Husqvarna Viking Topaz 30 71 Embroidery Applique Design

There are a variety of techniques that are
shown within the sampling of designs that come with this machine. From using water-soluble
stabilizer for stand-alone lace designs, cutwork and applique. So these are the universal symbols
for fabric placement and when to cut when doing an applique design. On design number 7, that’s the one we’re going
to do. We’re going to notice that first off, it’s going to stitch color 1. Now I’ve just
done, we just did the video on how to baste in the hoop, where we used the fix button.
And it stitched a little dotted line, or basting stitch, to kind of help hold the fabric and
stabilizer together. That’s great if you have maybe something you can’t hoop, that would
kind of adhere things to the base of the hoop stabilizer. But the first thing we’re going to do is,
we’re going to just go ahead, count to 3, 1, 2, 3. Pull the thread out. It’s going to
stitch just an outline of where the applique fabric is going to go. That is what we’re
going to see here on the page is just a placement. But then the little star indicates we need
to add fabric. Then we’re going to stitch, and then the next
little symbol is a cut. Which means we need to cut the fabric. So right now, you always
wait until the design stitch is an outline, to know where to put your fabric. I’m going to just take this gigantic piece.
Yes, it’s bigger than I need, but it’s a lot easier. I usually don’t spray it, I usually
just lay it down. And I’m going to just push the start-stop button, 1, 2, 3, pull your
thread out. I’ll just use my fingers to make sure that the fabric doesn’t move or get hung
up on anything. But I’ll just kind of let that stitch all the way through. It’s just stitching the outline again, so
one outline for placement. The second outline for a tack down. It usually goes around here
two times to really make sure that if you do trim the thread it’s not a big deal. But
it does give you a nice little heavier edge, all the way around. Once this is done, I’m going to want to trim
with very small, sharp curved scissors. If you have applique scissors, those work well. At this point, you can decide whether it’s
going to be easier to take the hoop off the machine. Or touch OK and use the trim position
option, by touching your hoop feature, and go down to trim position. Touch OK. What it
does is it moves the entire design to you. The hoop is still on, and then you can go
ahead and do some trimming. Because this does have a lot of little areas
back and forth, I’m going to take the hoop off and trim in my lap. Now keep in mind,
when you do stop in the middle of your embroidery, your bobbin thread does not cut in between
colors. So it stays attached there. What I’m going to do is just go ahead and
take my fabric and my scissors. And trim. Here, I’ll put it up here so you can see.
Just trim really, really close. Now when I say close, I mean close. Do not let the fabric
get much of a border here. So we’re going to go ahead and trim. If you
cut a thread, it’s no big deal. It will cover up later. But you really want to make sure
you are very close when you are done. See what I mean by close? Go ahead and return
the hoop back onto the machine. And even though we’re in the trim position, when we go back
out of here it will go right back to where we left off. The next area, it’s going to stitch around
the raw edge, a couple different ways. So first it actually goes around with kind of
an open zigzag, as you can see right now. And then, it will go around again, with a
satin stitch. To really give those edges kind of a nice raised, lifted edge. And it will
start in with the detail of the applique. One of the fun things to do while you’re embroidering,
is sometimes to eliminate color changes. Where this little flower, this is design number
7, has a couple different colors? But we have used it as an applique as well. So if I just
want the rest of the detail on this flower to be the blue thread? What I can do is stop
the machine, turn off the stop button. That way the design will stitch completely all
the way through all its colors, without stopping. So it’s super easy to do. You can practically
walk away at this time, and just let the rest of the design finish out by itself.

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