How To: Slip Stitch, Single Crochet, and Double Crochet

When I first started crocheting, I didn’t
know anything about it, not even how to get my first row done. So this tutorial is meant
to give you an idea of how to slip stitch, how to single crochet, and how to double crochet.
The first thing we’re going to do is show you how to slip stitch. I’ve got my yarn here,
it’s a weight 3, or lightweight yarn. You’re generally going to be working with worsted
weight yarn, it’s the most common yarn. You can do whatever you want, this is just a little
thinner than your average sized yarn, which is worsted weight. What you’re going to do
to do a slip stitch, um this is the way I do it, it’s the easiest for me, take the end,
hold it between your finger and your thumb, take the rest of your yarn, the other side
of the yarn, and hold it with the rest of your fingers, hold this side out. What you’re
going to do is place your fingers in here and twist the yarn and then on the side that
is the end you’re going to grab that portion and don’t pull the whole thing through, just
that top portion that you’re going to grab. So then you have your slip stitch. You’re
going to take your hook, um this is a size “H”, or 8 hook, 5 millimeters. You can use
whatever size hook you want, or whatever size hook your pattern calls for. You’re going
to place it into the slip stitch, which you can place it forward, you can place it backward,
it doesn’t matter. Just pull the slip stitch not too tight, but tight enough that it’s
going to be about the same size as the rest of your chains. So the first thing you are
going to do when you chain is you are going to find out what works for you when you are
holding your yarn to gain control of it. For me, it’s to hold it in my pinky and grab the
rest of it with the rest of my fingers, except for these two. So you are going to wrap that
around your hook. And again, it doesn’t matter if you go forward or backward, I prefer backward,
it’s just easier for me. So you’re going to hook that first portion, pull it through the
hole, the slip stitch you just made. And that’s one chain. So you’re going to, again, wrap
it around and pull it through. Ok, so we are going to chain eleven chains for this tutorial.
I’ve done two, I’m going to do three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven.
Now, I’m sorry, I have to pull my yarn out. The reason I did eleven, instead of ten, is
because when you go back for your second row, you’re going to be losing one stitch. The
second row is always going to be the hardest row. It’s… it’s always the hardest for me
anyway. If you can see here, you’ve got little “V”s. It’s going to look like little “V’s.
There’s one right there, there’s one right there, and one right there. You’re going to
go into the middle of your “V”s. So you’re actually going to skip this first one that
we just did and you’re going to go into that second one in the middle. You can see there’s
two separate portions… sorry, I can’t really pull them apart very easily…two separate
portions on the top and if you turn it around, there’s only one. One portion on the bottom.
That’s what you want. Then you’re going to wrap your yarn around, just pull it through
just that portion you just went through, wrap your yarn around again and pull it through
the last two. Again, you’re going to find the next “V”, which is right there. Uh, my
camera’s kind of blurry right now. You’re going to push it through, you have the two
portions on the top, one on the bottom. You’re going to wrap your yarn around, pull it through,
wrap your yarn around, pull it through two. As a general rule, you’re always going to
pull your yarn through two portions of yarn. I’m going to finish up this row, here. I’m
going to go through my “V”, oh my goodness, maybe I’m going to go through my “V”. Wrap
it around, go through, wrap it around and pull it through. I’m going to stop this video,
finish up this row and then we’ll talk about single crochet. I just finished up this row
and in order to go back along your third row, you’re going to chain one and then you’re
going to completely flip over work. So, in order to single crochet, it’s pretty much
what we just did, in fact it is what we just did, it’s just a little bit easier on anything
past the second row. Instead of going through the “V”s that you see, you’re going to go
underneath them. So you’re going to go underneath, again, there’s two portions of yarn. You’re
going to wrap your yarn around, pull it through, wrap your yarn around, pull it through. again,
you go underneath the “V”, pull through, wrap, pull through. Underneath, pull through, wrap,
pull through. And this is the reason why I like to keep this on my pinky, it’s because
when I push through, the yarn is pretty much there already for me to pull through, so I
don’t have to let go of my work to wrap it around. Just pull it through, wrap, pull through.
So again, I’ve got this going on where I can just push it through, pull it through, wrap
and pull through. I’m going to finish up this row really quick here. So, let’s do this.
I’m sorry, my work is getting in the way… Ok, and we’ve got..I’ve gotta pull my yarn…
we’ve got two left to go. We’ve got one, and the last one here. Sometimes it can get like…
see how it kind of went down into it’s own little section there? Sometimes it can do
that, that’s ok. Just figure out where you need to get two little portions on your hook.
Wrap and pull through, wrap and pull through. Ok, so we’re going to go back. Since we just
discussed single crochet, we’re going to go back, turn the work around, and I’ll show
you how to double crochet. So, in order to double crochet, instead of just chaining one
at the end of your row, you’re going to chain three. So, one, two, three. And then you are
going to turn your work around.In order to double crochet, you are going to wrap the
yarn around your hook first, then you’re going to go in through that “V”, pull your yarn
through, wrap, pull through two only, wrap, and pull through the remaining two.Again,
you are going to wrap this around your hook first, push through the “V”, pull your yarn,
wrap, pull through two only, wrap, pull through the remaining two. You can see that is making
a stitch that is about twice as big as your single crochet, which was down here. Alright,
let’s get that closer. So, these are the double crochet’s up here, and this is the single
crochet down here. Ok, so we’re going to finish off this row, we’re going to wrap your yarn
around, push it through the “V”, pull, wrap, go through two only, wrap, go through the
remaining two. And one more time, you’re going to wrap around, push it through the “V”, pull,
wrap, pull through two, wrap, pull through two only. And that is how you double crochet,
and single crochet. If you have any more questions, comment below. Otherwise you can check out
my other videos at Thanks for watching.

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