stab,
I am going through the sting I wrap the thread around my crochet hook and I make a half fixed so through 2 loops I pull through, you grab the
scissors, you cut your thread leave nice and long and you can go on
and you have your edge off, I go in In the following video I will explain how I do
flosses still on the shawl hook from the Julia but this
was another video of “anyone can crochet ”
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