Ibex Women’s Hooded Indie Wool Baselayer

I am wearing the Ibex Women’s Hooded Indie
Baselayer. This is an extremely light-weight, but warm for its weight baselayer that has
many different uses. I can see this be-ing used in all seasons throughout the year. You
could use it on its own just as a baselayer when it is a little bit chilly but you need
that extra warmth in your arms and in the hood. It would be great as a baselayer with
lots of other layers to layer up on really chilly days. It is made of 100 percent New Zealand Merino
wool. And that Merino wool is extremely soft. So it is meant to be worn against the skin.
It does have quite a bit of stretch to this piece so you can move in it. It is, like I
said, it is trim fit, so it is meant to be worn against the skin. And all the seams here
are flat lock seams. So they are really flat seams. They really cut down on chafing and
it just makes a real clean look for this piece. The wool itself is harvested with ZQ certified
Merino wool. And basically what that means is it is very environmentally and socially
responsible practices are put into harvest-ing this wool. So you can feel good wearing this
piece. And some of the features here include a quarter zip, so you have a nice zipper right
here on the front. It protects your neck really well if you have that zipped up. It is a really
comfortable there and, again, with that stretch it keeps you nice and toasty warm. It does
have a hood, so this is the Hooded Indie. And the hood fits nice and tight around your
head to keep you warm. If I zip that up it has got a nice shape here around your face,
so it is not too tight. It is not too lose. It definitely is going to hold in your heat
there and, again, with this flat lock seams you have got just a really nice shape there.
And all around the hood you have got a lot of stretch. So you could definitely wear a
helmet over top of this and it would fit really well. Down here on the cuffs you have got a stretchy
cuff there and you have got super com-fortable thumb holes. So if you are wearing it to just
warm up your hands a little bit, the sleeve is long enough to accommodate for that. But
if you are just wearing it on its own, it is really nice. So nice thumb holes there. The fit is spot
on to what I would expect from Ibex. Again, it does fit close to the skin. I am wearing
a small right now. And I normally wear smalls in other brands in their base layers, so this
fits really well with all of that stretch. And it would be so great for a multitude of
activities from trail running to hiking, climbing, any-thing you can throw at it. If you are
building up that sweat or you are doing high aerobic activities, that Merino wool has natural
antimicrobial properties, so it is almost like an anti odor naturally built in to that
wool. So this would also be a great traveling piece if you need to pack light and need to
bring just a few layers, but you need to wear them over a long period of time. It is an excellent piece for all of those
activities and it is the Ibex Women’s Indie Hooded Baselayer.

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