How To Wind Yarn Into A Ball (3 methods, centre-pull)

Hi! Welcome to knit with Hannah. I I’m Hannah, today we are winding yarn into a ball. If you’ve got leftovers you need to do something with it- we’ll be doing this by hand Hi welcome to Knit with Hannah. I’m Hannah I’m here with knitting natter to help you learn to knit the easy way. We are winding yarn into a ball today I’ve got three methods for you first of all do subscribe because I’m here every week I’m here every Tuesday if you hit the little bell for notifications then you will also know when a video goes up and when I release a new video every Tuesday every week so we’re gonna use three methods to wind up yawn like this the end of a ball of yarn can just sometimes sit around get into a knot and just look a mess really you don’t know where it is what it’s doing I’ve had a couple of videos last year which shows you how to wind yarn differently and how to store it so this is more methods if you want to do it in different ways then it’s useful for different types of yarn I mean look at this yarn comes in different ways from the from the shop as well you go out and buy yarn it comes in different ways I’m going to show you how to wind up all of your answer it looks like this and it will be a center pull you can do use three methods it’s all generally the same idea just using three different tools so yes if you want your yarn to look like this very professional and you can what you can pull the yarn from the center when you’re using it then it will be a great idea for you to get ready learn how to do this and you’ll use it over and over and over again be warned I seem to have this obsession now wherever I’ve cut your leftover that isn’t happy I’m not happy with this I’m looking at this going it needs to be wound up yes kind of obsessive any yarn that’s left over goes into a nice neat ball so I can use it again so yes and I will show you and I will let you know what I use these small balls for as well because they are very useful just having the ends of yarn can be really useful sometimes right let’s get to it I’ll show you how to wind your yarn into a ball by hand all right then what I’m going to do is just leave myself at the end because I want this to be the pull that comes out of the middle of the yarn and I am going to use my thumb to create this ball that it’s going to be spindle so to speak and it’s this simple I hold the short end in my wrist in my in my palm like that close it tight with these fingers and then I start using my thumb and my forefinger to hold the yarn in place right so I’m going to start moving this around my thumb in a diagonal direction you can see that going from bottom right to top left from bottom right to top left and this may feel a bit awkward to start with but very quickly when you see that is starting to set in place the direction of play that yarn is actually quite happily doing that quite automatically now it’s going from bottom right to top left bottom right to top left and as I hold that in place with my forefinger just slightly twist it I can do a few more wraps just easily I’ll let that set in place as well it’s nice and loose no way you want this tie it on your thumb because you want the yarn to be loose inside the ball it’s the whole idea of winding it by hand it’s much looser it’s much easier to hold in place much easier to store it as well it’s not going to be stretched once you start using it so we just keep doing this and we go from right to left right to top left bottom right to top left bottom right top left and you just twist it a little bit occasionally and you will see that it grows very quickly and we get through this kind of ball quite quickly too. right I’m going to do this speed up now so you can watch the process just easy peasy going through the ball like this now on my thumb- I would be using my thumb as a spindle for DK yarn 4 ply yarn and Aran weight yarn she get much thicker then it’s not so comfortable actually you run out of thumb because the yarn needs a larger spindle but this is perfect option for 4ply yarns aran weights and dKs like I said and this strand here just pulled it make sure that it’s comfortable and hold on to it with those fingers so it doesn’t get lost in the drama of the twisting okay then so you can do it with your thumb but what happens if you’re someone who either has to put things down halfway through the job because the cat needs feeding or the dinner needs checking something like that well you can do this as well with other methods I’ve used a needle if I thought actually I don’t really want to hold it with my thumb but far too much yarn to start with maybe it’s a chunky yarn maybe it’s a real thick yarn that you just think is you’re gonna run out of thumb so I have used this these are twelve millimeter needles just you pick one out of a pair and use that instead of my thumb and the other method is to use a tube like this that might be from the tinfoil in the kitchen it might be from a toilet roll so this is ideal just using one or the other and that’s especially good if you’re using super chunky yarn because it needs that little bit more space in the center so just loosen up and that means you can put it down halfway through if you need to as well so what do I didn’t use these half balls for and these smaller balls for well first of all I use them for French knitting if you’ve watched my tutorials you know that I’ve done French knitting and I was using these smaller balls of yarn to create that French knitting ideal for giving your child if they’re doing French knitting they don’t want to carry a whole ball of yarn around with them that would just give them miles and miles and miles of French knitting only needed a little bit and it will go a long long way so you can pull yarn just wind a ball off from the end of a ball if you’re still knitting with it even it just just give them say 10 or 15 grams worth of yarn and that’s that you’re done you’re sorted the other ideal option to use these is for fair isle knitting if you are doing just six rows of a pattern and you have leftover yarn you can wind that into a ball and use that it doesn’t get so tangled as it would if it was a larger ball it really is very useful and of course intarsia you can put you on onto a bobbin for intarsia or you can wind it into a little ball for yourself and it makes life a little bit easier okay go and have a look at those French knitting videos because I was obviously too using those balls there sure you’ll love them let me know in the comments which yarn you are winding into balls okay I will see you again soon bye for now thanks for joining me happy knitting I’m looking at this going you needs to be wound up! Needs to be wound up!

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