How to Sew a Simple Lunch Bag with Hook & Loop Closure

Hey guys, it’s Danielle or a DIY Today is part of our 30-day series, we are going to be working on Lunch bags My four-year-old and my two-year-old are doing preschool this year. This is the first year they’ll stay a little bit later. So they’re going 9-1 a couple days a week… not everyday because that’s expensive. So they are eating lunch there and I am trying to put together some lunch bags and I have a really cool pattern. If you want a copy of the pattern you can go and subscribe over at my newsletter and you’ll get emailed a link. That link goes to my Folder on Google Drive that is just for subscribers. It’s got patterns. It’s got a free sample of my ebook and it’s got Printables like menu planners. It’s really cool. Go check it out. And let’s get started this is going to be a fun project. So let’s go ahead over to the sewing table I’m going to show you what kind of supplies we’re going to need Okay, guys, I’ve got my pattern together or my pattern out And I’ve got three different fabrics that I’m gonna be using. I’m gonna be using something called polyurethane laminate which is P.U.L. or pul as I like to call it And this is very, it’s a little bit waterproof, and easy to wipe down, and you could also use something like a vinyl. I like how thin it is I use it for cloth diapers when I was making cloth diapers for my kids and I have a lot extra left So I want to use that for this project so I can make use of my fabric. I’m also gonna be using something called Insul-brite. Insul Brite is helping insulate your bag. People use it for ironing board covers, and also for potholders to keep them from burning themselves. We’re just gonna use one layer of this for our bag and we’ve got our main fabric which is something my son picked out and when we’re sewing with this we got to be aware that this is in one direction as you can see you have to make this your your side it has to look like THIS because if I sew it like THIS it’s gonna look wonky on his bag. If you want to save yourself some trouble You can always find a fabric that is Kind of like goes in any direction These type of fabrics are a little bit easier because you don’t have to be so aware of which direction you’re sewing your fabric in Alrighty, so let’s get started cutting our fabric and again if you want the pattern all my email subscribers get access to that. So make sure to go over and sign up You can also just make your own pattern Okay guys so I have all my fabric cut and what I’m going to be doing is I’m going to put the inner piece to the side and I want to take The exterior piece and the Insul-Brite and I want to quilt them I needed to put them together and I could have just basted them together, but instead I’m going to quilt them because I can and Nothing crazy cuz I don’t know what I’m doing (for quilting). I just really want to do some basic stuff here. What I might do is I might just follow the lines on this fabric I don’t need to do this for all of it. It’s just enough to hold the liner on while I’m sewing everything else together You want your fabrics and here’s our bottom or to put our bottom to the side We are going to look at our sides now. Now what we want to do is we want to figure out where all our sides are and pin them right sides together. Pin a and C right sides together. Okay, and we’re just going to make sure we did it in the right direction And we’re going to sew a straight stitch right down those So we’re just gonna want to open that up make sure we did a good job didn’t miss any spots And we’re going to do this side. And again open up make sure you did a good job, okay, we’re going to add our last side And make sure it is right sides up just go ahead and pin these together Make sure you did a good job And now these are gonna go right sides Here’s our cube and we are going to pin our base to this Okay, there’s our bottom pinned on. We’re gonna go so all the way around and Finish the bottom here and then we will have the whole exterior of the bag As you can see, we now have our bag exterior finished. Isn’t it pretty? We are gonna go sew the interior fabric the same way. Okay guys, so we’re finished the lining and we’re finished the exterior. We are going to turn our liner right sides out And we are going to line it up Now we are going to pin this because trust me you want to pin this And as you can see we come up here and we have our Our top we also want to pin that right sides together. We’re just going to stitch around this leaving an opening to turn and top stitch. I would suggest doing a fairly wide spot to turn and top stitch because this is gonna be a little Thicker than just doing something simple Okay, I sewed it all the way around. Here’s my area to turn it through. Our next job is to top stitch this and you need to just Turn these edges over here. You may want to pin that so you can close them up We’re just gonna go over all the way around the top stitch Okay for the next part I just made a quick strap and I’m just gonna add a strap on here So he has something to carry it by. Okay, so as you can see My strap is on the top. I’m going to add some velcro here in here Hey guys. Okay, we’re done and I added my Velcro on here and also inside and As you can see we have this lovely lunch bag I think I should have rotated this a little bit up on the end..I may end up moving this at some point. You do have to fold it a little so as you can see when it opens, it opens all the way wide and you just have to fold it in like this and You have your easy lunch bag and this probably wasn’t the easiest project of the group but it’s kind of a fun project to do and My son’s gonna be really excited about having his own bag. And that’s part of what’s fun about making our gifts is that they know that you made that just for them. They wanted that car fabric or they really like that wine fabric if you’re making for an adult and you did it with them in in mind and you took a lot of time and you made something they’re gonna love. If you Wanted to add more of a personal touch you could even put their name on it It’d be very easy to do like some iron on vinyl or to embroider their name across. I try not to do that, mostly because I find that I can’t pass on customized items to my other son and I like that I can kind of mix it up if I want or Let’s say we’re done using these and we don’t want them anymore cuz I make them a new cool bag… Well, I want to be able to give this to somebody else that might need it I don’t want it to go in the garbage because my son’s name is Godric and there’s not there’s not another Godric. That name is just not used. Kaden, I might be able to find someone but even so it does restrict who I can give it to And embroidery is very hard to pull out I think vinyl you could probably get off maybe but I’d rather just leave it without the name and I can put a little tag with his name on the inside if I need to but There’s not going to be anyone else with this bag, so I probably don’t need worry about that So I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial And I hope you follow along for the rest of the 30-day gift-giving series. I’ve got lots of other projects to Do and I promise most of them will be easier than this one. But this is a fun sewing project. I think Subscribe if you want the pattern for this Make sure you head over to my blog and subscribe to my email newsletter and I Look forward to seeing you guys again tomorrow. Take care. Bye

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  • I like the shape of the bag. I'll use nylon webbing stuff for the handle. What's your blog address? Thanks a lot for sharing

  • I wanted to make the lunch bag i suscribed on here and on your site, i got the confirmation email and replyed and it said i suscribed but keep going around in circles never getting to the pattern to print, found some picture instructions but no measurements

  • Hi there. I'm trying my hardest to follow the link regarding your pattern. I subscribe and then it takes me to a page in a different language. When it does take me to the site of lunch bags it tells me to subscribe again. Please help

  • Thank you Danielle. So glad you have the video in addition to the pattern and your blog to explain how to make the lunch bag. It is so cute! I like how simple it is to put together.

    Did you use half-inch (1.27 cm) seams? I wasnt sure how big an opening to turn, maybe 4 inches (10.16 cm) long?

  • Hi
    I am trying to print the pattern that I took from google play and I sent it to my email. This is what I get when I try to open the link.
    Access to doc -10 – 1o-docs. was denied
    You don’t have authority to view this page.
    Please help.
    Thank you

  • I have tried for over an hour to subscribe to your blog and never got anything but frustrated! Would like to make this, but you've pretty much ruined my mood. 🙁

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