HOW TO WEAVE IN ENDS with Kristen from Studio Knit

Weaving in your ends in Knitting. Can you believe it? Like, we’re here. We are here! It’s weaving in ends, and people that knit
kind of hate this part, so that’s the bad news, but the good news is, like, we are done,
like you have knit, you are a knitter, and you can make so many cool things now. I’m super proud of you, but first, we’re gonna
have to weave in those ends. Let’s get started. You will be using your yarn tail. I am switching to a color so it’s easier for
you to see. Weave along the edge. With your tapestry needle, on the wrong side
the back of your project, you will thread it through the surface loops. I’m going down one direction at least an inch
long and for me that’s about five loops. And then coming back up the second direction,
doing it exactly the same, weaving it in through those surface loops in the back of my work,
on the wrong side. And for extra security, let’s do it a third
time down these loops right here. Now the benefit to weaving in your ends in
this method is that it is quite simple, however, your yarn especially if you’re using different
color yarns, it can be seen in the front your work. But here I’ve done it with the exact same
color yarn and it really is not that noticeable. I just wanted to point that out to you. And if you’re excited to be weaving in your
ends at this point, go ahead, hit like, it really helps me out. Weaving in your ends on the Diagonal. Here’s a second way that I like to weave in
my ends and this way you are much less likely to see the yarn in the front of your work. Taking your tapestry needle, I like to start
toward the left side a little bit, and then you are going to pick up the second one one
stitch over so that you’re actually doing it a little bit diagonal rather than straight
down how we did the last time. Now for your third loop, go ahead and pick
one up right next to that second one over to the left and then what you’re going to
do is you’re going to bring it up through that exact same first loop. And we just repeat this. So, now at the top, we pick a loop to the
side of our first one and then we actually bring it down into the exact same loop there
on the bottom and weave it through. I probably could stop here, but just for extra
security I’m going to do it two more times. A loop to the side, and then bring it up the
same loop up top. And I’m taking a loop to the side of that
and taking it down into the same loop. Your woven in ends are a lot less noticeable
on the front of your work using this method. Since I used this hot pink chunky yarn and
I’m sort of stretching my stitches, you can see it a little bit there. But if I had used my white yarn, you definitely
would not see it at all in the front of the work. Action Item of the Day. Weave in your ends. Pick one of these two methods and give it
a try. And once you’ve woven those ends in, just
cut your yarn and it is securely in place and you are DONE. And it’s time to check off Day 14 in your
knitting series planner. I’m so proud of everybody getting this far,
and it’s been a really fun journey, there’s so much more to do, to accomplish, to learn
about, but you have gotten from absolutely knowing nothing, not even owning knitting
needles and now here you are, you’ve already weaved in your ends! Like you are super cool knitting person now… Whatever, okay, I’m geeking out, I’m super
excited for you guys thank you so much for joining me on this knitting journey and I
will see you next time. There is a next time! I’ll see you next time, guys! Bye!

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