Hey Youtube fam! It’s your girl Lia back
again with another video and today’s video as you can see from the title is just
me creating this fun green look using some perm rods. To see how I achieved this look just keep watching. Now as you guys will see throughout this video I will
use varying sizes of perm rods to achieve this look. I’ll use not only the
blue ones but the orange ones, the purple ones. I just don’t have one sizing of
perm rods and what I’m doing is taking the hair and this is kanekalon hair that I ordered from Amazon. I will leave the link to the store that I ordered this from down below. I’m taking the hair and wrapping it around the perm
rod. Now this hair is very inexpensive. I don’t believe for as many packs as I got
that I had spent more than $30.00 more than twenty-five dollars really on all
this. And you can get a pretty sizable amount of hair. This hair is mainly used
for braiding. So braiding styles you will see this hair used for but as you will
see today I am using it for a crochet style. And as you guys will see I will be
repeating this process over about sixty times. I know that’s a lot of rods and it’s
probably unnecessary and I did not end up using all the rods that I made but I’m
better safe than sorry just because I let the hair dry after getting it wet
and you’ll see the rest of the process. I do do this process over 24 hours. I
don’t have time to redo the process so I try to over achieve rather than under
achieve and then be kind of left with a scramble like I was the first time
I did this process. If you saw my first video I did this process and I used both
flexi rods and perm rods. Then I did this process again with just flexi rods and
today’s video is just testing out to see how perm rods alone would perform. I like
the ease of the flexi rods but the perm rods do give a different kind of curl
that I wanted to see if it could be achieved today. And I got a lot of
comments in my last video doing this method that hey you can do this after
the fact. So say you install the hair as is and then you curl it and then you dip it
in hot water and do that process. You guys know I know that process.
I’ grew up getting box braids. I know the dipping it and holding it in the cup of water
process. This is just kind of my version of this where I’m not sitting on camera
having to hold a cup up to my hair. This is just my overnight kind of version of
that. I know I’m also gonna get some questions about how long does this style
last. And I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. I filmed this video during
the holiday Christmas season of 2018. It is now as I’m doing this voiceover
September of 2019. So almost a full year later that I am uploading this video.
And how long I wore this was only for a couple of days quite honestly. I can’t
get away with a green hairstyle in real life. My real job does not allow for it.
And my real personality isn’t really a walk into the office with a green
hairstyle type of a personality. But I could get at least three weeks out of
this style if I actually tried and achieved it. I think you can get up to
four weeks. I mean there’s nothing different about this technique than a
regular crochet hairstyle. So other than the fact that it’s colored and it’s
Kanekalon hair what you see and what I end up with is a style that isn’t gonna
be a low-maintenance style but if you put some maintenance into the style and
keep maintaining it you can wear it for upwards of about four weeks. Now comes the hot water. I let some water
boil on top of the stove. Now I’m pouring it over all the perm rods that I have
created. What I’m gonna do is let it sit in the water for about I’d say five
eight minutes tops. And then I’m gonna pour the rest of the
water out and then I’m going to let it stand for
I say about 48 hours. I actually had time when I did this so I let it stand for 48
hours. It was a long period of time until the hair was completely dried. So then
after waiting that 48 hours I come back from my hair fully braided. Spoiler alert
I did reuse these braids over again for the style that I had next. But what
you’re going to need is your crochet needle for this style. You’re gonna also
need the hair. Now this is the hair as it was ordered. So this is it in it’s
straight format. They give you five packs of this when you order it online. Of
course I’m using the version that I’ve made. The perm rods that I made that are
in this container fully dried at this portion. There are no wet little strands
in here. That’s why I give it that 48 hours you could blow dry it if you needed it
a little bit faster but with me I had time to spare. And so what I am doing is
unraveling that curl from the rod. And this is kind of the curl that you are
left with. I do not split the hair I kind of install it as you see. As you can see
the hair is pretty thin. So there is no need to release the hair. I did try to
use consistent sizing when I was kind of wrapping it around the rod. But as you
see I’m starting in the back. My braid pattern is kind of that standard all
going straight back braid pattern that I always do. And then next I’m just doing
the standard process I use to install any crochet hair. I’m putting that needle
through the braid and then attaching the hair. Then pulling both the hair in the
needle back through the braid. Taking that needle away from the situation. Then
I am knotting the hair. I believe I did about two knots for this hair. With how
thin it was two knots was required and then I’m just gonna repeat the process
nothing special all throughout my head. I’m going to do the same exact thing. I
literally do the same install method for every single hair that I wear. You guys
all the time ask me do more installs and I’m like for what it’s gonna be a simple
straight back braid pattern. And it’s gonna be installing the hair the exact
same way. I feel like that’s why my channel is more geared towards reviews
because I love doing those.I can be as thorough as I want to with a hair, try it
out, show you how long I can wear it, tell you more so than show you how the hair
is going to perform. Again doing an install that’s great but again you
don’t get to see the real tried and trueness of how the hair is going to
play out. And overall I don’t get to watch my shows when I install on camera.
