How to Throw Noodle Bowls off the Hump : Trimming Noodle Bowls

Alright now that you got those holes I am
going to get rid of those nasty little edges and I am going to make it nice and comfortable
for the finger and I’ve got my manufactured sponge. Just a piece that I’ve cut off of
it so I can get into those little nooks and crannies and I’ve got my thumb and pinkie
to clear up any other blemishes. So it’s looking good well connected. Looks nice on the inside
and it’s all well connected it looks really nice. Put that there and we’ll go on to number
two. Same thing get in there and clean it up and you can get rid of any sharp edges.
That may be on there and there you go nice and clean finger holes for when this thing
is done. You can see what’s going on there. Now we’re going to go and we’re going to set
it up to where we can put chopsticks in there.

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