How To Watercolor a Sympathy Card

– [Voiceover] Hi, everyone. This is Ann Clemmer and Stamper from We started off with
this really easy-to-make watercolor card on his blog, and we’re gonna do it again,
only a little bit different. Now, you see how I took these two stamps from the same stamp set, and you want to put them
on the block together, and you want to stamp them so that the tree and the bench are perpendicular to the bottom of your card. Okay. Or parallel with the sides. And I’m gonna make this a sympathy card, so I’m gonna put that
sympathy right there. And I’m going to put some water down, not a lot of water, but just dampen in. Now because we’re gonna
use a lot of water, we are using the shimmery white card stock because it’ll stand up to more water than the regular card stock, but less than watercolor paper. We’re starting off with yellow, and we’re going to spread it around. Now, I’m gonna tell you
I guarantee this card looks better in real life. I just really love it. But we’re making it look like we’ve got a bit of a nice sunset or
sunrise going on there. It depends on how you look at it. And since it’s a sympathy card, I’m bettin’ sunset. Our next color that
we’re going to be adding to the sunset is Pumpkin Pie. Now, I don’t mind going through that tree because when you look at a tree, you can see through it and see the sunset. Now let’s get rid of that
little pokey tool mat. I don’t wanna mess that up. And you wanna put enough down here to where it’ll blend in a little bit but not all together with the yellow. And, so, you know, sunsets
aren’t an exact science. And I’m sure that we
could have streaks in here if we wanted to. When it’s done, the
streaks are not gonna look the same as while we’re making it. Now, I do say you can
use more water with this, but you can’t drench it. So you just really wanna
be careful with that. I always test it on my hand because that makes it a little bit
easier to tell how much water is on there. And then the other thing
is to draw out the water if you want to have it lighter, draw out the water from the re-inker. And yes, that’s what I’m using here is the re-inkers that re-ink our ink pad. So that’s two things
that you can use it with. Now here I’m gonna swirl it up a bit, but it’s really easier to
blend it while it’s still wet and when you’re first putting it on. But in any case, we’re
blending it the way we want to or the way it’s going down now. I leave a little bit of
white in there because that’s okay. It’s gonna be lighter. But now we’re gonna go for the green. Now, in between colors, make sure that you wipe your Aqua Painter
off onto a paper towel. Don’t put it on your grid pad because one of these days you’re
gonna put down a project, and it’s going to get
gunked up because you had cleaned, you know,
you’d put something damp on your grid pad. So, anyway, back to the grass. You don’t have to get the
lawnmower out for this one. And we’re just going to
blend it out and see, you know, you can bring
it down as far down as you wish. But, you know, the tree I
think needs some leaves. And so before we do that,
let’s put a little bit of blue sky back there. And I probably should have done it before I did the grass. But you can just put a
little bit of blue sky behind where I’ve got the white, or else we can put it on the clouds. But you want it to be really faintly blue, not totally blue. And the reason I’m doing this, I would’ve left them white, but I did get a little bit of that orange on there, and it’s Pumpkin Pie, yeah. So, anyway, and you want it to, I don’t want it to be dark because I don’t want these to be dark skies, but I do want them to at least cover up
where I got the Pumpkin Pie on there. So, and we can just kind
of splish it, there we go, onto the little, any spaces that are still remaining. That’s what’s cool about a sky. You can put it together any way you want and it’s gonna be right. So let’s get to that tree. And when I do the tree, I want to be sure to do it in circular motions. And it doesn’t have to be even. You want to go and – because that’s the way
the trees, you know, the leaves would be. Now, if you’re enjoying this and this is some value to you, you might want to try and
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watercolor class that I do. It’s an online class. It’s several videos that
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the Aqua Painter to water color with, and it goes into a lot
more depth than we’re going into today, but hey, I kinda like the way that looks. I think it’s a very peaceful, and that’s really what I’m going for on a sympathy card. And remember to add a little extra green where we’ve got the patches there. And then we’re going
to get out the Real Red marker and make those little flowers. And then a soft suede marker for the, for the bench. You could use, you could paint
it in as well if you wish. And there we got with our Real Red marker. And then since we’re using
Old Olive for the grass, I’ve got Pear Pizzazz for
the leaves on the flowers. All these markers are
ones that you can get individually or in a large
set or in a color family. You notice that the two stamps didn’t go quite together, but that’s okay because we painted them together. Make sure you get on our mailing list and check out our other, you know, our watercolor class or
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don’t you write the dog a little note. I read them to him as bedtime stories. He just loves ’em. So there. There we have a really simple card that is thoughtful and you can write your own special thoughts in there. But it’s obviously a little work of art that’s gonna stick around for a long time. Oh, but wait. Here’s something to do
about those, those clouds. Because they really don’t look as dark as they look on the video. And just take a Wink
of Stella and put that. Now they’ve got a sparkly, you know, it’s already shimmery paper. And now the clouds are actually sparkling. So, you know, that can
really speak to someone. This is Ann Clemmer and
Stamper from, where we try to put a
little ink, paper, and fun into your day.

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