How To Shave/Groom Your Arms To Please Women

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  • Hey Ashley! How'd you like to use the music from one of your fans in your videos?? Lemme know what u think!

  • I’m actually kind of embarrassed to ask this but what about hair on your hands and fingers (knuckles)? Should I just shave it all off or also trim it down to 1/4” to match the arms and chest?

  • Ash don't put to "Please Women" in the title, it makes men believe they're automatically in the inferiority or have to live up to something to have to constantly cater to someone. I get what you're trying to say, but maybe aim for the 'How to groom your armhair to go for the hollywood physique look' instead since that's your forte and where your channel shines.

  • Nah I'm gonna rock that man cave style, also I don't think any women (in my culture) appreciate a guy that trimme's his arms, wayyy to girly.

  • Grooming to up your appearance. But to please a woman? Never put women on pedestals, they'll walk over you. Respect yes, but NEVER do things to please anyone. Be a fucking man!!

  • This is wildly ridiculous hahahaha man. Look here's the thing: be comfortable with yourself, and comfortable in your own skin. I think that it far more appealing to others than shaving your fucking arms — it's a sure sign of you being self conscious about you lolol

  • to be honest, who the fuck shaves his arms? To shave the armpit is totaly normal in Europe/Germany but arm shaving?

  • Interesting topic, good info.. what type of hat is Dorian wearing and where can one pick it up… Thanks for all the tips from a female point of view…

  • Oh no, Ashley! Now you've gone and upset all of those little boys who are afraid that caring about their appearance will make other men judge them negatively 🙁

  • I do like to completely shave my arms and my chest once or twice a week. Is that weird? I don't get razor bumps or anything.

  • If you girl doesn't like you the way you are, then change the girl! I think these videos are starting to get ridiculous now…

  • Wait What Is Dorian Wearing…
    That's Not …It Is…

    An Urban Sombrero !!!😊

  • Hey Ashley, I just found your channel and have already watched several of your videos and really enjoy them! I have a question about what I think could be a really great, but, sensitive issue.

    How to approach a widowed/divorced woman.

    There's a young lady at my church I am attracted to and she's really got herself together professionally and personally, however, she's less than a year out from the sudden, tragic loss of her husband, and, I don't want to rush things or offend her during this tough time. I'd like to just start as friends, but, how do I deal with issue of her widowhood as far as conversation goes?

    Thanks for all the great videos and I look forward to more of them!

  • i have this genetics that in my family there are no any chest .back hairs . and abdominal hairs its so amazing that all other body hairs are not that massive

  • Shoulders are deltoids but I understand what you mean. Not trying to be a jerk but where you pointed to down your arm is you bicep and triceps.

  • I shave my armpits. Not only does it look better, but the deodorant/antiperspirant you put on actually touches your skin – which is the point of putting it on. You'll notice a huge difference.

  • God I miss guys like John Wayne , Clint Eastwood , Sean Connery…etc who spent their time accomplishing big things and not worrying if their arm pit hair matches their arm hair length….good God…these people won't be happy till males and females look just alike….

  • This is ridiculous. Normal people think its weird when a man shaves his arm hair. Sure, trim. But stop trying to turn a man into a woman. Lol what kind of people do you get this advice from?

  • Only pussies shave their arm hairs,especially just to :please women".. Being happy with yourself is The most important,shaving arms is rediculous,arm pits is understandable.Shaving Back hair and shoulder hair is very understandable.Let a man be a man and have some damn chest hair,leg hair and arm hair…Pretty soon we as a society will think that eyebrows are gross and shave them completely off and look like a bunch of hairless fucking aliens!

  • Guys you never shave your armpit hair or arms it's not masculine and women won't take you seriously

  • I've shaved my armpits for probably 20 years. Takes a lot of sweating to smell bad now. Deodorant works much better.
    Also, mostly guys with muscular arms will shave them because it shows definition.
    No way does that hat and a dingy looking white tee looks good though.

  • I'm a hairy guy (but not bear-like) and have hairy arms, and a lot a girls find that attractive and masculine, specially when I roll up my sleeves. I also have a decent amount of chest hair and the girls I've dated say they love to rub against their chest against mine. Just trim your armpits, shoulders, back and shave down there… Girls like manly dudes, brothers… I respectfully unsubbed.

  • Hi Ashley, I just bought a Norelco OneBlade. Is this a good tool to use on your body as well as your face? Thank you!

  • I'm definitely a big advocate for not shaving body hair at all. If you don't have an unusual amount of hair on your arms just don't bother doing anything. I've always had an unusually large amount of arm hair and have looked in the past for an excuse to trim it down a bit but haven't really found anything. I'll probably try this out now that I know it's not completely crazy to trim down your arm hair a bit.
    I still really don't think you should worry about back hair and leg hair all that much. Unless your partner wants you to, obviously.

  • This is so extremely annoying. Who shaves his arms anyway?? Armpits are another story though…. be sure to trim

  • “To please women”, yeah, let’s teach young men that they should shave their body hair to appease others. If this video was meant for women it would be getting way more hate than it is now. Also, non-straight people exist.

  • What is this??? I live in Holland, Europe, and I am not going to go smoothy, only feminine guys do that…to my opinion. I have a full chest of hair, and I like that neanderthal look. A lot of women do too, they really like masculin chest hair. makes their juices go wild too, sometimes. Its just girly to shave your whole body as a man….shaving legs too right?? yuck

  • Lots of hate on this video, but my opinion is that back hair is the most reviled and the highest priority to address. That being said, most won't even do that. Next is chest hair, which is where things break down because some women like chest hair. Arms and legs are taking it a bit too far IMO unless you're a swimmer, but to each their own. It surely varies from place to place. Trimming arms and armpits may be more acceptable in Southern California or Europe.

  • A grown man with no hair on his body, that sounds really creepy,your going to look like a 12 year old with no hair on his body. you really don't need to shave all the hair off your body, just manage it if necessary. Women really don't care if you have like half a inch of hair on your arms, it's not a big deal, it's natural to grow hair you can't always be shaving it off that's weird af 😂

  • For some reason when I trim my legs with clippers my legs looks longer and thinner but with hair they look short and stocky

  • I will NOT shave my arms and legs. No way in hell. Armpits may be a matter of discussion.
    Women have to deal with it. Done.

  • Why not stop at the elbow when trimming with the bare blade? It looks more aesthetically pleasing to the eye if you've a super hairy guy.

  • Triming arms seems really unmasculine to me…unless you have Robin Williams cave man arms. Then I could see it being a good idea.

  • If you got big long Hair, sticking out of your shirt at the armbits that look stupid haha. Trim it I agree

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