How to Sew Zigzag Patterns : Sewing an Applique Stitch

On behalf of, I am Jennifer
with A Perfect Fit Alterations. We’re located in Burleson, Texas, where our phone number
is 817-447-3522. We’re going to continue on from the previous clip, and we’re going
to add our little appliqué onto the piece of fabric with an appliqué stitch. We’ve
put our correct foot, our appliqué foot, onto the machine. We’re going to put the
little poodle right with the foot halfway on and halfway off of the fabric. We’re
going to set our stitch length pretty wide, and then our width is going to be almost to
where it’s barely moving. Start our project. Now if your stitches are too close together
and your fabric isn’t moving enough, you can add just a little more space between the
stitches. Just kind of test it out. Make sure your pressure—this is the pressure on the
pressure foot, pressing down on the fabric. Loosen your pressure a little bit and it’ll
stop the fabric from buckling as you’re doing the zigzag stitch or the appliqué stitch
around the…And you see how this open foot on this machine allows you to see what you’re
doing here. Now when you get to a corner, put your needle down, pull your pressure foot
up and turn your project; then just continue zigzagging. The zigzag will zigzag over the
top of itself, but you’ll be able to
get to another corner, put your needle down, you want to turn. Now here we’ve come to
a spot on our project where we really need to back up a little bit. So go a couple of
stitches forward, press the reverse key, or however your machine reverses, and go all
the way to the end with your zigzag, and then go back over it again. Put a little bit of
pressure down here on the back, a little tension on the back, to just guide your fabric around,
and then just continue on around your pattern. You’ll see how the thread, when you’re
using this variegated thread, it starts to change colors and it makes your project very
interesting. And you can make your stitches closer together, further apart if you don’t
like the closer together stitch, but then you want to continue all the way around your

5 thoughts on “How to Sew Zigzag Patterns : Sewing an Applique Stitch

  • Thank you. I always am challenged when doing a zigzag stitch. I'm going to change my foot and line it up as you suggest.

  • omg, these are some real handy tips i can use in the future.
    well you are very creative & have lots of nice gadgets.
    well if you would like to give me a call sometime & we could have a get together & sew with all of our good friends. Message me sometimee :]

  • Thank you so much! I am a beginner and I have been wanting to do applique so badly. I tried for myself last night with no help or guidance and while I did an OK job- this really helped!!

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