How to Trim a Mustache : Trimming a Mustache: Connecting Parts

I’ll continue with the side of the ear and
my focus is to connect this side of his beard to the side-burn on the straight line. Same
thing. We’ll connect this line of his side-burn all the way down, into the jawline. Tilt your
head back. I want you to see how I created a shadow, all around the shape of his jawbone
and cleaned everything on his neck. The next thing that I’m going to do is I’ll position
him forward and I’m going to create a nice, soft line around here that connects from the
side-burn all the way to the upper lip. Here we go. And that’s what I’m hoping to create right
here. A nice, sharp edge that connects the side-burn to the upper lip. We’ll go to the
next side. If you look at the side of the face, there’s a contour line that focuses
from the side-burn, cuts right in the middle of his face, and connects to the upper lip
if I was to take it all the way through. That is going to be a shadow line that I will follow
to create a sharp line.

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