That’s one thing I’d be missing. When I install some hair I like to be watching
my TV shows and I can’t do that when there’s a camera right in front of my
face. But again if you guys want to see more installs let me know down below but
again it’s gonna be a waste of y’all’s time. I’m trying to tell yall. So in terms of timing with this style.
How long is gonna take? It’s gonna take a little bit longer than your average
style because of course you’re doing this added step of unraveling it from a
rod. So if I didn’t have to do that I’d say it would take about a normal three
hour job. Of course with all this extra process and I’m including the braid time
it would be about four hours. If I hadn’t you know braided the night before and
done all of this. So it is a longer process because of what you’re going
through to kind of get this hair together but again it’s gonna be no
longer than a standard kind of four hours and again you’re doing this
because there isn’t this style in the stores. Of course if you can buy a hair
then yeah go ahead and buy it but I don’t think there’s gonna be too many
times where you’re gonna find an ombre kind of green hairstyle. I also know I’m gonna get a lot of
feedback that this seems like a lot of effort to do for style you weren’t able
to wear for several days. It’s not that I couldn’t have worn it for several days.
Like I said at the beginning I could have worn it for longer but again the way my life’s setup I couldn’t have worn this out in the real world for that long. But
again my life is a little different too. I’m a content creator and I thought this
would be something fun and energetic to wear and have around for the holiday
season and I also too was able to reuse this braid pattern. So it’s not like the
braid pattern went to waste after I took this hair out. It was definitely reused
and definitely put to good use for another style which I believe the style
after this hair I was able to wear for quite some time. So next I think it goes
without saying that you’re gonna want to put mousse on this hair. As you can see I
hope it’s coming through in the camera that this is a very soft hair and with these
soft hairs you’re gonna need mousse to kind of tame
the hair. Bring it all together and also you’re gonna want to cut this hair. Of
course it is installed in this raw form and you’re seeing how it comes out
installed you’re gonna want to cut this hair if you’re gonna actually want to
style it. You guys know I’m no stylist. That’s why I’m not cutting it into a
style because I cannot do said style. So I’m just cutting it in the regular Lia
Lavon fashion. You guys know I’m not here for the theatrics. Not because I don’t
want to be only because I can’t. So this is it. This is the finished look.
This is what it is giving you. In comparison to the packet I definitely say
the hair looks a little dark in the package or maybe I’m just tripping. Maybe it’s my eyes that are playing tricks on me. So now that I’ve done a hairstyle with both
the perm rods and flexi rods. Then the flexi rods by themselves and then the
perm rods by themselves. I have to definitely say there’s really no
difference between the perm rods and flexi rods. The one thing I will say though is
I did enjoy the install better with the flexi rods. It was a lot quicker just
because it’s easier to get the hair off of the flexi rods than it is the perm rod.
I think it’s cuz the perm rod is a lot more “rigid-er”. You guys know perm rods
have these kind of ridges on it where it looks like this and I think that kind of
holds the curl up a little bit and just kind of gets attached to those little
rigidies. But other than that I just think that I like the flexi rods but
the perm rod and flexi rods give you the same exact curl. I thought I was like
coming up with something. I was like oh it’s gonna be different. It’s gonna be
different. No it’s the same exact thing. I just think you’re gonna get a different
curl depending on the side that you use. I don’t like the big blue ones. I think I
really like the orange one cuz it’s just a nice kind of curl. I used the orange
ones mainly throughout. Did use those blue ones in the back. The purple ones
just a little bit too small. White ones super small. So if you’re gonna do one of
those do it throughout the whole head. A whole head of white. A whole head of
purple. Whatever you use. It’ll just look weird if you try to mix and match
the perm rods out there. But overall cute little style. Cute little situation.
But you guys be the judge down below. What do you think of this style? Is it a Lia
LaVon yes or is it a Lia Lavon no. Make sure you give this video a big thumbs up.
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box braids. What do you want me to do? I’m listening to your ideas for what to do
next. So leave it down below in the comment section and I will see you in my
next video. Thank you so much for watching. Bye!


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