How to Sew Zigzag Patterns : Preparing to Sew Using an Applique Stitch

On behalf of, I am Jennifer
with A Perfect Fit Alterations, 102 S. Main Street in Burleson, Texas. Our phone number
is 817-447-3522. In this clip we’re going to discuss putting on a poodle with an appliqué
stitch. This is a very close zigzag stitch; it forms a line that is really hard to see
between. We’re going to put this appliqué little poodle that we’ve cut out of a piece
of fabric, and we’re going to position him this piece of cloth. It’s important to pin
his little feet, because when we go around it with a zigzag we don’t want the fabric
to move. Now you can use different ways of putting this on: you can use some glue to
glue him on, they make different fabric glues that you can use… for this case we’re
going to pin our little poodle on. We’re going to pin him around the edges; we secured
pretty well in these different areas here, and as we go along we can take the pins out.
Okay we’ve go him on there. We’re using a variegated thread, which what this thread
will do is as you make the stitch, the thread is going to change colors, so as we make the
satin stitch or the appliqué stitch around the poodle, the threads are going to change
colors. We’re also for this project using what we call an appliqué foot. The difference
between the feet: this foot doesn’t have a center bar, that way you can see, when you’re
going around your project you can see what you’re doing, versus this is our regular
foot here. So this foot is specifically made for doing zigzagging for appliqué.

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