How To Write A Marketing Hook! 🔥🔥 “Real Deal” No Fluff HOOKS!

Boom it’s Cameron Malcolmson here and this one is on testing your hooks So by this stage, you should have written your origin story and This was one I write you don’t I don’t think you have to write as much as this here I start off with Not that long maybe this length for fun, but This is the third time I’ve written this one so It’s kind of long it’s like a 20-minute read but you don’t have to have it that long right, so This is basically what I wanted to show you though? was that From progress and on when we are gonna be doing make more publishing and stuff like that there. I Know for me when I start off. I kind of went for the shotgun approach and I was just like kind of like Throwing stuff out there hoping that it would hook you know what I mean throwing Just shotgunning it. Whatever came to mind. Out there creating content and it’s not really the best way to go about it kind of like a comedian and When you see a comedian getting up on stage in front of thousands of people at the highlight of his career, and he just he’s just telling crackers One after another like He didn’t start out like that right. He’s in the back bars and dives whatever Testing all his material and whatever ones work work The what ones didn’t and he’ didn’t use and kept the ones that worked. So this is what I’m going to show you how to do here in This here starting off with your origin story right, so If you writ it out… if you did it on audio video the same concept it’s the seem concept so you’re gonna want to is gonna be like So many Hook’s there’s gonna be so many hooks like, that’s here as a hook here This is a create this crazy story. I could be hook then like I was a young buck of a boy that could be a hook See there’s gonna be so many of them see Young buck was more stubbornness and sense right before you’re gonna see so many of them Wanted to be the man that got stuff done. Hey, these are ones from my personal one. And what we’re gonna want to do is pull these hooks there is going to be like, I was really getting treated at the baby that could be a hook Let’s see, there’s like You’re going to pull so many different hooks from this story and what you want to do is say Copy this here and Just paste it in here. So this is gonna be the test and hooks worksheet. I’ll leave this In the link below for yourself So you’re gonna want to just find all the hooks you can from your origin story in here and just keep Throwing all these Hooks in there keep going as many as you can out of your origin story. Then the idea is that when you’re going to publish content the next time the hook for the content will be Something like I never wanted to go to university never Which was in your origin story? but this will be like different ones for you and you’re just gonna want to Say if you’re coming up with your next bit of content, you just go here. and then you would go test Test out this hook so, see if you throw it out there does it hit or does it miss and then you’ll record it as either red it was a miss yellow it was all right, I’m green. It was a hit So you want to do this like traffic light Sorta System with all your different hooks so that when it comes to like Later down the line You’re gonna remember in your head like, ah, that one was a good one So it was easy for me to get to work. that hit Then another one was like the internet was a grey for me that sorta hit. Then a proper legitimate business online That was alright one and then here’s another one by this stage of all I knew what I wanted That was a complete miss you know, you’re just gonna get these hits and misses, ones that were all right, and at the end of it you’re gonna get these ones that you’re gonna be like Ah that one was a good one you’re going to have all these really good jokes Kinda like the comedian? Throwing out all his jokes and when he gets to the big leagues has all his good jokes And this is what I wanted to share with you and how your gonna do this So I hope you kind of got the idea and I left the worksheet below. Have a great one

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