2 thoughts on “HSN | Crafter’s Companion 10.02.2019 – 06 AM

  • S T O P. R a P E I N G. B a b I E S
    Nope ,they sat in those houses ,"scared hell" for years // ya'll started in …."will kill will raoe will kid nap my nephew"/ ya'll didn't care about their fear since 2009 at least //and that's why yall shot up all those schools// "because [weyou] said it ….we have yo do it"/my retort ??why would you say that?? /// they were already do g it (sexually abusing children)

  • S r b
    Hey / we talking about some other crazy shit yelled out about my nephew last night/ now people are trying to tell me ,that I "should say something to make him safe again" // but in reality he is trying to set it up so they can use him….and other kids

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