Ideia para fazer bonecos de dedos! (Diy)

Idea to make finger dolls! An old fabric … It became a beautiful tale of stories. Look how cool Chico! A book we bought to give Thamilly. We had the idea of ​​these animals that
are characters make finger puppet for when you tell her stories
to be able to play And it will be very colorful because it draws attention,
Child likes colors. Look how cool it is! Cool! It is not? Kiko will make all the characters. He will try to get close to these
to match more with the book. Fine? When you are done, we will show you. Nice! Thank you! A gift for Thamilly. So let’s do this, simple, it won’t
be difficult or complicated at all. Just painting. I will ask you to open your hand here. You will use your right hand, that’s right. Leave it wide open. I will do with space. There has to be room to enter the finger. The one that is the longest will be the giraffe. The big toe is for the chubby bear. I’ll even write here. This alligator, the little finger, the rabbit and
the other the raccoon. And the giraffe is missing. The cool thing is that you will start building a library
for her. It starts with children’s books and then more
forward continues with other books. That’s it, let’s start then step
by step. This was a knit shirt. It has a certain elasticity. I took this part. I will mark here one of the fingers that will be the
puppet. I gave this margin because I want to turn here. A three finger size because when you do
The circle will be flexible. I took the mold to get a sense of the size
but the space has to be much larger. As it will still be sewn I cut bigger
that finger the measure three fingers and a little longer because I will make a hem. Who has sewing machine, do in the machine
and who does not have can sew by hand because will give a good result. The hand sewing has several seams, I
I like to sew like I’m sewing sacks. She’s holding on a little for being long,
but just pull it back to normal. Passing the line is already inside the other line. Paying attention to the shirt I saw that she has
a sheath so i’ll enjoy the sheath I will turn in this position, mark my finger,
and when you sew here you will already have the sheath. But for that I need to cut to the finger. Well in the measure knowing that up and to
the sides will cut bigger. The same margin that I leave on the sides, I leave
up too. Cardboard and plastic film to insulate. Give two to three layers. Second layer and color adjustment. Hello, I came back to put the raccoon ears,
Bear, giraffe, rabbit and alligator. And Kiko will do the details of the paintings. This is the raccoon, he has the base and
had already done the part of the fabric and Kiko the painting. This way will help me put the ear. I will fold here, give another fold to sew. Will you fill it or not? Not because of the fold here. Ah! Nice! So it gets very full. How is the fold movement? This is like making a little boat. Is he inside out or not? It will look like this. Sewn the ears, even if they are not
aligned, they will give movement. It was sewn because we were afraid of necklace
the pieces and then they come loose cause any danger. Kiko will do the painting details and
here will have the arms painted, mouth and then will be the raccoon. Using the same cloth, I folded, gave a stitch
sewing here, and in this part I will make the alligator’s mouth. I cut the excess and this part I turn. I’m drawing the line from there to here
to narrow the alligator’s beak. So, step here and step there. Shaping! Sewn I’m moving the line more vertically to
shape the alligator’s beak and also in the head. I will give three more seams and it will be ideal. As you can see, we are sewing a lot
for safety concerns. Who will manipulate the pieces are the parents,
but if you leave somewhere and the child pick up may happen to take you to your mouth. To do this part I did so, I turned the cloth,
I rolled up like newspaper straws and sewed from here to here and the rest I will make the head of the giraffe. Look how cute it looks like a giraffe. And with the painting will be very good. Here will be the two ears of the rabbit. I’ll do the same way I did the others,
folding. Since this model I will leave the fold in
front to leave the opening in front from the rabbit’s ear. Here will be the rabbit’s ear. I’ll close down and close up and give
some points not to be opening. So, and this one turns in a little bit
to finish and I’ll take another turn. Here I do the sewing and on top also another
sews and stays the rabbit’s ear. Just the bear is missing and I’ll make the ears. As they are round I will cut in a circle
and I will turn it all around the edges. I will use the same way as yo-yo. I align, turn the fabric, and pull. The bear puppet. Very happy to do for the first time and for
be the first we are getting happy with the result. Raccoon, giraffe, rabbit, bear and alligator. Get inspired. We put the elastics here so that the doll
Hold on to the finger. We let it loose so we could measure
Chico’s finger. I grabbed the fabric with its own hem to
put on the elastic. I opened internally from side to side. With a piece of wire I twisted with pliers
to be able to fasten the elastic and use it as a guide. I opened on one side and I will open on the other after
the seam taking care not to tear the other side of the cloth. After I release each other’s fabric, I will
put the wire with the help of pliers. I’m pushing and reaching the other side, it’s
Just go pulling. I’ll leave with more elastic so I can tie
as necessary and do not tighten too much the finger. And so it was. All are with elastic and only need to tie
as far as the finger of the wearer. By: Kiko Prado and Marlos Camilo. Hey Chico, what did you think? Very cool. You can even play with the five of them
time or maybe you can choose which one will want to start playing with your
son or daughter and that’s how fun it is. Along with reading the book. Recycle making art, our planet thanks! Sign up!

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